Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 5-6


Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes five-six

Our passionate resident medical professional continues to spread warmth to the hearts of his sufferers, and our intern medical professional is catching up promptly. Meanwhile in Hanyang, our villain continues to spread his tentacles everywhere in a bid to cover up his crime, but this is proving to be tougher than he anticipated.


Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 5-6 Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 5-6

We choose up from final week, with Poong and Eun-woo headed for the docks to bring the killer to justice, and Man-bok getting led to the execution ground. It is a bit of a tense moment for a frightened Man-bok as the executioner (who has been bribed by Ji-han to stall) teases him with the sword. Okay, why are Joseon executioners constantly so dramatic? The execution is halted when Poong arrives with the killer who is formally arrested following the noble lady offers an eyewitness account of the murder. A relieved Man-bok collapses in Poong’s arms and later on gets a sumptuous feast at the clinic to welcome him back from the land of the just about-dead. I do not see tofu anyplace in these dishes although. Heh.

Apparently, the fiancé banned the noble lady from playing her geomungo (a standard stringed instrument) fearing the music would attract other guys to her. But her manservant encouraged her to play and even carved a stick for her to strum the strings with. On discovering out, the fiancé had destroyed the geomungo and that was when she ran away with the manservant on the ill-fated journey in the mountains. On checking the noble lady’s pulse once more, Eun-woo notes that she is having improved, and her hand tremors are gone — thanks to her act of standing up for herself at the docks by working with her strumming stick to poke her fiancé in the neck. And this is but a further case of a character in this drama getting the a single to at some point save themselves.

Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 5-6

Our subsequent patient is the son of a mistress who is brought in by the lady of the residence (the most influential madam in the village, thanks to her status as a single of a preceding king’s granddaughters). The young boy is brought in for hallucinations, but as the physicians undress him for therapy, they notice visible bruises from physical abuse. Absolutely everyone in the clinic has fantastic items to say about the madam, and they do not feel she is behind it. But the predicament worries Poong as the boy suffers from serious dehydration as effectively.

On taking the boy household, Poong notes that his family members is fairly dysfunctional – the father has anger challenges and hits his sons, the stepbrothers bully the boy, and the boy’s pregnant mother (mistress) does not regard the madam. Even though the mistress seems to be deeply concerned about her son, for some cause, I am not convinced. Eun-woo pleads with Shin-woo to investigate the matter, but he’s nonetheless upset that she has selected to align herself with the clinic. And we understand that his cold attitude towards the district governor is for the reason that the governor rejected his marriage proposal to Eun-woo.

Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 5-6

When the Shin-woo angle does not function, Eun-woo briefly returns to her married woman’s hairstyle and attends her mother’s tea celebration to glean information and facts from the madam who is a single of the guests. It turns out to be a promising start off as the madam is impressed by Eun-woo and desires her to pay a visit to their household to take her pulse. Poong presents Eun-woo with his acupuncture kit and although she’s a bit hesitant to accept it, she promises to be his hands pending the time he is capable to execute acupuncture once more. Awww. But the lovely moment is witnessed by Shin-woo who is now beneath his father’s orders to kill Poong discreetly.

On going to the madam, Poong diagnoses her with heartache from all the happenings in the family members, specifically the mistress’s clear disregard for her. To alleviate these symptoms, Eun-woo performs her 1st official acupuncture on the madam. Yaay! But her husband is extra into shamanism than medicine, and he orders the physicians out of his house… but they’re quickly recalled by a servant when the young boy reaches the brink of death. Eun-woo is as well nervous to execute the acupuncture, but with Poong’s assistance, she is capable to revive the boy. The mistress then accuses the madam of attempting to curse her son to death, and the superstitious husband locks his wife up. Tsk.

Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 5-6 Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 5-6

Poong pieces items collectively and discovers that the boy’s hallucinations and dehydration are triggered by frequent salt poisoning. To uncover the culprit, our clinic family members stages an elaborate functionality and catches the mistress red-handed as she mixes a heap of salt into the porridge meant for her son (or Man-bok, who hides beneath the covers and pretends to be the son. Heh.) The mistress’s endgame was to frame the madam for her son’s eventual death and then develop into the lady of the residence.

Furious that she has been exposed, she charges at Poong with a knife and ends up stabbing Eun-woo who jumps to Poong’s defense. But to our collective relief, the acupuncture kit beneath Eun-woo’s garments prevents the knife from hurting her. Anyway, thanks to this dramatic moment, we get a swoony I-genuinely-believed-I-was-going-to-shed-you hug in between Poong and Eun-woo, so I’m not complaining.

Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 5-6

The madam, who has lastly had sufficient of her husband’s shenanigans, leaves for Hanyang with her sons, which includes the mistress’s son – who has lastly received an apology from his step bullies brothers. Ji-han has also spoken with a colleague in Hanyang to teach the boy medicine (his dream profession), and the complete clinic family members is satisfied that he’ll be fine from now on.

The happiest member of the family members, although, is Jang-goon, whom we understand was in a related predicament with the boy. Abused and neglected by his personal father, Ji-han had paid the father to sever ties with Jang-goon, and brought him back to the clinic to treat and raise him afterwards. Awww. Now I wonder how Nam-hee came to reside with them as well.

Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 5-6

Back in Hanyang, word spreads about the late king’s poisoning, and the second state councilor is in a hurry to cover his tracks. So far, he has intercepted a single of the king’s persons who is close to identifying the herb utilized in the poisoning, and destroyed the health-related text exactly where the herb and its functions are highlighted. But with an oblivious Poong discovering the half-burnt health-related text hidden in a floor panel in the clinic, it appears the second state councilor’s tracks haven’t been totally covered. In a way, this health-related text also serves to hyperlink Ji-han to the predicament, and I wonder what he knows about that herb.

So far we know that Ji-han and Poong’s father had been fantastic good friends ahead of Ji-han was fired from the health-related workplace – though he is just discovering out from his colleague in Hanyang that Poong’s father is dead — and it is only a matter of time ahead of Poong learns that each guys had been good friends. Particularly now that he has secretly witnessed Shin-woo drawing a sword to Ji-han’s neck to ask him inquiries about the colour transform in the needle utilized in the late king’s fatal acupuncture. Shin-woo obtained the needle from the physique of Poong’s father, and has been seeking for the herb that can bring about the colour transform. He even asks at a nearby pharmacy exactly where he is overheard by Commander Im who will absolutely use this information and facts for one thing sketchy…

Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 5-6 Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 5-6

I uncover this rather odd, although, for the reason that the colour transform is supposedly from the poison. And as the son of the poison mastermind, shouldn’t Shin-woo currently know this? Shin-woo continues to interest me for the reason that I cannot study him. His unpredictability has even been noted by the second state councilor, who admitted that he tends to make Shin-woo stain his hands with blood in order to use it as leverage should really Shin-woo try to betray him. No one knows exactly where Shin-woo’s correct loyalty lies, but suitable now, it is protected to assume he’s on his father’s side. Fortunately, Poong has observed him in his element, and should really know to be wary of him going forward.

Really, the complete clinic family members should really be wary of each Commander Im the opportunist, and Shin-woo the unpredictable (specifically Ib-bun who has a crush on just about every single handsome man who visits the clinic). Each guys are quite capable of eliminating anybody who stands in their way. But as we’ve observed, in spite of his gruffness and seeming nonchalance, Ji-han is not very easily intimidated, and it is quite reassuring to have him as the head of our beloved clinic family members.

Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 5-6

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