Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 15-16 (Final)


Extraordinary Lawyer Woo: Episodes 15-16 (Final)

It is time to bid farewell to our extraordinary lawyer and reminisce on the journey we have gone by means of with her. It hasn’t been absolutely smooth sailing, but she has come a lengthy way from when we very first met her, and it has been truly meaningful to watch her development. It is our heroine’s planet – uncommon, peculiar, precious, and gorgeous – and we’re all just living in it.


Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 15-16

When a hacker gains access to the individual information of the buyers of an on the net buying mall, the mall gets hit with a fine from the Korea Communications Commission (KCC) for not appropriately safeguarding the information. The KCC pushes the case working with a current adjustment to the law – which regrettably, was revised on the identical day as the hacking. And with Myeong-seok recovering from surgery, (thank goodness!) the case is taken up by his perform nemesis Lawyer JANG (Choi Dae-hoon).

Lawyer Jang is a suck up and a show off, but he’s really strict with the junior lawyers – specifically Young-woo, whom he shuts down on quite a few occasions for, effectively, just saying Young-woo-like items. But it is truly vindicating for Young-woo when the judge says the precise identical items in court to Lawyer Jang. Lol. His method to the case does absolutely nothing but draw ire from the common public, and items get worse when the buyers method Taesan to file a separate class-action suit against the buying mall.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 15-16

Right after some back and forth in court, the desperate founder of the mall swallows a cyanide pill and has to be rushed to the hospital. The incident requires a strain on Young-woo and she goes into one more sensory overload, but Jun-ho stops himself from reaching out to her. Hmmm. And when the lawyers are accosted by the press as they leave the hospital, Lawyer Jang abandons his juniors, and instructs Jun-ho to drive off. Wow!

Young-woo realizes that the phishing e mail was sent just a couple of minutes ahead of midnight of the adjustment date, and she tells Lawyer Jang, but he orders her off the case rather. Su-yeon tries to defend Young-woo, but she’s dragged out by Min-woo who is wary of offending the greater ups. Su-yeon then tells him that she likes guys who are prepared to play the fool for their colleagues, and stand up for what is correct.

Young-woo and Jun-ho ultimately have the “why we broke up” speak, and she tells him while she likes him, she does not consider she can make him content. Jun-ho says that just getting with her tends to make him content, but when Young-woo asks if he has by no means felt lonely at least when even though with her, he does not have an answer.

Young-woo not telling Jun-ho the purpose, and not the breakup itself, was what annoyed me the most final week, since he’s not a thoughts-reader and there’s no way he would have identified. But now that almost everything is in the open, the ball is in his court. He can either step aside, or push forward with the connection recognizing that there will be (a lot of) moments exactly where Young-woo will inevitably make him really feel lonely in the connection. And it is not for a lack of attempting on her portion, it is just what it is.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 15-16

At the final hearing, Lawyer Jang gets stuck with his closing argument, and Su-yeon jumps in to use Young-woo’s adjustment date point. Lawyer Jang instructs her to stand down, but Min-woo also gets onboard with Su-yeon, causing the judge to take their point into consideration. With the tides now in their favor, a smug Lawyer Jang basks in the glory of his juniors. But all I want to do is rest my knuckle on his head. Tsk.

News of the founder’s attempted suicide spreads on the net, and for the very first time, we see the surprisingly young hacker behind the individual information breach. As he tries in vain to attain somebody on the telephone, his door is pushed open to reveal his mother who is none other than CEO Tae! What?! We’ve been hearing about her son who loves to keep indoors with his laptop all day, but he’s no gamer as I believed — he’s a hacker? Fantastic luck to CEO Tae having that minister of justice position now.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 15-16

CEO Tae’s son is higher college freshman CHOI SANG-HYEON (Choi Hyun-jin). He’s a kimbap loving and organized boy significantly like his older half-sister, with a point for Rubik’s cubes just like Young-woo and the whales. He confesses to the hacking, and CEO Tae scolds him for messing about, specifically with her minister hearing correct about the corner. Sang-hyeon asks if she has by no means produced a error, and mentions that he knows about Young-woo. Whoa! He truly hacked into his mum’s telephone to confirm the illegitimate daughter rumors.

The hacking weighs on Sang-hyeon’s conscience, and because his mother will not let him come clean, he visits the one particular particular person he thinks can assist him – his significant sister. It is cute how he’s really matter-of-reality about their sibling connection, and requires to calling Young-woo noona correct off the bat. Sang-hyeon says that as opposed to some wealthy households who get their youngsters out of difficulty, his mother scolds him anytime he does some thing incorrect. But with her attempting to get him out of difficulty now, he does not want them to finish up like these wealthy households.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 15-16

Sang-hyeon then reveals that he was instructed by the co-founder of the buying mall to steal the customers’ information. Once more, what?! Sang-hyeon and the co-founder met at a cybersecurity competitors as contestant and judge, and have kept in touch because then. Upset that the founder favored creating funds more than enhancing the cybersecurity of the mall, the co-founder wanted to use the hacking to teach him a lesson.

With Hanbada representing the mall and the hacking getting an instruction from its co-founder, it is social justice versus client’s interest all more than once more for Young-woo. As constantly, she goes to Myeong-seok for tips, and he says that even though he commonly puts the client’s interest very first, she’s a various particular person than he is. Young-woo returns to Hanbada and plays a video confession recorded by Sang-hyeon to the group. Lawyer Jang is the very first to oppose the thought, but CEO Han is extra than prepared to use the video.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 15-16

CEO Han calls the reporter to hold off on the CEO Tae/Young-woo story in the light of this juicer improvement. She had previously informed Young-woo’s dad of her program to leak the news, and told him to go on a paid holiday with Young-woo. And lest we neglect, there’s also CEO Tae’s U.S. present. Tsk. What’s with these rival CEOs and attempting to send Young-woo away?

Hanbada no cost themselves of lawyer-client privilege because their client is the mall, not its co-founder. Also, because Sang-hyeon encrypted the information for worry that the co-founder may sell it, technically, a information breach hasn’t occurred however. But the judge in the class-action suit does not accept the video testimony and CEO Tae prepares to ship Sang-hyeon abroad to stop him from testifying in particular person. CEO Han then decides to leak the video, but Young-woo pleads for some time to convince CEO Tae very first.

On his way to drop Young-woo off at CEO Tae’s, Jun-ho tells Young-woo that he does not want to break up, and likens his appreciate for her to the unrequited appreciate towards a cat. Sir? Cats from time to time make their owners lonely, but they make them just as content. Young-woo then tells Jun-ho that his analogy is inappropriate since cats appreciate their owners also. I can not even deal with this cat thingy, but it gets our whale couple back collectively, so, yaay!! (By the way, when Young-woo was crossing the road, was any one else silently urging her to run a tiny quicker? The Truck of Doom PTSD is genuine, y’all.)

On meeting CEO Tae, Young-woo says that Sang-hyeon appears up to his mother since she does not hesitate to appropriate him when he is incorrect and that sending him away now will make him drop faith in her. It is an emotional moment when Young-woo tells CEO Tae that while she wasn’t a excellent mum to her, CEO Tae can be a much better mum to Sang-hyeon. Okay, who is cutting onions?

CEO Tae ultimately relents, and makes it possible for Sang-hyeon’s testimony on the situation that Young-woo be the one particular to query him. Lawyer Jang does not consider Hanbada will accept such circumstances, but CEO Han agrees to it. Heh. In your face, Doubting Thomas! Sang-hyeon ultimately offers his testimony in court, and formally apologizes to the founder and the buyers of the mall.

The case gets dismissed and CEO Tae methods down as a candidate for minister of justice. With this, CEO Han decides to let CEO Tae off for now, and Young-woo’s birth secret stays protected. Phew! The Hanbada squad go for a celebratory dinner, and they’re joined by Myeong-seok and his ex-wife who are on the way to patching items up. Good! But I nonetheless haven’t absolutely patched items up with Min-woo — while he has now decided to be a group player rather than the competitors.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 15-16

Nonetheless undecided about the precise emotion she feels following having her contract renewed and becoming a permanent lawyer at Hanbada, Young-woo skips to perform like she did on her very first day, and even effectively goes by means of the revolving door by herself! She has truly come complete circle, hasn’t she? As Young-woo smiles at Jun-ho, it ultimately hits her that the emotion she has been feeling is a sense of fulfillment, and her smile deepens. And on this note, we come to the finish of our extraordinary drama! *bursts out the firecrackers*

1 big point I appreciate about this drama is Myeong-seok’s mentor connection with his rookies. He’s patient, offers excellent tips, leads them without having forcing his opinions on them, AND he will by no means throw them beneath the bus to save himself. And if we do not appreciate him adequate, spending this week with Lawyer Jang just re-emphasizes how significantly of a excellent boss Myeong-seok is. It is terrific that he’s taking into consideration quitting Hanbada, and I know that his juniors will be fine if he leaves.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 15-16

I was truly worried that we had been going to finish with a cliffhanger, but we got a content ending following all. A mini sore thumb for me, even though, is that we nonetheless do not know the origin of the rivalry involving CEO Han and CEO Tae. And no, as far as I’m concerned, these deleted scenes floating on the world-wide-web do not count since they had been excluded from the drama. But hey, perhaps they’ll let us in on its origin in the rumored season two that no one asked for. Heh.

Park Eun-bin was truly phenomenal in her part as Young-woo, and the rest of the cast had been equally awesome. It would have been nicer to discover Jun-ho beyond getting just a appreciate interest, but I didn’t truly thoughts it since I do not consider I can like him any longer than I currently do. Apart from, they may have gone off the rails if we truly dipped into his backstory. Lol.

General, the drama is not without having its flaws, but I appreciate the story it attempted to inform, and it surely has a higher rewatch worth for me. Each and every when in a even though, we get gems like this, and I’m glad to have been a portion of the Extraordinary Lawyer Woo expertise.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 15-16

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