Adamas: Episodes 7-8


Adamas: Episodes 7-eight

The deeper our twins dig into the murder case, the extra mysteries are revealed, and it is a race against the clock as the baddies attempt to get rid of any proof that can be applied against them. Are our heroes gonna make it? I’m not even positive.


Adamas: Episodes 7-8

We had a slightly scary brush with makjang this week, but I’m delighted to report that the drama was capable to hold itself slick and organized regardless of some hairy and harrowing plot reveals. Was I incorrect to doubt?

For all the action this week, not a lot of progress was produced on the investigation or adamas-pinching itself… but on the flipside had been all these reveals, motivations, and uh, some definitely terrifying new characters. And car or truck bombs. Get prepared, people!

A lot like final week we’re seeing a small extra equity now amongst our brothers and their storylines, and even though we reduce back and forth extra regularly, their plots (and them!) stay separated. Hopefully not forever, if you catch my drift.

Adamas: Episodes 7-8

Woo-shin squeezes his way out of a sticky circumstance with the other maid who’s tailing and trailing: MS. OH (Woo Hyun-joo), and with the support of wads and wads of money, is capable to get some information and help out of her. Of course, he does not trust her considerably extra than he trusts any individual, but nevertheless, information is information.

Now that he knows the adamas is out of the residence – and he’s imprisoned in it — Woo-shin’s program is to pit Dragon Lady Kwon against her beloved chairman. With some information from Ms. Oh (about Ms. Kwon’s deceased son and the chairman’s former heart transplant), and his writer’s brain difficult at function (this needs a lot of sitting on the couch and staring into space which is one particular of the factors I adore about this character), he hatches a program.

Adamas: Episodes 7-8 Adamas: Episodes 7-8

We find out with Woo-shin that Dragon Lady Kwon’s young son committed suicide on the pretty tree that is outdoors her bedroom window, and that her comatose son’s heart was the one particular that saved Chairman Kwon by means of transplant a lot of years ago. The makjang radar is higher at this point, but as this plays out, it becomes as twisty as it does galling — and remains effectively-written.

Woo-shin writes a chapter of a story that gets correct to Ms. Kwon’s psyche: a highly effective duke murders his servant’s son and then steals his heart. It sets Ms. Kwon off as considerably as Woo-shin anticipated, and the scenes these two share more than this are definitely masterful, irrespective of whether it is her hyperventilating and screaming, or Woo-shin’s chess-like thoughts functioning to obtain out the actual truth.

Pitting Dragon Lady Kwon against the chairman proves tougher than he believed, and it is a horrific moment when he realizes that she also suspected the chairman of “suiciding” her son for his heart, but then buried that believed in her blind devotion. Their partnership is hands down the most terrifying factor ever.

Adamas: Episodes 7-8

Woo-shin is getting equally iffy luck with Hye-soo. Although they are rather open with each and every other now, and Hye-soo appears all-aboard to support Woo-shin’s anti-Haesong plot, there’s nevertheless the lingering feeling that we do not know all that we need to have to about Hye-soo… and that she’s capable of extra than we may comprehend.

She does, on the other hand, inform Woo-shin not only that Secretary Yoon was the one particular who brought him to the residence as ghostwriter, but that the purpose was Hye-soo herself. Hence the story of Min-jo is brought up when once more. As predicted, Hye-soo admits they had been in enjoy. But then she says that she is positive the chairman had him killed, that he only cared for his eldest son, and worst of all that “angel” Min-jo was volunteering at a prison and got pulled into the Lee Chang-woo case. Proper just before he died. Oh boy.

Nevertheless, with all this information and facts sharing — about the adamas, also — these two are not totally allied. And later, we see by means of flashback that Hye-soo visited the twins’ mother just before she died to let her know that Lee Chang-woo wasn’t guilty. This case is seriously like a bottomless effectively of intrigue!

Adamas: Episodes 7-8 Adamas: Episodes 7-8

And now we turn to Soo-hyun and his adventures, which get even extra intense than final week. At 1st he’s hiding with Seo-hee in Woo-shin’s apartment, but when a toilet repairman comes in and sets off his suspicions, the entire factor comes crashing down. (Side note: What a freakin’ good bunch of scenes this was, with all of its character permutations.)

The truth of the matter is that the SIH was making use of Soo-hyun and Seo-hee as bait… simply because extra than Chairman Kwon, they actually want Group A, his evil operating arm. We currently know how evil they are, but each and every week convinces us even extra so.

Anyway, Soo-hyun and Seo-hee wind up confined but once more with the SIH and their secret + shady strategies. But no one particular can accuse them of not getting committed to their bring about. They do not even have identities on paper (except for the leader) that is how invisible they need to have to be.

Adamas: Episodes 7-8

Meanwhile, Group A is busy undertaking their evil deeds. Group Leader Lee sees to it that all the records and proof about the Lee Chang-woo case are stolen from the police and destroyed (guess the police under no circumstances digitized their records in time…). He also secures a hair from Lee Chang-woo himself to satisfy his evil hunch, quickly confirming that Lee Chang-woo is the father of our brave and scrumptious twins.

But that is not sufficient. There’s a new assassin brought into the mix — she’s a sassy and psychotic young lady that goes by the name of SUN (Park Hye-eun). That name also just so occurs to be the name of Secretary Yoon’s sibling, whose bouquet present leaves her in such horror that she actually runs away.

Adamas: Episodes 7-8

I do not considerably go for the psycho assassin archetype — specially when they are females in lace tops that can not appear to sit or stand up straight — but she does the job. She’s terrifying. Her job is to kill Soo-hyun (Group Leader Lee’s new vendetta) and she goes about it by means of horrible suggests.

Whilst Soo-hyun is investigating with “Baek hyung” — one particular of the SIH operators — they obtain the final bit of proof from the Lee Chang-woo case that Group A didn’t get to: his father’s physique. Although the grave marked with his name was certainly dug up and dealt with, the actual physique is buried a couple of graves away. And positive sufficient, we find out that this was Woo-shin’s undertaking, and even Soo-hyun has to give him credit for that one particular, heh.

Adamas: Episodes 7-8

But then, right after that smaller win of retaining what Soo-hyun referred to as the greatest proof in a murder case (i.e., the victim) disaster strikes. Soo-hyun and Mr. Baek are in the car or truck about to pull away, when a telephone rings. It is from the trunk, which they reluctantly open. Inside is Soo-hyun’s sweet colleague from the prosecution workplace — tortured and killed by Sun.

Sun just so occurs to be sitting on a hilltop nearby observing the entire scene with glee. Just after producing positive that Soo-hyun learns her name (like any accurate psycho — but also possibly a needed plot point, correct?), she detonates a car or truck bomb and they all go up in flames.

Hours later the SIH finds out and the bodies are recovered. Everybody is D.O.A. except Soo-hyun, but the physicians can not save him and he’s also pronounced dead.

Adamas: Episodes 7-8 Adamas: Episodes 7-8

And just when you want to copycat Soo-hyun and punch an inanimate object, we get one particular extra twist by way of Lee Chang-woo himself. The mystery that Woo-shin can not piece collectively about the case is why in the globe Group A has let Lee Chang-woo reside for the final 22 years why not just kill him and get rid of the entire circumstance (as is their MO)?

Properly, our twist tells a diverse story, simply because Lee Chang-woo has a switch flip in his head right after hearing Group A talked about by the guard who keeps an eye on him. In a scary episode-ending moment, he tells the guard to inform Group Leader Lee that his sunbae desires to see him. MOMMY!

Adamas: Episodes 7-8

With the piles of new plot developments this week, my head is swimming a bit. And whilst I want the villains had been a small significantly less Villainous, I nevertheless actually enjoy how twisty the entire factor is, and how effectively-paced and plotted. Every thread that is tugged on reveals a further big chunk of the story, and with half the drama nevertheless ahead, there’s a lot extra to uncover.

I’ll also use the mid-way point as a purpose to hope that Soo-hyun is not actually dead. I imply, I wouldn’t place it previous the show at this point — but it just tends to make so considerably extra sense for the SIH to fake his death rather. Also, I’m just feeling a small greedy for extra of the twins.

Oh the plight of a viewer falling extra in enjoy with a drama’s heroes each and every episode! At 1st I believed I loved Woo-shin extra, with his reckless wanderings and fearless behavior, but now I kinda enjoy Soo-hyun and his hot-headed scoffs and kicking of vehicles. Okay, I enjoy them each. I’m searching forward to the time when this drama brings them collectively once more in actual time. That is gonna come about, correct?

Adamas: Episodes 7-8

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