In the Soop: Friendcation: Episode 4 (Final)


In the Soop: Friendcation: Episode four (Final)

Our time with the beloved Wooga Squad comes to an finish with a lot of laughs and shenanigans to round out this quick but sweet friendship getaway. I didn’t feel it could be attainable to really like these guys even much more than I did ahead of In the Soop, but what can I say – they’re talented in much more methods than one particular, and I’m powerless against their person and collective charms.



In the Soop: Friendcation: Episode 4 (Final)

Soon after wrapping up at the beach, the guys are off for their subsequent activity: ice skating. As usually, they make good use of their commute time, chatting about what their conversations may appear like when they’re in their 50s and playing a “guess that song” game primarily based on the initial couple of seconds of the intro.

They arrive at the ice rink, and wow – they have a entire hockey rink all to themselves! 1 by one particular, they take the ice: Peakboy and Woo-shik are a tiny wobbly to begin but get the hang of it right after a couple of moments, whilst Seo-joon and Hyung-shik are quite darn smooth from the begin. Regardless of all of V’s prior bluster about his abilities (it was his concept to go skating to start with), it turns out he’s the weakest skater – but no matter, as that just offers the hyungs an excuse to rally about him.

In the Soop: Friendcation: Episode 4 (Final) In the Soop: Friendcation: Episode 4 (Final)

Since he knows what the audience desires, Woo-shik suggests that they every single do a quick ice routine in time with what ever song is playing more than the speakers. Woo-shik supplies an unforgettable overall performance to Swan Lake V offers us an adorably shaky dance to his new favored piece, Humoresque. Peakboy makes use of his extended limbs to good comedic impact on Flight of the Bumblebee but quits halfway by means of. Wait, we do not get a overall performance from Seo-joon or Hyung-shik? Boo.

Soon after quick and spirited game of tag, the guys head back to the property, exactly where they get appropriate to cooking dinner. It does not matter that we’ve observed this scene – them cooking and consuming with each other – many instances all through the series. They make the most mundane of tasks appear like so significantly enjoyable, no matter if it is finding the components prepared or tasting the meals along the way, that I’m totally invested in how their spicy chicken stew really turns out (spoiler: it is very good!)

In the Soop: Friendcation: Episode 4 (Final) In the Soop: Friendcation: Episode 4 (Final)

The meal winds down, and the guys lament the nearing finish of their trip – Hyung-shik has to leave in the middle of the evening for a shoot, whilst the rest of the crew will leave the subsequent morning.

The group reminisces a bit about the previous couple of days, and V says he does not try to remember why he cried the evening ahead of. But not to be concerned – whilst V could not try to remember, his hyungs are there to reenact just about every single moment word for word, which includes mimicking V’s facial expressions and arm position. Ha!

Peakboy reminds the group that they have to have to give Hyung-shik a nickname ahead of he leaves. They determine to go with “Baek-gu,” which suggests white Jindo dog, likening Hyung-shik to the friendly animal. And to genuinely spice factors up, they determine to create the name as the quantity “109,” which is “Baek-gu” when study aloud – only V messes up and makes use of letters as an alternative, to the chagrin of the other individuals.

In the Soop: Friendcation: Episode 4 (Final)

The group moves from the dinner table back to their area, exactly where they retain the celebration going. As in true life, they choose up on threads of conversations they’ve had ahead of, about perform, their friendship, and how enjoyable this friendcation has been (Woo-shik: “Are we filming season two?”). It is so sweet when V and Seo-joon swap stories about filming Hwarang with each other – V says Seo-joon was so useful when he was struggling as a initial-time actor, whilst Seo-joon says he discovered V’s determination and tough perform to be endearing.

Regardless of their attempts to stretch out the evening as extended as attainable, it is lastly time for bed. Seo-joon, Woo-shik, Peakboy and V reluctantly say goodbye to Hyung-shik as they fall asleep, and a tiny whilst later, Hyung-shik quietly heads out.

In the Soop: Friendcation: Episode 4 (Final)

The subsequent morning, V is in charge of breakfast whilst the rest of the group begins to pack up and get the property back in order. Regardless of his ideal attempts, he somehow messes up the ratio of water to seasoning for the hand torn noodle soup he’s producing, resulting in an extremely salty dish. The group’s reactions are hilarious but sort – we’re seeing V’s “maknae” status come out in complete force this final episode, and it is so cute.

Soon after absolutely everyone finishes packing up, they load themselves into the auto for the trip dwelling, signaling the finish of this beautiful respite for our Wooga Squad. But ahead of the final credits roll, we get some bonus footage of the group reuniting to record the theme song of the series, “Polaroid.”

I’m so glad they discovered time to get with each other right after their holiday to continue the In the Soop tradition of generating a exclusive soundtrack for the season – it is only fitting to finish our time with them as a complete group, clowning every single other and enjoying their time with each other.

In the Soop: Friendcation: Episode 4 (Final)

There’s not significantly else I can add about this expertise that the guys do not say themselves in their closing interviews, exactly where they every single reflect on what the trip has meant to them. I feel Woo-shik summed it up completely when he shared the saying, “You’ve succeeded if you have a couple of very good buddies.” How fortunate is he, that he has 4?

1 of my favored tropes in dramas is that of the “found household,” so you can picture just how significantly I adored watching the Wooga Squad, who actually embodies the notion in true life. (“Wooga” is quick for “Are we household?” in Korean.) Even by means of the lens of a reality Television show, it is tough to deny the closeness, joy, vulnerability, and honesty that every single of them brings to this friendship, by means of large moments and little.

I know the group wondered what fans would feel about their dynamic right after watching the show, worrying that they could appear boring. But I’m right here to assure them that it was something but. I’m grateful for the way they’ve let us into their lives by means of this expertise, and for the reminders they’ve provided us about the significance of friendship, gratitude, and what it suggests to invest in relationships that matter.

In the Soop: Friendcation: Episode 4 (Final)

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