Stock Struck: Episode 1 (First Impressions)


Stock Struck: Episode 1 (Initially Impressions)

TVING’s newest original is right here, and somehow Stock Struck packs a ton of wackiness into a 40-minute episode, all with out losing these K-drama feels. I liked it way additional than I was expecting to… simply because there’s nothing at all really like a hyperactive heroine who wears her heart on her sleeve.

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Stock Struck: Episode 1 (First Impressions)

tvN’s streaming arm TVING appears dead-set on generating it attempting for international fans to watch some of their productions, but we will not hold that against them (at least for now), simply because they’ve been pushing out a ton of content material, and some of it really excellent. And perhaps Stock Struck will be 1 of these?

We initial meet our heroine YOO MI-SEO (Han Ji-eun) at the Han River. She’s leaving a voicemail for her mother and about to jump, till points speedily flip from dark to comedic. A man grabs her and pulls her back from the railing then, her dramatic more than-reactions, cursing, and facial expressions set the tone for not only our heroine, but our drama. It is excellently wacky!

Stock Struck: Episode 1 (First Impressions)

We jump to a month prior to discover what place Mi-seo into such dire straits. She’s attempting to locate an apartment with her boyfriend/fiancé CHOI JIN-WOOK (Go Yoon who I nevertheless cannot overlook in Sisyphus lol). Like the everywoman that she is, Mi-seo desires to reside in a light-filled apartment that is preferably south-facing… and not with a view of the neighborhood hoodlums smoking a foot from her living area window.

But the rent is higher — just as higher as Mi-seo’s preferred common of living — and she gets additional and additional frustrated with her little revenue. She functions as a sales individual in a higher-finish purchasing mall exactly where she utilizes her dramatic character, higher power, and some handy cosplay to coerce shoppers into acquiring the most high-priced purse on the show. Seriously, she’s hilarious. Only fifteen minutes into the show and it is clear that Han Ji-eun is ruling this complete point, and it is incredible. I enjoy an actress that will give her all to the part, from leaning into the exaggerated behaviors and mannerisms, to cursing on the toilet checking her funds, to dancing for joy in the bathroom with pieces of toilet paper as her streamers.

Stock Struck: Episode 1 (First Impressions)

It does not assist that Mi-seo has a quite wealthy friend… who just so takes place to give her a Extremely Leading Secret Stock Tip about a pharmaceutical business that is about to release a new medication. The guarantee of a enormous return — and her dream apartment readily available — is adequate to spur Mi-seo to invest some of her and Jin-wook’s wedding savings.

And hence starts her slow descent. At initial the stocks are up, and she sees so numerous gains that she invests all their revenue. But when it tanks and she’s in the red, she speedily panics, sells, and confesses to her threat-averse boyfriend.

Of course, the stock industry is additional volatile than she realizes, and just as Mi-seo is left in poverty with her entirely furious boyfriend walking out on her mid-proposal when he finds out, the stock jumps once again. If only she hadn’t sold, she would be… well… wealthy. It is a rude awakening to the inner workings of the stock industry and Mi-seo quickly realizes she knows nothing at all.

Stock Struck: Episode 1 (First Impressions)

Our introduction to Mi-seo and her hyper emotional choice-generating is intercut with the far additional mysterious CHOI SUN-WOO (Hong Jong-hyun). We initial locate him living like a hobo in a gorgeous apartment (considerably like the 1 Mi-seo desires) with such a collection of bottles and trash about him that make Mr. Gu’s bottle collection in My Liberation Notes appear like an art installation. But anything lastly pulls Sun-woo out of his torpor, and he decides he’s prepared to “live like a human” once again.

Gone is the garbage, shaved is the fake stubble, and trimmed is his head of crazy hair. Underneath that mess is a super handsome Seoul University grad who’s just taken a job at a regional comfort shop. When some old classmates come into the shop and recognize him, it is as close as we get to his backstory: he’s been on a year’s probation, just missing a prison sentence.

There’s a tangle of a story behind him, and some monetary dealings that appear to have gone south, but Sun-woo is fully and quickly likeable. It is clear that he’s wise, kind… and also loaded.

Stock Struck: Episode 1 (First Impressions) Stock Struck: Episode 1 (First Impressions)

Mainly because this is dramaland, he’s destined to meet our wacky and financially-challenged heroine — and it plays out in a enjoyable way. The quite day that Sun-woo decides to rejoin society and do points like acquire a cell telephone and takeout noodles, is the very same day that Mi-seo decides she does not want to die. In truth, it is Sun-woo’s noodle order that gets delayed by more than two hours simply because of Mi-seo’s Han River quit. When she lastly delivers his meal it is comically inedible, but their meet-cute (I’m just going to go out on a not-so-risky limb and get in touch with it that) is crucial for displaying us how distinctive their personalities are.

And then they meet once again, when Mi-seo buys alcohol and lottery tickets from his comfort shop. She’s drunk and carrying on like a fool, throwing non-winning tickets onto the ground, and Sun-woo is behind her with his tiny vest and broom, sweeping them all up, telling her the lottery is a waste.

Stock Struck: Episode 1 (First Impressions)

It is not till the finish of the episode that we hit our most important plot, and not so incidentally, their third meeting. Mi-seo indicators up for a stock industry group, taught by a stock guru. She goes to the meetup exactly where the other students are waiting: a dashing harabeoji KIM JIN-BAE (Jang Kwang), the glamorous-hunting JUNG HAENG-JA (Kim Sun-young), and the slightly odd KANG SAN (Jung Moon-sung).

Mi-seo wonders who amongst them is the guru… but the guru hasn’t arrived but. And of course, when he does, it is none other than Sun-woo. He emerges from a luxury car or truck surrounded by a cloud of revenue, thanks to the show’s hilarious use of cheesy onscreen graphics. And if that does not inform you anything about this drama, I do not know what does.

Stock Struck: Episode 1 (First Impressions) Stock Struck: Episode 1 (First Impressions)

It is a definitely enjoyable initial episode — although largely setup, it is so character wealthy and exaggerated that I couldn’t assist but definitely delight in it. The flavor, for certain, is not for everybody, but if you are the sort of drama fan that gets a kick out of ridiculous sound effects, a heroine that fake-faints to get her boyfriend to react, or frequent onscreen graphics (e.g., Mi-seo breathing literal fire and screaming “Shibal!” in her favored bathroom stall)… effectively, that is the sort of drama this is.

Nevertheless, for all the more than-the-leading acting and ridiculous moments, it under no circumstances felt like as well considerably. I believe that is simply because not only is the drama performing it totally on goal and for the enjoyable of it, but it is grounded by a premise that is rather relatable. And so, in the finish, we wind up with a drama that has all the strangeness of a considerably older and much less polished show, but 1 that grabbed my consideration simply because of all the enjoyable it was possessing — and all the enjoyable I was possessing when watching.

Stock Struck: Episode 1 (First Impressions)

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