Five drama recommendations… with the best found families


5 drama recommendations… with the ideal located households

The idea of the “found family” is one thing that dramaland has often embraced and expressed really wonderfully. Accomplished effectively, and you are clutching your heart strings all the way by means of your drama accomplished poorly, and you nevertheless know what they had been aiming for. One particular of the ideal points about the located household dynamic is that it can exist in any genre — so right here are some of our favored located households of dramaland, from the superheroes and soldiers to the bar owners and medical doctors.

Five drama recommendations… with the best found families
Lookout (2017)

In my opinion, located households are one thing that K-dramas in common do exceptionally effectively. I could point to numerous examples, but there’s 1 located household that often appears to pop into my head initially anytime the subject is brought up. That, of course, is the group from Lookout. With a rogue cop (Lee Shi-young), a secretive priest (Shin Dong-wook), a bubbly hacker (Essential), a surveillance specialist who actually by no means leaves her residence (Kim Seul-gi), and an anonymous group leader, this vigilante crew is colorful, memorable, and masterfully acted as they fight against the so-named justice program that has failed them all. Not only do they operate like a effectively-oiled machine, but their shared passion and respective traumas bind them with each other into a tightly knit household who are prepared to face their greatest fears to retain every single other protected.

Each and every household has its… complex member(s), and for Lookout, that individual is Kim Young-kwang’s deliciously gray prosecutor, Do-han. In a show of standout characters and performances, his was the ideal character and overall performance of the bunch for me – followed closely by Essential and Seul-gi, whose chemistry was so off-the-charts, you could really feel it even when their characters had by no means so substantially as been in the identical area with each other. Honestly, I do not know that Lookout would really make it on a shortlist of my favored K-dramas of all time just primarily based on the story alone. But simply because of the characters and their group dynamic, it will often hold a incredibly, incredibly particular location in my heart.


Five drama recommendations… with the best found families
Crash Landing on You (2019)

If you are something like me, just the believed of Crash Landing on You tends to make you clutch your heart and consider of how superb the romance was, and how the drama’s setup did anything to make it even a lot more so. (Not going to mention the DMZ goodbye scene. Nope. Not gonna.) Even although our superb hero and heroine (Hyun Bin and Sohn Ye-jin) are firmly lodged at the center of the story — and our hearts — Crash wouldn’t be Crash without having the located household element that is our North Korean soldier “ducklings.” Certainly, that was a massive component of the magic.

When our heroine is dropped (really actually) into a scary situation of political tension and life-threatening stakes, a squad of soldiers that couldn’t care much less about a self-inflated South Korean heiress reluctantly agree to hide her. And that is just the starting, simply because what begins with antagonism, annoyance, and dislike among our heroine and the soliders, gradually unfolds into anything we appreciate about the located household dynamic. They couldn’t be a lot more unique — or on a lot more opposing sides of fundamentally anything — but the affection that types among them is genuinely heart-warming. Watching them come to rally about and assistance every single other by means of thick and thin not only created this drama exciting, but created it comforting and stunning. –@missvictrix


Five drama recommendations… with the best found families
Hospital Playlist (2020)

I definitely adore Hospital Playlist, and a huge component of this drama’s appeal (for me) is its portrayal of adult friendships. This slice-of-life story is centered on a group of 5 medical doctors in their late thirties who have been pals considering the fact that med college, but — as is the case in the true planet — life and careers have intervened and created it difficult for them to hang out frequently. Till, that is, they’re all offered the chance to perform for the identical hospital, and Seok-hyung (Kim Dae-myung), the most introverted amongst the pals, persuades the rest of them to revive their college band.

Even though all 5 of the principal characters worth this extended-standing friendship, the thought of a “found family” is most critical to Seok-hyung, who does not have any sturdy interpersonal connections with everyone outdoors their close knit buddy group — and his cantankerous mother. He claims to be a voluntary loner who does not need a romantic partnership, but he was the 1 who brought the band back with each other in order to see his pals a lot more typically, revealing that he’s the most reliant on this located household of his. It is a feeling I locate exceptionally relatable the closer I inch to my forties and my pals pair off and commence their personal nuclear households, and maybe that is why I determine the most with Seok-hyung even although he is not my favored character on the show. Fortunately, like Seok-hyung, my pals and I have our personal “band” (i.e. hobby) that we use as an excuse to meet up frequently. –@daebakgrits


Five drama recommendations… with the best found families
Itaewon Class (2020)

At its base, Itaewon Class is a standard revenge story, with all the components of a classic, multi-generational vendetta. What offers this story heart is its modern cast of characters that break from tradition each in who they are and how they eventually define household. A lot of revenge stories center on an underdog hero — that is component of what tends to make them satisfying. Right here, we get a entire band of motley misfits, coming with each other to run a pub, who journey from broken beginnings to develop their small business, their self-self-confidence, and their connections to every single other.

Park Seo-joon plays Sae-ro-yi, a kid imprisoned for getting poor and standing up to effective persons. When he comes out of prison, his strategy to turn out to be a productive restaurateur requires hiring persons he knows to aid him get began — persons like him who want the second possibility (or perhaps even the initially) that society will not permit them. On 1 side, the show is a social commentary about discrimination. On the other, it illustrates the steel bonds that type among persons with sturdy convictions, cast outdoors the bounds of societal norms. I rooted for these characters from commence to finish, as I watched them assistance every single other, fight for every single other, and even fight with every single other — just like any household. –@dramaddictally


Five drama recommendations… with the best found families
The Uncanny Counter (2021)

I appreciate a excellent located household of misfits, so this was 1 of my favored elements of The Uncanny Counter. Right here we have a group of “counters” — persons who have supernatural skills that permit them to hunt evil spirits and restore souls to their rightful location in the terrific beyond. And for the duration of the day, they run a noodle shop. When higher college student So Moon finds himself with new counter skills, he’s brought into the fold and the Unni’s Noodles household.

One particular factor I liked about this located household is how every single of these incredibly unique persons – Yoo Joon-sang as a brash ex-cop, Kim Se-jung as a cool however somewhat prickly young lady, Yeom Hye-ran as the mother hen, and Jo Byung-kyu as the sweet and clueless teenaged newbie – are bound with each other due to their special predicament. Even if they could speak about their particular evening job, no 1 else could relate, so they only have every single other to lean on.

Offered the inherent danger of fightin’ evil, they have to trust every single other if they want to survive. But they do not just rely on every single other in a fight – they prove to be a household in each sense of the word, supporting and caring for every single other in their every day lives also. They may perhaps bicker and disagree, but they often have every single other’s backs. So if you get pleasure from located households complete of tracksuit-wearing, noodle-shop-operating superheroes who vanquish evil spirits, The Uncanny Counter is a exciting ride. –@quirkycase

Five drama recommendations… with the best found families

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