Today’s Webtoon: Episodes five-six

In the webtoon field, aspiring artists and passionate producers alike have lofty dreams. On the other hand, it requires a lot more than just optimism and tough function to realize achievement, and it is all also uncomplicated to fall into disillusionment or overwork.




We resume in the midst of the heated confrontation at the webtoon camp. Fortunately, prior to Dae-ryuk can do something rash, Ma-eum instinctively twists the aggressive bully’s raised arm. He falls to the floor, clutching his wrist and screaming in discomfort like a giant wimp.

His buddy accuses Ma-eum of hurting a webtoon artist’s valuable hand, but Joon-young rightfully points out that the bully misused his hand initial to hurt other persons. Ji-hyung and Man-cheol arrive to defuse the circumstance, and they send the injured artist to the hospital (along with his buddy and Joon-young).


Regrettably, news spreads speedy, in particular given that the other artists filmed and uploaded the entire debacle on their social media accounts. Worried that her actions may perhaps have hurt a individual and ruined Neon’s reputation, Ma-eum ends up heading to the hospital also.

Except Joon-young assuages her fears with a video he took of the bully waving his completely-fine hand about as his buddy gloats more than his acting expertise. LOL, way to expose your personal scam.


Back at the webtoon camp, the judges evaluate the budding artists’ pitches. Dae-ryuk’s art is met with a tepid response, till Writer Baek points out his instinctive eye for great staging and composition. With a small guidance, he could boost his art expertise — and he’s prepared to provide that support. Aww, Writer Baek!

Regrettably, Dae-ryuk turns down the position of Writer Baek’s assistant, leaving it to Ma-eum to persuade him. She tells him that she desires to be the initial reader of his webtoon, and her earnest faith in him touches his heart.


The final winners of the webtoon camp are chosen, ranging from the former baseball player LEE WOO-JIN (Jang Sung-yoon), to the soft-spoken GU SEUL-AH (Jeon Hye-yeon).

Dae-ryuk does not get selected, but he receives an encouraging text from Ma-eum with a hyperlink to a webtoon. She quotes a line from it — just 1 individual is sufficient to save an individual from collapsing — and tells him that she’d be delighted to be that 1 individual for him.

Dae-ryuk’s moved by her sincerity, and that is the final push he demands to accept the position of Writer Baek’s assistant. Yay!

“Today’s “Today’s

Aw, Dae-ryuk is a bundle of nerves on his initial day. Head assistant IM DONG-HEE (Baek Seok-kwang) kindly lends Dae-ryuk a tablet to replace his old and scuffed 1, and assigns him his initial process of practicing how to draw circles freehand.

Dae-ryuk can not differentiate people’s faces effectively, so Ma-eum goes the added mile. She gets Joon-young to take images of her generating diverse facial expressions and wearing several outfits, so that Dae-ryuk can have reference pictures. HAHAHA omg, she tends to make Joon-young do it also, and prior to lengthy they’re laughing their hearts out and obtaining entertaining.


Fellow rookie writer Seul-ah has her initial feedback session with Ma-eum, and the mood is optimistic at initial. On the other hand, Seul-ah’s spirits are quickly dimmed by the lengthy list of constructive criticism from the employees and readers alike.

Nasty supervisor KWON YOUNG-BAE (Yang Hyun-min) tries to poach Seul-ah for a major illustration project, guilt-tripping Ma-eum into letting her go. Disheartened by the quantity of revisions she’ll have to make for her personal webtoon, she accepts the prestigious project, which entails drawing a webtoon adaptation of a preferred internet novel.

Barely a handful of days prior to the deadline, nonetheless, Young-bae abruptly demands for Seul-ah to adjust the look of the protagonist totally. Young-bae dismisses Seul-ah’s issues as if it is merely a 5-minute edit, when in reality she has to redraw the majority of her function from scratch.


Ma-eum learns about this, as effectively as Young-bae’s notorious reputation of getting a “rookie killer” — artists who function with him typically finish up quitting or obtaining ruined following just 1 job. Ma-eum frets so a lot that Joon-young requires notice, and the pair move to the rooftop for a breather.

Joon-young points out that she has a tendency to get also emotionally invested in the artists she functions with, and that it could finish up hurting her in the lengthy run. Ma-eum acknowledges this, but she can not stand how Young-bae treats his artists like they’re disposable commodities.

Even when Seul-ah ends up in the hospital from overwork, Young-bae does not show even a single shred of remorse. He and Ma-eum finish up arguing in the course of a group meeting, and Ji-hyung invites Ma-eum out for a drink so they can speak by means of her issues.


Joon-young asks to tag along, and he explains that he’s performed his analysis — Ji-hyung has to be lenient on Young-bae, since the artists below him make up the majority of the webtoon team’s sales. Ji-hyung concurs, and to the rookies’ surprise, he says that Young-bae utilized to be as diligent and down-to-earth as Ma-eum.

Back in the day, the existing members of the Neon webtoon group utilized to be a startup named Gingertoon, and they all poured their passion into their function. On the other hand, Chief Heo’s coldhearted shutdown of Gingertoon had left Young-bae in shambles and led to his divorce. Considering that then, Young-bae’s taken a a lot a lot more pragmatic method to his job.


Somberly, Ji-hyung reveals that Young-bae focuses on sales and overall performance numbers, so that the other webtoon producers can invest their time and sources into projects they’re passionate about. Without the need of his harsh, tough-headed method, their platform would go below due to the lack of income.

I like that Young-bae’s nastiness is not just for the sake of the character archetype as an alternative, his harsh attitude is humanized, and we can see how he’s generating sacrifices for the group also. His wholehearted emotional investment created the crash back down to reality that a lot tougher, and it is a cautionary tale of how Ma-eum could finish up if she does not handle her feelings and keep away from burning out.


Nonetheless, a sad backstory does not excuse Young-bae’s imply behavior, nor does it warrant him forcing Seul-ah to overwork herself to the point of hospitalization. I do have an understanding of Ji-hyung and Man-cheol’s hesitance to take him to process, given that he is maintaining the group afloat, but I want they’d step in when he requires factors also far.

Fortunately, Seul-ah stands up for herself and rejects Young-bae’s subsequent illustration provide. Pushing herself to the brink of utter exhaustion served as a wake-up contact, and she tells him that she does not want to finish up hating her function and herself also. She would rather gradually boost and inform her personal story, even if it requires a lot longer to debut as a webtoon author.


This week, we also find out the correct purpose for Ma-eum’s judo hiatus. It is not her injury, which each us and her father have been led to think.

We flash back to her final judo competitors. With only 15 seconds left on the clock, Ma-eum knew that she had to make a decisive move. Noticing that her opponent was favoring 1 leg more than the other, Ma-eum struck out at her weak ankle to flip her more than.

It earned Ma-eum the victory, but it left her opponent clutching her foot in agony when getting carried out on a stretcher. The realization that she’d hurt an individual with her personal actions had deeply traumatized Ma-eum, leaving her scared to return to the sport.

“Today’s “Today’s

Ma-eum invites her father to the dojo for a sparring match, and it is pretty much like a swan song. Afterwards, she admits that she’s gotten a job, catching her father totally off guard.

He accuses Ma-eum of providing up on judo, but she corrects him — she’s not operating away, she’s generating a decision for herself. Ma-eum after cherished her dream of becoming an Olympic gold medalist, but she has a new dream now.

Pointing out that they’re two quite diverse persons, Ma-eum tells him that this is her life to encounter, to find out from, and to take duty for. Gosh, I really like how the dialogue in this show is written — it is so raw and genuine, the words alone make me tear up.


On that note, I’m definitely enjoying the recurring part reversals written for this pairing. Not only does the show poke entertaining at how a lot stronger Ma-eum is compared to Joon-young, but they also give Joon-young all the fluttery moments characteristic of a common rom-com female lead.

For instance, Ma-eum pulls Joon-young out of the way of an oncoming motorcycle, major to an accidental hug. Joon-young’s super flustered, and he asks Ma-eum if she’s okay — but it is clear he’s referring to a lot more than just getting injury-free of charge, since he clutches his beating heart following she turns away. HAHAHA, awww.

“Today’s “Today’s

I really like our rookie pair so a lot, and how great of an influence they are on every single other. Ma-eum’s kindness and tenacity inspire Joon-young to regain a small faith in the globe, and Joon-young’s perceptiveness teaches Ma-eum how to be a small a lot more sensitive to other people’s feelings.

Their conversation about nonetheless obtaining a lot to find out about the globe was especially poignant, and it is good that they have every single other’s backs on this journey. It is clear they each carry baggage Ma-eum’s nonetheless attempting to discover an identity outdoors of judo, and we maintain seeing glimpses of a mysterious lady in Joon-young’s home who appears to hover about him like a specter.

Nonetheless, I have faith that they’ll develop and heal, and it is why I’m so fond of this pair — they may perhaps really feel discouraged by their personal shortcomings, but they notice every single other’s strengths. They motivate every single other to maintain going, and with a small guidance from Ji-hyung, I’m certain they’ll go far.


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