Short Film Review: Tiger Stabs Tiger (2022) by Shen Jie

Shen Jie graduated from Shanghai Institute of Technologies in 2012. His animated brief films have been screened at film festivals about the planet such as Berlinale and Venice Film Festival, and animation festivals such as Annecy, Zagreb, Ottawa and Hiroshima. His most up-to-date operate, &#8220Tiger Stabs Tiger&#8221 is an experimental animation with no dialogue and presented in four:three ratio, that is presented in Locarno this year.

&#8220Tiger Stabs Tiger&#8220 screened in Locarno Film Festival

In a rather absurd intro, a naked man carrying a rifle is masturbating more than a grave inside a cemetery of sorts. Quickly, a infant seems in the frame, with the two ultimately leaving collectively. The subsequent sequence is presented with writings on screen, more than an image that appears like 1 tiger, drawn only with black and white, is consuming yet another tiger, or possibly merging with it. The story talks about the birth of a infant just after artificial insemination, who proved although, to have a blood sort that did not belong to either of the parents, but to the father&#8217s brother. The father, even so, did not have a brother, which ultimately led physicians to recognize that when he was in the womb, he had a twin brother which he ate, with the deceased ultimately becoming his genitalia. This story is truly connected, in a way, with the prior sequence.

The subsequent 1 has the 1st man getting on a bike, with the infant that appeared in the cemetery, on his back. Even so, they stumble upon yet another infant who forbids them from moving forward with its arms opened. The father repeatedly pushes the new infant away, but it keeps coming back, a lot more battered every single time. A hit with the motorcycle ultimately knocks it unconscious, but he passes more than it when a lot more with his bike, with the infant on his back although, also getting knocked off. A man holding a phallic organ filled with thorns is then presented, ahead of the brief returns back to the two babies in the street, and an image of the now empty cemetery, exactly where only the rifle the man left remains.

Shen Jie directs a brief that utilizes the story with the tigers as its base, but also manages to make yet another comment, that even if persons throw away their guns, violence is nevertheless lurking inside them, with the rather lengthy and repetitive sequence with the two babies and the man highlighting this remark, even though in an open, vague and abstract way.

The pictures right here, of a man masturbating in front of graves, stepping on a infant with his motorcycle, and the drawing of the horrendous penis are rather intense, basically going against any sort of political correctness. At the identical time, although, it is these that induce the film with a particular tension, which also derives from the story about the infant and the image of the two tigers, which is the only 1 that is presented in colour, with an intense red dominating the background.

The black and white strategy and the somewhat surrealistic but certainly minimalist drawing and animation of each characters and settings functions rather nicely right here, resulting in an general atmosphere that is imposing, also due to the continual sound of the wind blowing.

&#8220Tiger Stabs Tiger&#8221 is a rather uncommon animation brief, that could even be perceived as offensive by quite a few. At the identical time, this is exactly where its correct strength lies, basically producing tension by offending, whilst enabling the filmmaker to make his comments. The scene with the bike and the babies could be briefer, as its repetitious narrative requires also lengthy to unfold also such as moments that may well make the viewer assume that the video is stuck. Apart from this, even so, Shen Jie&#8217s work is commendable, and certainly deserves a appear for its uncommon strategy.



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