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August 14, 2022August 13, 2022

Script reading for SBS’s upcoming legal drama A single Dollar Lawyer
by Jenzy

Script reading stills have been dropped for SBS’s upcoming action law drama A single Dollar Lawyer, starring Namgoong Min (The Veil), Kim Ji-eun (Once again My Life), Choi Dae-hoon (Insider), Lee Deok-hwa (Business enterprise Proposal), and Park Jin-woo (Military Prosecutor Doberman).

The drama promises to be a snappy courtroom flick centered about Namgoong Min’s character — Cheon Ji-hoon — a lawyer who fights the corrupt wealthy even though only charging his customers 1,000 won (primarily $1) in legal costs. Notorious for taking on, and winning, David vs. Goliath situations, Ji-hoon is colorfully described as a lawyer with a sophisticated perm and the character of a London back-alley gangster. Do I know what that suggests? No. Am I intrigued? Most unquestionably. He’s assisted by his secretary Sa Ma-jang — played by Park Jin-woo — who is the Watson to his Sherlock.
Functioning with him, or must I say against him in the courtroom, is prosecutor Baek Mari, played by Kim Ji-eun. As a person who comes from a extended line of prestigious legal specialists, Mari is regarded as legal royalty. She’s poised and self-assured in the courtroom, but when she meets our wildly temperamental lawyer, her smooth profession trajectory comes to a grinding halt.
Lee Deok-hwa plays Baek Hyun-moo, Mari’s grandfather and founder of the top rated law firm “Baek.” Amidst his achievement, Hyun-moo is a lawyer that leads by his heart. It is his pathos-driven sense of justice that will have him pushing Mari toward Ji-hoon in the initially location.
And of course, it wouldn’t be a legal drama devoid of a energy-hungry undesirable guy, which is exactly where Choi Dae-hoon comes in as prosecutor Seo Min-hyuk. Hailing from an additional prestigious loved ones of lawyers, Min-hyuk believes in playing the wealthy individual game to get ahead: leveraging connections, acquiring into prestigious schools, and marrying wealthy. He’ll have his sights set on turning “Baek” into “Baek and Seo” by placing a ring on our female lead.
The rest of the cast incorporates names like Lee Chung-ah (Awaken), Gong Min-jung (Hometown Cha Cha Cha), Ha Sung-Kwang (From Now On, Showtime!), and Kim Chul-yoon (Military Prosecutor Doberman), amongst other people.
With the writers Choi Soo-jin and Choi Chang-hwan (Heart Surgeons, Defendant) behind the script and PD Kim Jae-hyun directing, A single Dollar Lawyer plans to air in the Friday-Saturday slot on SBS.

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