Manga Review: Rooster Fighter Vol. 1 (2022) By Shu Sakuratani

&#8220The neighborhood cock of the stroll is much more than just an ordinary rooster—he’s humanity’s greatest defender! His opponents could be ten stories tall, but nothing at all is larger than his stout heart and his fearsome battle cry—cock-a-doodle-doo!&#8221 (Viz Media)

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The Japanese entertainment market&#8217s capacity to embrace the absurd across all types of media has confirmed to be a big draw for fans of film, television, anime, and manga. Nonetheless, just presenting the audience with an more than-the-top rated notion is not a assure of results, the bones have to have to be robust and the execution approached in a way that provides a valid explanation for the observer to hold becoming invested. Absolutely, a chicken fighting kaiju sounds uproarious and entertaining in notion, but does it provide the goods? Yes, it absolutely does, and then some.

The 1st volume of &#8220Rooster Fighter&#8221 packs a punch, with numerous duels in between the cocksure cock and the giant kaiju-ish monsters that attack Japan. The rooster himself is the embodiment of honor and strength, with a clear sense of justice that pushes him to safeguard these much less fortunate. At the exact same time, Sakuratani is nevertheless conscious that he has selected a rooster as the primary protagonist and contains some bird-like behavior to hold factors light&#8211there is a single panel of him drooling more than meals that feels like it is set to be future meme-material.

The humor lands regularly, mixing clever wit with silliness to excellent final results. The book is a full results inside the genre, which tends to make the higher-octane action an added bonus to the expertise. The action in the book will really feel familiar in structure to other series, as the small bird requires on numerous enormous monstrosities but is in a position to take them down with a single blow&#8211courtesy of his ear-piercing cock-a-doodle-do. It feels pretty familiar to &#8220One Punch Man&#8221 (each in action and comedic timing), although in this case that is not necessarily a unfavorable for fans of the bald-headed hero.

All round, the art style of Shu Sakuratani feels tailored to this sort of content material. In distinct, the rather sporadic jumps in between comedy and action are gleefully captured in the mangaka’s aesthetics. In addition, the monsters that embody the unfavorable feelings of humans are wonderfully contorted figures that reflect the insecurities of the behemoths. Substantially of the story and themes are very best explored by way of visual storytelling, which is excellent when the primary character is a (mainly) stoic rooster.

Whilst the series is nevertheless in its infancy, the 1st volume is an particularly promising intro to the planet of &#8220Rooster Fighter&#8221. It is a rapid-paced series packed with action, comedy, drama, and even a bit of chicken &#8220loving&#8221. As lengthy as the series is in a position to retain the vibe set out in volume 1., it would not be surprising to see this get an anime adaptation in the future. In truth, the only detriment to the series for manga purists could come from how the perform nearly feels as well tailored for the manga-to-anime route.

In the end, the series is worth grabbing early and prepping all the chicken-connected puns you can in anticipation of the continued development of the series. The subsequent volumes would have to have to stumble drastically in high quality and story to derail the momentum of this series. It appears like Viz could pretty effectively have a different hit series on the horizon that readers really should be excited about.



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