The Good Detective: Episodes 5-6


The Superior Detective: Episodes five-six

One particular murderer is apprehended, but a different is nevertheless at substantial. Our detectives dig deeper into the anomaly amongst the string of murders, and they lastly handle to make some headway — it appears like the connections to the previous run a lot deeper than they appear.



Our detective pair rush to the airport to catch Sung-gon’s younger sister LAURA CAINE (Park Ye-ni). Her flight’s currently left, but by some stroke of luck they just so take place to stroll previous her. It turns out she didn’t get on the plane following all, and she reveals the truth of her childhood.

When she and Sung-gon have been little ones, their abusive father slit their mother’s throat proper in front of them, incensed that she dared to put on red lipstick, and accusing her of wanting to seduce other males. She’d been wearing a white dress, and its bloodstained visage had haunted the two siblings ever considering that.

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Regardless of getting taken into custody by the Seoul group, Sung-gon staunchly denies the accusations. That is, till our detective pair arrive with a video for him. Unable to bear the burden of her brother’s murders, Laura filmed a confessional video revealing the complete truth of Sung-gon’s motive.

Do-chang informs Sung-gon that Laura has committed suicide, and it is the breaking point for him. Sung-gon hurls the laptop to the floor, and he appears to be in genuine distress for a moment, but it quickly morphs into anger. Blaming his sister for all his crimes, Sung-gon gloats that she’s lastly dead.


We get a tiny a lot more insight into our seasoned detective this week, and it is pretty much heartbreaking to see Do-chang’s trajectory from the steadfast passion of his previous to his existing disillusioned state. Do-chang is a person who even ran out in the middle of his personal wedding ceremony to catch a culprit, successfully ruining his partnership with his fiancee, but now he’s questioning the quite convictions he’s constructed himself upon.

When Hee-joo’s grandfather pleads to be told who his granddaughter’s murderer is, Do-chang lastly loses his cool and blurts out that he does not know — he can not know for confident. No matter how considerably the circumstantial proof points to Sung-gon as the murderer, without having getting really witnessed the crime, he merely can not assert the identity of the culprit.


Final week, Hee-joo’s grandfather supplied Do-chang’s adoptive daughter LEE EUN-HYE (Lee Ha-eun) shelter following she was terrorized by persons from her previous, providing her a new pair of footwear to replace the a single she lost even though operating away. This week, Eun-hye returns the favor, going to his shoe retailer to give him oranges and verify up on him in the wake of Do-chang’s outburst.

Eun-hye only brought a single umbrella, so Hee-joo’s grandfather urges her to take it back with her alternatively of walking property in the rain. She does, but she returns to give it back to him, getting purchased a different at the comfort retailer. Aww, she’s such a thoughtful kid. It is clear that Hee-joo’s grandfather sees Hee-joo in Eun-hye, and I like their creating bond they come across comfort and security in every other, and I hope it is the road to healing for each of them.


Through a prison visitation, President Cheon explicitly favors Sang-woo, openly stating that he desires to revamp TJ Group’s image with Sang-woo as the figurehead. Na-na puts on a sturdy front, but she breaks down in private, and Tae-ho comes property to her binge-consuming sweet desserts even even though she’s diabetic.

Na-na pleads with Tae-ho to reassure her that she’s not alone and that she does not have to be, and he pulls her into a tender embrace as she cries. It is a uncommon moment of vulnerability from Na-na for all her sly manipulation and aloof bravado, she’s nevertheless impacted by the loneliness of the path she’s selected to take.


Because Hee-joo is the only victim who by no means boarded Sung-gon’s bus, Do-chang and Ji-hyuk begin investigating deeper into her case. They get her function belongings from her grandfather, and amongst them is a planner with a suspiciously ripped web page. Squinting at the web page beneath it, they figure out that the torn portion contained a password to Tae-ho’s secure, even though they do not know what Tae-ho told Hee-joo to take from it.

In addition, Hee-joo’s get in touch with log consists of many suspicious numbers. One particular is Min-ji, and a different is a burner telephone. Ji-hyuk tries calling the unknown quantity, and we see that the burner telephone belongs to Sang-woo. By tracking the place of the get in touch with, Ji-hyuk discovers that the burner telephone was inside the TJ developing.

Anxious that the detectives might be onto him, Sang-woo drives out to a secluded lake and tosses the burner telephone into the water. He thinks he’s in the clear, but his actions have been witnessed by Na-na, who arrives at the lake following he leaves.


Tae-ho pays a pay a visit to to Hee-joo’s grandfather, supplying TJ’s legal solutions in case the detectives smear Hee-joo’s name in their investigations. It is clear he’s anxious that Hee-joo’s grandfather could be a loose finish or possibly even a loose cannon, but he does not handle to glean considerably facts just before he’s sent on his way.

Afterwards, Hee-joo’s grandfather visits the police station to give Do-chang and Ji-hyuk an envelope of images that have been sent to Hee-joo. They capture Tae-ho and Hee-joo, enjoying a private meal collectively following function and searching considerably as well cozy for a mere superior and subordinate partnership.

Do-chang understands how considerably courage and integrity it will have to have taken Hee-joo’s grandfather to submit proof that could tarnish his valuable granddaughter’s reputation, and he thanks him sincerely.

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Na-na meets with Ji-hyuk at a hotel, to Bo-kyung’s annoyance (considering that she has a crush on him, aww). Sending Bo-kyung away, Na-na cuts straight to the chase and asks Ji-hyuk if he knows who committed the assault from two years ago. Ji-hyuk deliberately reveals that he has his suspicions about the culprit of Min-ji’s assault case, even though he does not say who.

Clearly fishing for dirt on Sang-woo, Na-na delivers to reduce a deal with Ji-hyuk as soon as he obtains conclusive proof. She plays coy, refusing to reveal the terms of the deal till he has some thing to give in exchange.


Because Ji-hyuk is nevertheless restricted by his restraining order, Do-chang meets Min-ji alone to ask about Hee-joo. Warily, Min-ji admits she was pals with Hee-joo, but she denies any additional relation. She grows defensive when Do-chang brings up her assault case from two years ago, noting that the initial witness was Tae-ho, the leader of the TJ legal group exactly where Hee-joo worked.

Min-ji reiterates that she does not want to speak about that case, but Do-chang corrects her. He’s not right here to dredge up the previous, he’s right here to investigate Hee-joo’s case, and Min-ji is a prime suspect for the reason that of how often she seems on Hee-joo’s get in touch with log.


It turns out that Min-ji has an infant daughter, who is at the moment in Sang-woo’s custody. He’s holding her as leverage more than Min-ji, who has no option but to do TJ’s bidding in order to maintain her daughter secure.

Min-ji asks Sang-woo if he had some thing to do with Hee-joo’s death, calling him an evil bastard, which angers him sufficient to strangle her. Glaring at him, Min-ji dares him to kill her, threatening to make him regret it if he does not.


Sang-woo leaves her alive, but he sends gangster Ki Dong-jae to Min-ji’s apartment and offers him the passcode. Sneaking in, Dong-jae fiddles with Min-ji’s laptop, plugging a USB in. When Min-ji arrives property, Dong-jae threatens her with a knife and forces her to act like everything’s fine when our detective group comes knocking on her door.

By the time our detective group figures out Min-ji is in danger and breaks into her apartment, she’s unconscious, getting been knocked out with a flowerpot. They send Min-ji to the hospital, even though our detective pair stay behind to examine the crime scene.

There’s a video open on Min-ji’s laptop, and Ji-hyuk swiftly realizes that it is the CCTV footage from the evening of her assault. They play the video, and a man walks by means of the hallway, then turns about to face the camera — it is Tae-ho.


Effectively, that is of course a set-up, offered Dong-jae’s break-in and how the video was deliberately left open for our detectives to uncover. I doubt Do-chang and Ji-hyuk will be taken in that effortlessly, but I suppose we’ll have to wait till subsequent week to know for confident. Ji-hyuk surely does not appear like a person who would take issues at face worth I like how insightful and level-headed he is in spite of what his lackadaisical attitude appears to recommend.

On the other hand, I’m shocked by how incompetent Sang-woo is shaping up to be as a villain, LOL. I imply, did he truly believe tossing an intact telephone into a river was the finest way to get rid of damning proof? Not to mention sending a hired gangster following a person who clearly has ties to him and is a important individual in a murder case. Maybe that is why he requires Tae-ho to clean up his messes, but I truly do hope Sang-woo actions up his game.


Anyway, moving on to our other characters — I like how sensible and perceptive Bo-kyung is. Rather than naively accepting her sudden promotion, she recognizes that her worth lies in her connections, considering that her father is the police chief. Bo-kyung’s bold sufficient to straight ask Na-na if this is the explanation she was added to the legal group in spite of getting zero legal knowledge, and even though I do be concerned that her forthrightness will land her in hot water sooner or later, I come across her initiative refreshing.

She’s in a precarious position, now that she’s situated close to the heart of the TJ schemes, but that also suggests she has the capability to take them down from inside. One particular point I like about this drama is how capable and nuanced Na-na is as a character, and I hope Bo-kyung is offered equivalent depth.


In that vein, I’m also searching forward to discovering a lot more about Hee-joo. Provided what we’ve noticed of her so far, she appears like a competent young lady with a sensible head on her shoulders, so I wonder what prompted her to enter an affair with a married man. It could just be a red herring, particularly offered how numerous persons probably have it out for TJ Group, but Tae-ho did appear to show a genuine fondness towards Hee-joo in the flashbacks we’ve noticed.

Tae-ho’s as intriguing as he is enigmatic he’s allied with Na-na, and he does seem to sincerely care for her, but he also does Sang-woo’s bidding. He’s caught amongst the two, and it is but unclear exactly where his loyalty lies. Is Tae-ho merely searching out for TJ Group’s finest interests, or does he have an ulterior motive that has but to be uncovered? I can not wait to come across out.


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