Short Film Review: Graffiti Graffiti! (2020) by Go Matsuo

Go Matsuo, apart from a filmmaker, is also an illustrator and motion graphics artist, which explains a bit on why he chose to base 1 of his films in the rather illustrative notion of the graffiti, in a 30-minute quick that won a quantity of awards in regional festivals, like Kyoto and Yamagata.&nbsp

Graffiti Graffiti!&nbspis streaming on&nbspTodoiF

1 evening, on an instigation by her classmates, Yuzu, a higher college girl, paints graffiti on the shutter of a purchasing street shop, writing the word “Loser”.. The subsequent day, Gonzo, the owner of the shop is enraged and paints more than the initial graffiti, writing “Crappy”. Therefore, a battle involving these two unlikely foes starts, which leads, although, to entirely unexpected paths, although at some point assisting them face their personal concerns, as Yuzo is not positive what to do with her future, although Gonzo is retaining a shop in a neighborhood that is dying, primarily destroying himself financially.&nbsp

Utilizing a incredibly amusing, humorous and light strategy all through the film, Go Matsuo tends to make a series of comments relating to art, and especially the way it can support individuals communicate in scenarios that otherwise would be not possible, bridge variations, and primarily bring individuals with each other. Moreover, for Matsuo, art also appears to offer a path for the future for each young and older individuals, with the story highlighting the added benefits of chasing one’s dreams, even when they appear not possible in this case, a scholarship for a graffiti college in New York from Yuzu’s side, and also the added benefits of letting go, in Gonzo’s case. The way each protagonists advantage from finding to know every other stresses the aforementioned remarks, although also displaying that fighting, when it is completed devoid of violence, can also present added benefits for individuals, once again in the axis of finding to know other individuals.&nbsp

Apart from context, the film also thrives on its visuals, with the all round bleak colors developing a good antithesis with the intense ones of the graffiti, although a quantity of scenes in the dark, as a lot the morphing sequence absolutely remain on the thoughts of the viewer. In that style, Nozomi Irie’s job in the cinematography is top rated notch, with the exact same applying to Matsuo’s personal editing, who induces the quick with a rather rapid pace that suits its all round aesthetics to perfection.&nbsp

The acting is also in excellent resonance with the all round aesthetics, with Rikako Watanabe highlighting her lack of guidance and resolve in a way that shows the similarities she shares with Masamichi Hagiwara’s Gonzo, therefore developing a excellent chemistry involving the two.&nbsp

“Graffiti Graffiti!” is incredibly nicely shot, incredibly intelligent in the presentation of its comments, and very entertaining a title that everybody will take pleasure in watching.&nbsp



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