Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 13-14


Extraordinary Lawyer Woo: Episodes 13-14

For our penultimate week, we head to Jeju Island for a operate trip. And although each and every of our characters have extracurricular plans for the trip, life also has its personal plans for them.


Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 13-14

Okay, in what was supposed to be an thrilling and exciting-filled trip, I did not get pleasure from a single moment of it. I was on edge the complete time waiting for the other shoe to drop, and when it did… oh Lord! But 1st, the case of the week. Our plaintiff is an elderly man who was forced to spend an admission charge for driving on the road top to a temple exactly where a cultural heritage website is situated. It is a reputable charge which is supposed to be paid on going to the website, but he was charged for just plying the road. Even though he knows the price of a lawsuit is way a lot more than the 3000 won admission charge, he’s nonetheless prepared to sue mainly because of the unfairness of it all.

The temple is positioned on Jeju Island, and Young-woo is the 1st to indicate her interest in the case mainly because she desires to see her favored released dolphins on the trip. The other folks are taken aback by the sudden have to have to travel, but Myeong-seok — who went for a checkup just after coughing up blood final week — is eager to travel also. We do not know his diagnosis however, but the complete point is currently worrisome. An additional point to be concerned about is Young-woo’s potential “meet the in-laws” with Jun-ho’s sister who also lives on Jeju.

Not wanting to be left behind, Geu-ra-mi and her boss Min-shik a.k.a. Hairy Boss, join the Hanbada squad, and off they fly to Jeju. Although Myeong-seok seems actually excited on the trip, as they take in the sights, he has a short moment of silent tears. Ah! And to make matters worse, a noodle restaurant he had been seeking forward to going to has closed down. This complete point is providing bucket list feels, and I do not like it.

Back to our case, just after the judge adjourns the 1st hearing, the abbot invites the Hanbada squad to take a look at the temple exactly where they bow a whopping 158 occasions! And as they continue their tour with shaky legs, the abbot offers them an analogy saying what they see is not almost everything, and they should really appear at factors beyond the surface level.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 13-14

Rather than waste such a valuable trip chance on operate, Myeong-seok declares a operate-no cost evening for the lawyers and sends Min-woo and Su-yeon to invest in drinks. On this errand, we discover that Min-woo (who has been surprisingly cooperative on the trip) is the breadwinner of his household thanks to his parents’ overall health situation, but I’m afraid this does not give him a pass for getting such a competitive jerk. We also get the makings of a brewing romance in between him and Su-yeon. Okay, Show, what are you performing?

Back at the guesthouse, we also discover that Myeong-seok is divorced, and it is all mainly because he was a lot more attentive to his operate than to his ex-wife (cameo by Lee Yoon-ji, whom I’ve missed in dramaland). Coincidentally, Myeong-seok’s honeymoon was also on Jeju, and this trip brings back all the memories. Young-woo notices a handful of of Myeong-seok’s withdrawn moments, but most of her consideration is on seeing the dolphins and meeting Jun-ho’s sister.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 13-14

Regrettably, the dolphins do not seem when Young-woo goes to see them, and the take a look at to Jun-ho’s sister is a mini disaster. Bless Geu-ra-mi’s heart and all, but at this point, Young-woo should really cease taking her tips. Not that it would have created a distinction anyway, considering that it is not Young-woo’s Geu-ra-mi-inspired actions that are the challenge for Jun-ho’s sister, but the reality that Young-woo is autistic. Jun-ho and his sister have an argument when she says he shouldn’t introduce Young-woo to their parents, and Young-woo overhears the complete conversation. Sigh.

Issues come to a head when Myeong-seok collapses at the second hearing and has to be rushed to the hospital. Oh no! There, we discover he has stage 3 stomach cancer and is scheduled for surgery on his return to Seoul. It is a bit of a relief that he’s not dying (suitable, Show?) or something, but stomach cancer? Seriously? The rest of the squad assure Myeong-seok that he’ll be fine except Young-woo, who desires Myeong-seok to consume at the noodle restaurant of his dreams just before he dies. Lol.

Ignoring Myeong-seok’s words to not bother about it, Young-woo mobilizes the rest of the squad on a manhunt for the restaurant’s owner. They quickly obtain out that he went out of company just after a rival restaurant poached his chef, took his recipe and changed their name to sound related to his. They handle to trace his mother to a nursing property, but sadly he only visits as soon as a month and has ticked off this month’s take a look at.

Young-woo visits Myeong-seok in the hospital in search of a justification that will assist them win the case, and she meets his ex-wife who also came to take a look at. The ex-wife excuses them in aggravation as they go on about the case, and when Young-woo exits the area later on, the ex-wife tells her that she was reminded as soon as once more about why she broke up with Myeong-seok. He was usually livelier when speaking about operate than when he was with her, and it created her really feel lonely.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 13-14

These words get to Young-woo, and on a telephone get in touch with with her dad, she asks why he would want her to bring Jun-ho property. Dad says he’ll want to know if Jun-ho is somebody who can make her satisfied, and she says yes. The challenge is that she does not know if she can make him satisfied. Oof. Young-woo breaks up with Jun-ho when they go to see the dolphins once more, and Jun-ho grasps at straws as he tries to come up with a cause. He even asks if it is mainly because they didn’t see the dolphins, and repeats the abbot’s words about what they see not getting almost everything.

This offers Young-woo an insight into a justification for the case. The road getting a public home suggests the plaintiff can not be deemed to have visited the cultural heritage website just mainly because he applied public home – and she runs off. An upset Jun-ho calls her out for just leaving with out an explanation, but she merely apologizes and leaves. As she walks away and Jun-ho cries, one particular of the dolphins tends to make an look, but they do not see it.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 13-14

Thanks to Young-woo’s justification, Hanbada wins the case. But far from a celebratory mood, Jun-ho goes for post-breakup drinks with Min-woo and Su-yeon, and Young-woo goes with Geu-ra-mi and Hairy Boss to a karaoke exactly where she fights back her tears. When each parties return to the guesthouse for the evening, Su-yeon has had it with the sudden modify in Min-woo and tells him to return to his scheming methods. He jokingly asks if she likes him, and each of them are shocked when she does not deny it. Meanwhile, Geu-ra-mi watches the exchange with a mini broken heart thanks to her crush on Min-woo. Heh.

With the thriving completion of the case, Myeong-seok requires his group to the temple to say goodbye to the abbot. The admission charge was charged to keep the temple and the cultural heritage website, but now that it has been ruled against, Myeong-seok proposes that the abbot comes to an agreement with the government to generate a foundation for the temple’s self management. He succeeds in promoting Hanbada as the legal group to companion with the temple in the government negotiations, and Young-woo finds this proposition actually cool.

More than a noodle meal in the temple, Young-woo pieces with each other info from their manhunt and the Abbot’s words, and realizes the noodle restaurant’s owner is at the temple. The squad files to the temple’s kitchen, and Young-woo pleads with the owner to cook for an lawyer who could die of stage 3 stomach cancer. Lol. The downcast owner brightens up actual rapid when they supply him legal tips on how to sue the rival restaurant and shield his intellectual home. Ultimately, the Hanbada squad gets to consume at the noodle restaurant, and Myeong-seok appears like he will die of happiness rather than stomach cancer. Awww. Young-woo actually went all out in seeking for the restaurant’s owner for Myeong-seok’s sake, and she nonetheless thinks she can not make men and women satisfied?

The squad heads back to Seoul exactly where CEO Tae is on her way to becoming minister of justice. CEO Han, on the other hand, has a sit-down with the reporter on the CEO Tae/Young–woo story, and confirms the mother-daughter partnership in between them. She tells him to hold off on releasing the short article till suitable just before CEO Tae is confirmed as minister of justice, and promises to get him an interview with Young-woo later on. And there you have it, people, CEO Han officially fielding Young-woo as collateral harm in her war with CEO Tae. Tsk.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 13-14

With this, we come to the finish of the most dramatic week so far, exactly where none of our characters created it by means of unscathed. I imply, I did not stick about this lengthy just to be hit in the face by all these final minute K-drama tropes! Ugh! I hope Myeong-seok requires a lengthy break just after his surgery – not even to reconnect with his ex-wife mainly because that ship has sailed, but to concentrate on a hobby outdoors of operate. Min-woo, on the other hand, should really concentrate on remaining the black sheep of this show, and kill any romantic intentions towards Su-yeon. Seriously, exactly where did this one particular even come from?

As for our whale couple, I was hoping we wouldn’t go the breakup route, but alas! And the worst aspect is that Jun-ho nonetheless has no clue as to why she broke up with him. Why did the Young-woo who was so worried about producing him really feel lonely in their partnership just leave with out an explanation? I get her fears, but she should really have shared them with Jun-ho for them to speak factors by means of. Now they’re each miserable and as somebody who is emotionally invested in them, I’m miserable also. Sigh! Possibly the PPL multibalm can smoothen my frown lines and soothe my broken heart as we head into the final week. Please give me a satisfactory ending at least, Show.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 13-14

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