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So, what are we all watching this week?

What kept you reaching for much more (or agonizing when there was no much more), and what produced you want to throw your remote by means of the screen? Time to weigh in…



At the moment covering: Adamas

Alchemy of Souls: All caught up and no location to go. I loathe a drama hiatus! The only issues to do though I wait are: a) not panic about the impending finish b) not panic about the impending cast modify c) hold generating Chisu and Hwansu jokes d) speak about Shin Seung-ho’s eyebrows to any person that will listen. And not in that order.



At the moment covering: Wild Boar Hunting

Alchemy of Souls: Amidst all the other approaches this show has me by the heartstrings, a thing that especially stood out to me this week was how considerably I’m warming up to Cho-yeon. I was proud of her for standing up for herself to her mother, even if she wasn’t fairly prepared for every little thing that would entail, and I obtain myself rooting for her and Mu-deok’s reluctant friendship just about as considerably as Wook’s and Prince Won’s (and that is saying a thing!). As for the story general, I’m attempting not to believe also difficult about the finish, or that second season, and rather just hold enjoying the ride for what ever it decides to be.



Today’s Webtoon: I cannot say that this drama is spectacular, but it is just the sort of really feel-great story that I’m in the mood to watch due to the fact I’m nonetheless all melodrama-ed out (Thanks, Why Her?). The mini-stories featuring the webtoon artists are cute and highlight the power and magic Ma-eum adds to the group, but I’ve got to admit that I reside for all the data about her previous as a judo athlete. Men and women hold underestimating her due to the fact she lacks the anticipated expertise and education for the sector, so I like it anytime she’s in a position to bust out her athleticism to show that she has other strengths — actually and figuratively — and is an specialist in a unique field.

Extraordinary Lawyer Woo: I’ve effectively converted not one particular, but TWO of my coworkers into Lawyer Woo fans! As far as I’m conscious, neither of them have watched a K-drama ahead of, and they are the third and forth co-workers that I’ve effectively convinced to watch a drama. Gradually but certainly I’m going to turn every person in the workplace developing into Korean drama lovers! Mwahahaha! Like every person else, even though, I’m a bit concerned with how the story will wrap up in its finale week. I swear, if this turns into a further Twenty 5 Twenty 1 circumstance, I’m going to breathe fire. I’d hate to believe I introduced my coworkers to a great drama, only for us all to be disappointed by the ending. Sending good vibes to the drama gods!



At the moment covering: Extraordinary Lawyer Woo, Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist

It is Gorgeous Now: This was a difficult week! I knew it was coming, but the father-daughter reveal hit me difficult. Poor Mi-rae and Hyun-jae! I really feel negative for every person involved in the circumstance, but somehow, it is Min-woo I’m most worried about. Everybody in the loved ones is concerned about grandpa, and rightfully so, but at some point I was expecting his wife and the boys to ask how their father feels about all of this. It does not even enable that the other aunt from upstairs is just harping on about blood relationships, inheritance and whatnots. Pfft.

Today’s Webtoon: I do not know how she does it, but there is no Kim Se-jung character I do not fall in like with. And now Ma-eum has joined the ranks of characters who have my complete heart. My heart also went out to the black and white comic guy, and I just want to defend him. I hope the webtoon group picks him and sends him to Ma-eum for mentoring. Lord knows she’s in a great position to add some colour to his globe.



At the moment covering: Alchemy of Souls

Extraordinary Lawyer Woo: I’m not fairly up to date, but I’ve fallen difficult for this show. It is all down to the completely marvelous Park Eun-bin, who’s acting her socks off in each single scene. And wow, what scenes! Each and every episode is as believed-provoking as it is entertaining: it is clear that what ever the subject, the writers have performed their homework. Granted, it is not often best the kid kidnapping plot was a genuine bust, for me. (Wow, what a sentence…! But genuinely, my safeguarding instincts had been blaring loud sufficient to drown out all prepared suspension of disbelief.) Nonetheless, in spite of the occasional misfire, this show mainly leaves me delighted, giddily amused and complete of surprisingly intense feelings about whales. Plus, complete marks to them for carrying out one particular of the ideal moments of incidental queer representation I’ve observed in a though! That part’s modest, but it is good to see a show that cares. And this show genuinely does care about every little thing — above all, that is the beauty of it.

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