Lee Seung-gi and Lee Se-young navigate friendship and love in KBS

August 16, 2022August 16, 2022

Lee Seung-gi and Lee Se-young navigate friendship and like in KBS’s Enjoy According to Law
by tccolb

New character teasers and stills have dropped for KBS’s Enjoy According to Law, featuring our most important couple-to-be Lee Seung-gi (Mouse) and Lee Se-young (The Red Sleeve Cuff).

The drama stars the two Lees as lengthy-time mates, Kim Jung-ho and Kim Yuri, in a classic mates-to-lovers romance. Though Yuri remains seemingly unaware, Jung-ho has lengthy been harboring what he thinks is a a single-sided crush. But the drama fates are operating their magic and our story sets off with constructing owner Jung-ho leasing out his initial floor to lawyer Yuri, who’s opening a new law cafe.

The new character teasers are formatted like interviews and the captions initial ask for name and occupation. Our hero introduces himself as “Kim Jung-ho,” explaining that he’s a rental enterprise operator and internet novelist. In the sequence that follows, we get a glimpse of his each day activities which includes lounging in his kiddie pool and playing Go Quit with his 3 tenants: Baek Hyun-joo (The King’s Affection), Jang Hye-jin (Green Mothers’ Club), and older cousin Kim Nam-hee (Higher Class).
The subsequent query asks for his nickname in college, to which Jung-ho brags: “Monster genius, attractive brain man, crazy memory, and face genius.” It cuts to an appalled Yuri, who remarks, “Are you kidding me?” We then swiftly move onto the subsequent query: “The purpose you all of a sudden quit becoming a prosecutor 3 years ago?” But Jung-ho declines to answer.
The teaser comes to a close on the query we’ve been waiting for — about his ongoing crush on Yuri. As we watch a swift sequence of their current encounters, a frustrated Jung-ho just sighs, “I believed it would be okay if I didn’t see her for a lengthy time. But it is beginning to get difficult once more these days.”

The second teaser begins in the exact same way, with captions asking for name and occupation. Our heroine replies, “I’m Kim Yuri and I operate in the public sector as a lawyer.” We get a appear at her fierce techniques in the courtroom and her colleagues happily celebrate when she resigns from the firm. She scoffs as she explains, “I hear that folks in the sector contact me the queen of defeat? It is ridiculous.”
The interview then moves onto her more than-the-best style options. Even though Yuri declares not caring about other people’s opinions, she’s disappointed when Jung-ho calls her best a Joseon-era straw mat. We subsequent jump to the large query about dreams. Yuri explains how she desires to make law solutions extra accessible, and build comfy consultations that are uncomplicated to recognize for everybody. Therefore, her dream to be a (law) cafe owner.
Lastly, the captions ask about her partnership with the landlord and Yuri rants, “The jerk is supposed to be my buddy. But alternatively of assisting me like he must, he keeps avoiding me!” In the accompanying sequence, we see Yuri attempting to comply with a reluctant Jung-ho who does at some point meet her to provide the lease papers. The teaser then ends on Yuri’s query, “By any possibility, do you know why he’s avoiding me?”
Directed by PD Lee Eun-jin (Pleased to Die, Chief Kim) with scripts by Im Eui-jung (A single Evening), KBS’s Enjoy According to Law premieres September five in the Monday-Tuesday slot.

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