Jung Il-woo and Kwon Yuri become super sleuths in new promos for ENA

August 18, 2022August 18, 2022

Jung Il-woo and Kwon Yuri turn into super sleuths in new promos for ENA’s Fantastic Job
by tccolb

With the premiere now just a week away, ENA’s Fantastic Job has been dishing out their final round of promos, and we’ve been treated to a different video teaser as properly as character posters of our 4 leads.

The action-romance locations Jung Il-woo (Bossam: Steal the Fate) as our chaebol CEO Eun Sun-woo, who secretly moonlights as a private investigator. At some point teaming up with him is Kwon Yuri’s (Bossam: Steal the Fate) Don Se-ra, who has a secret of her personal: enhanced vision that far surpasses the typical human. Naturally, shenanigans ensue.
Also on the investigating group is Yang Jin-mo – played by Eum Moon-seok (Hello? It is Me!) – who is the Watson to our Sherlock-esque hero. Rounding out the quartet is Se-ra’s bestie, Song Sang-eun (Grid), in the part of bakery owner Sa Na-hee.

The newest teaser opens with our hero arriving at his lofty residence, bragging, “Do you know how significantly my time is worth in cash?” As he adjustments into his investigator garb, he confidently continues, “I’m bored of becoming told I’m like Sherlock Holmes. How can he examine against my appears, assets, and character?”
We then reduce to our windswept heroine Se-ra, who quickly zeros in on all of Sun-woo’s tricks: “You may possibly be in a position to fool ghosts, but you can not fool my eyesight.” A frustrated Sun-woo queries her skills, “Are you some sort of an eagle? Ostrich? Or what, a human telescope?” Se-ra replies, “Said precisely, it is super vision.”
The teaser then jumps to our third hero, who introduces himself, “I am Yang Jin-mo, advising lawyer to Eunkang group’s President Eun Sun-woo.” Se-ra is impressed by the variety of his capabilities and capability, and the sequence transitions to a comic drawing of our trio. The captions label every character respectively as super chaebol, super vision, and super all-about. But their shared trait is super heodang (which means they’re seemingly excellent, but not fairly lol).
In the subsequent reduce, our two leads finish up tied with each other, and Sun-woo is the initial to understand, “The only point we can move is our lips and so…” Naturally, the teaser cuts away to a text screen that reads: “The investigator group!” The teaser then returns to a swollen faced Jin-mo in discomfort, though our chaebol tries to run away. Jin-mo yells at him for operating in the incorrect path, but Sun-woo scoffs that operating is nonetheless quicker than the pink scooter he’s riding afterwards.
As the teaser comes to a close, we hear a sinister voice asking yourself about Se-ra, “Where did that girl come from?” But Sun-woo’s resolve to resolve the case is only strengthened: “You want to give up now when we only just located a clue?” Our hero group faces off against their opponents and we finish on Sun-woo’s warning: “Remember this. Just like now, if you do not retain your guarantee, I’ll make positive to come across you no matter exactly where you are.”
Production for the drama has been led by PD Kang Min-gu (The Goddess of Revenge, Itaewon Class) and PD Kim Sung-jin, with scripts penned by Kim Jung-ae and Kwon Hee-kyung. Fantastic Job premieres subsequent week on August 24, following Extraordinary Lawyer Woo in the Wednesday-Thursday slot.

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