Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 15-16


Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 15-16

In contrast to final week’s progress, the penultimate week sees the true culprit operating circles about our heroes. It appears factors can only get worse prior to they get far better — specifically for our beloved shaman and the Minamdang crew.


As Han-jun and Su-cheol hurl accusations, the cartel panics more than the reporters’ presence at the ceremony. They attempt to get their private guards to cease the shaman, but our dynamic duo in the end wins the scuffle just prior to Hye-jun plays the incriminating videos of the cartel members, who are then actually trapped below a fishing net. Oof.

Even Seung-won gets apprehended by his personal brother. But regardless of finding cuffed to a metal post, Auntie Im effectively escapes amid all the chaos.

As they’re interrogated, every single cartel member is unable to do something due to the powerful proof against them. Nevertheless, everyone’s covering up for their ringleader. The police also cannot get something out of Seung-won and his lawyers, simply because he’s blaming all the things on Auntie Im, so he walks away scot-absolutely free.

Just prior to Seung-won leaves, Do-won encourages him to confess. The younger brother even threatens to use his organization shares to cease his older brother from becoming chairman and to uncover the truth from their childhood, creating Seung-won seethe silently.

At Han-jun’s shaman lair, Min-gyeong and Director Park thank the profiler for his aid. But to Han-jun’s disappointment, the thanks come not in the type of significantly-anticipated wads of money, but a QR code top to a fanclub poster. Did they genuinely start off a fanclub? LOL.

He’s distracted when he hears Hye-jun and Su-cheol kiss. He accuses the new couple of secretly dating, but simply because his guests do not know he’s speaking to his sister, Min-gyeong and Director Park accidentally out themselves as a couple, even if Min-gyeong denies it. These two are so cute — hilarious, also!

In his workplace, Seung-won tries to take handle of the predicament. But following understanding Auntie Im has hidden away his ill-gotten wealth and the organization shareholders now have doubts about electing him as chairman, he decides to get back at Han-jun. Oh no. This does not sound excellent.

At Minamdang, Han-jun and Na-dan obtain Hye-jun’s space ransacked and Hye-jun herself hanging from the ceiling… Except it is just a mannequin planted by the undesirable guys. Damn, my heart almost stopped.

Apparently, Hye-jun and Su-cheol have been out on a date. The nonetheless-hysterical Han-jun and Na-dan hug them tightly out of relief. Just after understanding the purpose behind their hysteria, Hye-jun waves their worries away, but an uncharacteristically significant Su-cheol imagines the what-ifs, almost confessing their secret partnership till his girlfriend punches him.

But Han-jun getting Han-jun, he currently knows about their partnership. He just insists Hye-jun must wash her hair as she promised and offers them a list of guidelines that only makes it possible for kissing and nothing at all additional. But they do officially obtain his blessing. Yay.

Do-won arrives at the cafe with much more information and facts. Apparently, Seung-won murdered a classmate named HYUN-WOO just prior to getting into college, forcing him to flee abroad. But the murder was ruled as a suicide.

To reopen the case, they strategy to use a mixture of Han-jun’s profiling experience and Do-won’s childhood memories. Not confident if that is possible… Is not this an additional moment when you want a forensic hypnotist, not a profiler? Heo Jung-min, exactly where are you?

Regardless, the trio heads to Do-won’s mansion-like childhood household (which tends to make the cash-loving Han-jun hyperlink arms and get chummy with Do-won, LOL). But following attempting to recall his memories, Do-won in the end fails, which Han-jun believes is due to trauma.

Meanwhile, the police group investigates the place of the cartel’s sex videos. Even though the hotel has no CCTVs, they obtain a lead in the drone of a celebrity’s sasaeng. And it turns out this celebrity appears like Detective Na, so the sasaeng surrenders the footage following he sweet-talks her. LOL. The footage has captured the faces of Auntie Im and Assistant Gu, covering up a cartel member’s murder. Strong proof acquired!

The subsequent day, Do-won goes to Cafe Minamdang with a new probable witness: HONG MYEONG-SU (Ki Hwan), Seung-won’s higher college pal who was present the evening of Hyun-woo’s murder. Han-jun puts on his shaman act, finding “possessed” by the victim’s spirit and reenacting how he died.

Overcome with guilt, Myeong-su admits Seung-won’s father forced him to maintain quiet. He does not keep in mind precisely if Seung-won choked Hyun-woo to death, but he does recall that he and Seung-won had been heading to the club prior to they bumped into Seung-won’s tutor, who he apparently beat up.

Elsewhere, Hye-jun and Na-dan, in cute mascot outfits, are handing out flyers. It is a distraction to enable Su-cheol to plant a bug in Seung-won’s auto. By way of the bug, they tail Seung-won to a place, considering he’s meeting Auntie Im, but as it turns out, it is his psychiatrist JUNG HYE-YOON (Woo Jung-won).

Tracking her down, Han-jun and Jae-hui ask her about Seung-won’s childhood murder case. The psychiatrist initially keeps calm, but becomes rattled following hearing it is connected to a much more current murder case. With this revelation, a nervous Hye-yoon goes to her workplace to verify her records.

But somebody sneaks up behind her and stabs a needle into her neck, paralyzing her. Oh no — it is Do-won! So he genuinely is Gopuri. Oh my. Just after the most recent episodes, I believed he has come to be a certified excellent guy. RIP to my dreams of BFFs Han-jun and Do-won.

It turns out that following Seung-won visited Hye-yoon, Do-won also dropped by. Apparently, the brothers have been getting counseling from the psychiatrist because their childhood — Do-won for psychopathy remedy and Seung-won for anger management.

The psychopathic Cha brother was Do-won all along. Hye-yoon manipulated his memories to distort his motives from killing for sport to in search of justice. “You are my most effective creation,” says the crazy-seeking physician to her psychopath patient. “I’ve in no way noticed a patient right their behavior and adjust to society as completely as you did.”

Sadly, following a evening of identity crisis, that “best creation” decides to go back to his old methods, and not taking kindly to getting manipulated, kills his psychiatrist and pins the blame on his brother.

Do-won escapes just as Han-jun enters the workplace. Observing the crime scene, the profiler figures that the murder was not planned, but understanding that is useless when they lost the culprit.

Back at Cafe Minamdang, a frustrated Han-jun catches Hye-jun and Su-cheol on a date in his sacred shaman lair, resulting in the siblings fighting more than Su-cheol. In their defense, the couple has been functioning, maintaining track of Seung-won, who hasn’t left his workplace at all. His alibi checks out. Place your suspicions elsewhere now, Han-jun, prior to it is also late!

As the trio eavesdrops, Seung-won heads out to hunt down Auntie Im. Han-jun and Su-cheol quickly intercept the lady shaman, convincing her to run just as Seung-won and his goons arrive.

In an ironic twist, Auntie Im now sits on the guest’s location at Han-jun’s shaman lair. She remains unflappable but effortlessly confesses to cleaning up following the Cha family members because Hyun-woo’s murder. The lady shaman even adds: Han-jun will destroy the proof they’ve gathered so far — simply because if he does what she desires, she’ll give him Jae-jeong’s files.

In spite of protests from Hye-jun and Su-cheol, Han-jun goes by way of with destroying the proof. Yay, we get an additional Minamdang scheme! Albeit on a smaller sized scale. This time, Na-dan, disguised as a lady, delivers a spiked milk drink to the guard stationed at the proof space. Just after the guard leaves, Hye-jun and Na-dan swiftly enter the space and delete all the proof against Auntie Im.

The subsequent day, Han-jun admits to destroying proof to Jae-hui, who feels betrayed by his lack of trust. Even though Do-won asks for an explanation, Jae-hui just ends their cooperative investigation. (Does this imply their romantic partnership is also more than?)

But everybody is shocked, none much more so than Do-won, when Han-jun brings up Jae-jeong’s files. Fidgeting nervously, Do-won encourages the police group to go with Han-jun’s strategy. Appears like Gopuri is preparing anything for Auntie Im.

Han-jun and Jae-hui interrogate Assistant Gu, fishing for much more information and facts about Gopuri. In a series of flashbacks, we see Do-won and Assistant Gu functioning with each other in earlier instances: Jeon Gyeong-cheol’s murder, the laptop in the RV, the secure at N.Joy Club, and even Chairman Park’s close to-murder. Nevertheless, Assistant Gu is maintaining mum about the truth, till Do-won offers him the signal to blame it all on Auntie Im. She has been discarded, hasn’t she? Oof.

Just after securing a written confession, Do-won offers Assistant Gu guidelines on how to escape throughout his transport, promising to see him quickly. Hmm, so Gopuri does care about Assistant Gu.

Meanwhile, at the cafe, Hye-jun and Auntie Im are at every single other’s throats, with Su-cheol attempting to mediate and largely failing. Alone, Auntie Im surreptitiously checks her telephone, getting a message from Do-won warning her she’s walking into Han-jun’s trap.

So Do-won assists her set up a trap of their personal. Just after finding her bank accounts frozen, she lures Han-jun into her temple, exactly where Do-won says he’ll finish the job himself. Yikes! This does not bode properly for Han-jun.

Arriving at the temple, Han-jun and Jae-hui ultimately get their hands on the files — it is largely burnt! Is it even readable?! Behind them, unnoticed, Auntie Im leaves the space, locking them in. In spite of attempting to escape, they faint following getting gassed.

Han-jun wakes up back at Cafe Minamdang, exactly where he finds the dead physique of Auntie Im just as the doors slam open, bringing in Do-won, Jae-hui, Su-cheol, and Hye-jun. Upon getting him at the crime scene, the prosecutor quickly arrests Han-jun as a suspect for Auntie Im’s murder. Oh my. Is it back to prison for our shaman? Please do not make it so!

In this week’s epilogues, we see that it is Do-won who saved Assistant Gu throughout their childhood days and is also the “him” to whom Assistant Gu is blindly devoted. Just after every single kill, Do-won justifies it as delivering “judgment” to sinners.

We also see that Assistant Gu has currently escaped, assisting Do-won kill Auntie Im and setting up the stage for Do-won’s judgment on Han-jun. With her final breath, Auntie Im warns Do-won that he will die at Han-jun’s hands, so Do-won offers her the killing blow, fulfilling Han-jun’s prophecy that she will die at her boss’s hand. Oooh boy. (But also, does Han-jun genuinely have the present?)

Properly, anyway, it appears the type and beautiful Do-won was just a facade to let him go about his evil psychopathic plans freely. All the things was genuinely just a red herring… which is kinda disappointing. He did appear suspicious throughout the initial couple of episodes (specifically with Choi Yeong-seop abruptly dying at his watch), but I really feel a tiny blindsided following he cooperated so significantly with the Minamdang crew.

And if he was produced to neglect his psychopathic tendencies throughout childhood, how come an older Do-won nonetheless murdered Jae-jeong and numerous other individuals? Does not add up so far. Was he just acting? It didn’t look like it when he met his psychiatrist, specifically when she “unlocked” his true memories. The timeline of this show is so out of whack, I’m finding confused. Suspension of disbelief cannot even save me from this.

Plus, we’ve only had the Han-jun vs. Do-won rivalry for a couple of episodes, so I really feel like we’re finding shortchanged. In an additional globe, probably they’d operate with each other, but it is not possible right here now. So, I’m glad we’re ultimately nearing the finish. Even if Han-jun has been arrested, we know he’s going to get out, so I’m hoping we nonetheless get to see the crew do an additional shaman shenanigan. Let’s go out with a bang, Show! And by bang, I imply a Minamdang scheme. Or two. Quite please.

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