[Friday Flashback] My Name is Kim Sam-soon


[Friday Flashback] My Name is Kim Sam-quickly

Released: 2005

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama

Synopsis: Kim Sam-quickly (Kim Sun-ah) is a talented pastry chef whose qualified and dating lives have taken a turn for the worse. When she meets restaurant owner Hyun Jin-heon (a incredibly child-faced Hyun Bin), she’s at her lowest, but he just so takes place to be searching for a new pâtissier. This noona contract romance is one particular for the ages, but will these two basically quit bickering lengthy sufficient to fall in appreciate?

[Friday Flashback] My Name is Kim Sam-soon

Why You Need to (Or Shouldn’t) Watch My Name is Kim Sam-quickly:

For this Friday Flashback I’m taking us all the way back to 2005, which does not appear like that lengthy ago, but following 5 minutes of My Name is Kim Sam-quickly you will not query the reality that this K-drama very first aired seven-freaking-teen years ago. I cannot be the only one particular whose thoughts is blown by this revelation, proper? (Or is it just me who has lost all sense of time following the year 2000 and somehow nevertheless thinks the 1980s have been merely twenty years ago?)

But back to the matter at hand: My Name is Kim Sam-quickly, one particular of South Korea’s most beloved dramas. When it aired, this drama smashed the ratings, and the audience fell in appreciate with the story’s titular character Kim Sam-quickly, an adorable mess who broke the Candy and Cinderella molds with her occasionally typically crass and disrespectful behavior. She had zero fu — uh ducks — to give in a society that wanted her to speak, reside, and appear a particular way, and the drama pulls no punches and emphasizes the reality that Sam-quickly is (supposedly) overweight and rapidly becoming an unmarried spinster at the ripe ol’ age of thirty. *Eyeroll*

[Friday Flashback] My Name is Kim Sam-soon [Friday Flashback] My Name is Kim Sam-soon

To add additional insult to injury, this drama opens with Sam-quickly following her boyfriend Min Hyun-woo (Lee Kyu-han) to a hotel, exactly where she catches him getting an affair with a further lady — on Christmas Eve, no much less. And just like any drama with an ex-boyfriend that we’re supposed to hate for the duration of the story, Hyun-woo proceeds to paint himself an even larger villain by gaslighting Sam-quickly into pondering his off-the-books canoodling was somehow her fault. (Back in 2005, when a drama wanted you to hate a character, they created ‘em comically scummy.)

It is in the course of this incredibly public breakup that Sam-quickly very first meets our hero Hyun Jin-heon, whose porcupine hairstyle is a metaphor for his character: prickly on top rated but a softie underneath all the hair gel. He’s a 27-year-old chaebol restaurateur, and when he meets our beautiful Sam-quickly for the second time, he just so takes place to be on the hunt for a pâtissier — and a fake girlfriend to get his matchmaking mother off his back. Fortunately, Sam-quickly is a talented pastry chef in will need of a job and a rapidly loan, so it is contract connection time!

[Friday Flashback] My Name is Kim Sam-soon [Friday Flashback] My Name is Kim Sam-soon

But, of course, just when these two bickering business enterprise partners begin to discover a harmonious balance: enter their exes. See, one particular of the couple of items that Sam-quickly and Jin-heon have in widespread is a couple of exes who did them dirty and will not leave them alone — like your nearby cable tv provider who will not quit calling even even though you have told them repeatedly that you stream all your Korean dramas on line.

Sam-quickly is created of sterner stuff and does nicely to rebuff her two-timing ex, who’s now engaged to an individual else, but her wounds are nevertheless fresh and she’s struggling to rebuild her self esteem. Jin-heon, on the other hand, is swift to forgive Yoo Hee-jin (Jung Ryeo-won).

[Friday Flashback] My Name is Kim Sam-soon

Positive, Hee-jin’s causes for ditching Jin-heon are slightly extra understandable and forgivable than Hyun-woo’s, but there’s one thing super annoying about a character that ends a connection by disappearing off the face of the earth and then shows up years later pondering she can just choose up proper exactly where she left off. Like, excuse me, but who gave you such a sense of entitlement?! Even extra irritating is the reality that Hee-jin also has the eternally patient Dr. Henry Kim (Daniel Henney) following following her, searching even extra delectable than one particular of Sam-soon’s confections.

And so, a great bit of this rom-com is about our hero studying to let go of the previous and becoming a much better man below Sam-soon’s influence, which sort of suggests that the moral of the story is that it just requires the proper lady to polish a turd into a diamond. I’m unquestionably a sucker for a rough-about-the-edges hero becoming a huge softie when he falls in appreciate, but offered how substantially Sam-quickly suffers when Jin-heon teeter-totters involving her and Hee-jin, I’m kinda of the opinion that Jin-heon is a turd that should really have been flushed.

[Friday Flashback] My Name is Kim Sam-soon

So does My Name is Kim Sam-quickly stand the test of time? Ehhhhh… I’m going to say perhaps — and based on what aspect of the drama you select to concentrate on. My Name is Sam-quickly is sort of like a mother dough from which all modern day K-drama rom-coms have been baked, so it is tough not to appreciate this story for its tropes, unpolished and relatable heroine, and outlandish conditions that went on to inspire future drama writers.

But there are also a lot of components of this drama that have not aged as nicely as Hyun Bin — and I’m not just speaking about the cinematography and oversaturated yellow lighting. No, there’s a lot of (intended) comedy and romance derived from characters’ abusive and controlling behaviors, and the frequent comments about our major lady’s weight are ridiculous.

This drama is a reflection of its time, and if you are an individual who can ride the nostalgia wave, I say give My Name is Kim Sam-quickly a (re)watch. Otherwise, you may possibly want to get your Hyun Bin repair by binging the extra current Crash Landing on You.

[Friday Flashback] My Name is Kim Sam-soon

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