If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 3-4


If You Want Upon Me: Episodes three-four

Our lovable grump struggles to resist the charms of Group Genie as he continues his volunteer service at the hospice. Watching him secretly want to join in the exciting and grumbling his way into their hearts is delightful. This week, we find out a lot more about our small hospice household and why their perform matters so significantly to them. Of course, they all have a story to inform.


If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 3-4

So it appears like I was off with some of my interpretations of our characters’ backstories in week 1, which opens up some new queries going forward. But ahead of finding into that, let’s choose up exactly where we left off final week.

Tae-shik manages to get Gyeo-re to move along from the mysteriously locked door by saying it is haunted. Hard guy Gyeo-re requires him quite seriously and goes about asking if there’s definitely a ghost in there, seeming a wee bit scared. Interestingly, everybody is super shifty about this space and will not give him any genuine answers.

Meanwhile, immediately after a satisfied meal exactly where Grandpa Yoon (the elderly dying man) is reunited with his estranged daughter, he passes peacefully in his beloved residence. Gyeo-re offers Grandpa Yoon a persimmon from his favored tree to take with him into the afterlife and is holding his hands when he dies. Gyeo-re is devastated, proving once again how sensitive he is underneath all the glaring and tattoos.

If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 3-4 If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 3-4

We find out a small a lot more about Gyeo-re’s previous, and here’s exactly where it appears I misinterpreted the childhood flashback from final week. Gyeo-re tells his buddy Jin-gu that he only trusts him for the reason that he does not fake smile like everybody else, in particular like his father “disgustingly” smiling subsequent to him in this 1 image he remembers from childhood. Reduce to Tae-shik holding a tiny photo of him smiling subsequent to a small boy who appears like he could be small Gyeo-re. (Honestly, it is a tiny photo, so I cannot be certain.)

That implies Tae-shik is Gyeo-re’s father, which does not make a lot of sense to me for the reason that Gyeo-re wasn’t that young – why does not he recognize him? He appears to recall his residence life from ahead of the orphanage. Are they going to throw some amnesia in right here? What ever the case, if Tae-shik is Gyeo-re’s father, that suggests a distinct situation exactly where Gyeo-re wasn’t escaping his father by voluntarily going to the orphanage, but whoever was attacking his father.

Even with that information, I’m nevertheless half asking yourself if it is a red herring, for the reason that Gyeo-re sees the photo in Tae-shik’s car or truck and does not recognize it. So not only does not he recognize his father, but he does not recognize his younger self? For now, I’ll go along with the thought that Tae-shik is his father, which the drama is clearly signaling, but I do not completely purchase it but.

If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 3-4

Moving along, we find out that Tae-shik has been finding sneaky. He has Gyeo-re drive him everywhere due to his injured leg… which we find out has been healed for a whilst. But he desires to hold Gyeo-re about, so he’s been pretending to nevertheless require his crutches. While Gyeo-re rebuffs Tae-shik’s efforts to get to know him greater, he does seem to be expanding somewhat attached. He even nearly punches somebody for knocking Tae-shik down whilst on his crutches.

Gyeo-re is begrudgingly fitting in with Group Genie, in spite of continuing to grumble his way by means of each activity. He quite significantly by no means says no to assisting out and specifically requires to assisting COOK YEOM (Yang Hee-kyung) in the kitchen. He gets adorably into garnishing, bragging about his artistic side.

Cook Yeom clearly finds him adorable and begins calling him “Little Supervisor” (to Tae-shik’s “Supervisor”). She’s determined to get Gyeo-re to consume and starts attempting to figure out his favored meals. Gyeo-re learns that her daughter passed away in the hospice, and her want was for Cook Yeom to continue cooking for sufferers there. His resolve lastly weakens, and he begins joining in meals.

If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 3-4 If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 3-4

We also get a lot more improvement among Gyeo-re and Yeon-joo in a clear enemies-to-lovers set up. They bicker endlessly but appear to love it. And, of course, they see every other in vulnerable moments, top them to develop closer. Yeon-joo opens up about how she began operating out for the reason that, when she was a teenager, she was also weak to carry her dying mother to the hospital. They’re also becoming hyper-conscious of every other, which does not escape Group Genie’s notice. Absolutely everyone keeps grinning, commenting on how they suit every other.

Elsewhere, Seok-joon is nevertheless operating about attempting to uncover Gyeo-re and the dollars. He ends up going to see HA JOON-KYUNG (Won Ji-an), who grew up with Gyeo-re in the orphanage, in prison. She and Gyeo-re had been close, perhaps even a couple, till she attempted to commit murder-suicide by setting fire to a space with them in it. Whoa. That arson sent each her and Gyeo-re to prison.

Meanwhile, Group Genie operates on their subsequent, a lot more difficult project for a young lady dying of cancer. IM SE-HEE (guest look by Park Jin-joo) wanted to be a stage actress, and her final want is to sing on stage with her favored musical theater performer who occurs to be a mega star.

If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 3-4 If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 3-4

Tae-shik is determined to make it take place, undertaking every thing from sneaking backstage to ambush the actor to sending letters to displaying up at an audition and playing a recording of Se-hee singing. It is not till the actor requirements a public image lift and sees a image of Se-hee hunting quite – he’s recognized for becoming a playboy – that he agrees.

Se-hee not only desires to execute with him, but she’s written her personal play and insists that Group Genie execute with her. They’re all roped into it, but even Gyeo-re begins possessing exciting. He and Yeon-joo gripe about possessing to play a couple, but they’re clearly not definitely mad about it.

They’re all miffed when the hotshot actor barely even tries in rehearsals. He does lastly start off to participate for genuine and then starts to fall for Se-hee. (He’s apparently the kind to fall for somebody new each 5 seconds.)

If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 3-4 If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 3-4

But then, Se-hee requires a turn for the worst, and Physician Yang refuses to let her execute. Now, Physician Yang has been crushing challenging on Yeon-joo for a whilst, but their differing perspectives on how far to go in granting patients’ wishes has created him take a step back. He can inform she’s not into him and that she is into Gyeo-re.

He requires his job and health-related ethics incredibly seriously, but he’s not beyond bending the guidelines a bit for a patient’s very good. In truth, it turns out that Tae-shik was after a hospice patient himself. Physician Yang treated him for free of charge and let him reside in a space at the hospice. But Physician Yang has lines he will not cross.

So when Yeon-joo pushes back against his selection, he gets angry and yells at her. Gyeo-re methods in, creating Physician Yang even a lot more angry to the point that he tries to kick Gyeo-re out of the hospice for very good. Gyeo-re stands his ground and ends the episode with a proclamation: “I’m Group Genie, a want-granter.”

If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 3-4

It appears like Gyeo-re is now all in! I adore seeing him all flustered by Group Genie’s (and everyone’s) kindness and unable to resist their pull. He’s so harmless, in spite of what he tries to project. He fits appropriate in with this group.

Going into this drama, I anticipated a thing a small grittier or a lot more angsty, perhaps. But it is in fact very vibrant and optimistic. In truth, it reminds me a lot stylistically of Japanese healing dramas that have a tendency to take a a lot more idealistic tone. Rather than attempting to be realistic, the concentrate is on acquiring the very good in persons and mastering life lessons.

I personally definitely love this uplifting style, but I do be concerned that it is not going to mesh effectively with the darker, a lot more violent side plot involving Seok-joon and Joon-kyung. I sort of want the gangster stuff, at least, had been left out given that it feels unnecessary. So far, it is a incredibly minor portion of the story, but I have a feeling it is going to get a lot more prominent.

If You Wish Upon Me: Episodes 3-4

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