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So, what are we all watching this week?

What kept you reaching for much more (or agonizing when there was no much more), and what created you want to throw your remote by way of the screen? Time to weigh in…



Today’s Webtoon: As substantially as I adore Daniel Choi, I assume I’m firmly on the Ma-eum and Joon-young ship. They complement every other pretty effectively, and I hope Joon-young’s small heart flutterings will not be a single-sided. Sadly, unless points choose up quickly, I suspect Ma-eum will continue to reside in her personal small planet and not exhibit any romantic interest in either of the male leads.

Extraordinary Lawyer Woo: Was it the greatest finale in the planet? No, but I assume it was a relatively satisfying and proper wrap-up. The drama was mainly episodic and character driven from the get started, so ending the story with minimal fanfare just after solving the case of the week was constant with the rest of the show. And as substantially as I wanted much more — like way much more — Woo-young and Jun-ho romance, their adore story has normally sort of taken a backseat to what ever was going on in the courtroom. So, in my opinion, it tends to make sense that their reunion was as understated as the rest of their connection — but I completely adored the cat metaphor! If I had any complaints, it is that I want they had deviated from the previously talked about formula and devoted much more time to Woo-young’s mother and brother, whether or not it was in the final 4 episodes or just have them featured a small much more top up to the finale. The only loose finish that I can assume of is the entire feud involving Woo-young’s mother and boss, which was in no way totally explained. Supposedly, a second season is in discussion. I’d adore to commit much more time with these characters in a second season, but if it in no way comes to fruition, at least I do not really feel like I left hanging — like a handful of dramas that shall not be named.



At the moment covering: Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist

It is Stunning Now: It was a surprising alter to see Hyun-jae getting such a mess this week and Mi-rae getting the “strong a single.” I had a feeling the father will try to sacrifice himself by cancelling his adoption, but it was a fantastic factor the grandpa stopped him. Adoption does not make a individual much less of their adoptive parent’s youngster, neither does not getting place on the biological parent’s household register make them much less of the biological youngster. There have been lots of moments I teared up although watching these episodes, and I was grateful for the cousin and his household. These little ones are such a breath of fine distraction. But that preview…

Today’s Webtoon: The PD and artist relationships in this drama remind me of the manager and celeb relationships in Shooting Stars. It is even the similar actor playing a boss in each dramas, while he’s jerk boss right here. By the way, is that a adore triangle I see on the horizon? I adore Choi Daniel but there’s one thing about Nam Yoon-soo’s dimples and the part reversal of his character and Ma-eum. That box carrying scene and the bicycle scene… that was gold!

Do You Like Brahms?: With Kim Min-jae and Park Eun-bin starring in dramas that I’m at the moment watching, I took it as the universe’s sign for me to watch them collectively in a single drama. Then I saw Bae Da-bin from It is Stunning Now and two other actors from Lawyer Woo also in Brahms, and now it feels like my worlds are colliding. Heh. Brahms is such a comforting and relaxing watch, and I take pleasure in watching classical music performances, so that is a plus. I also actually like Park Eun-bin’s hair in this drama.



At the moment covering: Huge Mouth

When My Appreciate Blooms: I watched an older drama this week — a single I picked due to the fact I required a Jinyoung repair just after Yumi’s Cells ended. This was quiet and beautiful and felt substantially older than its 2020 air date, but in a fantastic way. I could guess the story beats each and every step of the way and I assume I liked it partly for that purpose. The historical protests have been incorporated nicely and not just made use of as a backdrop and the leads have been handled with a lot of care. Extended story brief: I completely cried at the finish.

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