Adamas: Episodes 5-6


Adamas: Episodes five-six

So intense! Adamas ups the action this week as each our heroes uncover their conditions receiving even additional unsafe, all although the stage gets larger, bloodier, and nail-bitier.


Adamas: Episodes 5-6 Adamas: Episodes 5-6

This drama packs in so considerably plot every week, and this week even additional so — in truth, I have to remind myself that we’re only up to Episode six! Most notable for me this week was that, in terms of storytelling, we see faster switches among our two brothers’ stories (additional on that later) and their know-how of every other’s conditions adds a ton of interest to a story that was currently totally riveting. There’s tons to cover this week, so right here we go!

Woo-shin — brave soul that he is — is saved from asphyxiation by the skin of his teeth. But the brush with death was worth it. He later tells Tae-sung that he didn’t uncover the adamas… but he knows exactly where it is. The mysterious carpet he was fixated on was from the original adamas unveiling, and certain sufficient it marks the spot of the adamas — except it is in the ceiling, exactly where Woo-shin saw all the halogen gas go. He’s determined to steal it ASAP, but Tae-sung desires to wait on the orders of his peeps.

Adamas: Episodes 5-6

Speaking of Tae-sung’s men and women, discover a lot additional about that group this week. They’re the SIH (Specific Investigations Headquarters) — essentially a black ops arm of the police, led by KANG HYUK-PIL (Choi Duk-moon). They’re dead-set on their mission… so considerably that they do fairly unseemly items — like convincing Seo-hee to join them and use Soo-hyun as bait.

So, although Soo-hyun goes off to his not-at-all-suspicious 11PM bridge meeting, he finds… Seo-hee?! For a second I was terrified she was a double agent, but no, she’s who she stated, she’s just been convinced by the SIH to enable. And so has Woo-shin! Hence we discover — by way of an exceptionally irate Soo-hyun — that Woo-shin’s complete strategy at Haesong is courtesy of the SIH. It sheds a lot of light on his behavior, but Soo-hyun couldn’t be additional furious.

Adamas: Episodes 5-6 Adamas: Episodes 5-6

Even though Soo-hyun is in the protected residence with the SIH, he refuses to cooperate, till ultimately he’s place in make contact with with his brother — this indicates Woo-shin standing in the woods with Tae-sung’s hidden sat telephone, and Soo-hyun in the protected residence on a cell telephone. I seriously appreciate that the drama cares so considerably about the variations in the twins’ personalities, and it is wonderfully illustrated by this telephone conversation, which was one particular of my preferred scenes this week.

Throughout the contact, Soo-hyun is clued into the SIH strategy, Woo-shin’s function, the truth that there basically is time left for the statute of limitations, and the strategy to steal the adamas. But although Woo-shin is calm and committed to his mission, Soo-hyun is the one particular pounding the table and cursing him out. (Which twin do I appreciate additional? I cannot determine!)

Adamas: Episodes 5-6 Adamas: Episodes 5-6

Now that the brothers know what the other is up to, it adds a bunch of layers to our story: they not only have to be concerned about every other in the line of fire now, but they have fairly frequent know-how of what is taking place to every other. This is exactly where the speedy POV switches seriously add tension — so, for instance, Woo-shin could possibly be trapped in the residence, but he keeps receiving updates from Tae-sung, and vice versa for Soo-hyun. This know-how of every other’s actions/circumstance, all with incredibly tiny actual make contact with, is so tense and thrilling! I appreciate the layer of obscurity it adds.

The other significant factor to note is Soo-hyun’s continuous be concerned as to why his steady and calm brother is acting so out of character — he tries to guess what would make him this reckless (because that is Soo-hyun’s function lol), but comes up dry. Of course, we know that Woo-shin knows that Lee Chang-woo is their birth father, but that Soo-hyun does not. However. Soo-hyun also holds a lot of guilt more than their adoptive father’s death, which we see played out in a quiet moment exactly where he confides to Seo-hee (their chemistry is fantastic!). Also, that toy action figure story broke me.

Adamas: Episodes 5-6

But it is time to speak about the principal action of the episodes, major with Woo-shin. He gets into Chairman Kwon’s psyche and is fairly excellent at figuring out how he thinks. With Tae-sung’s enable, he initially attempts to steal the adamas the day that the chairman and Dragon Lady Kwon are each away. The “security button” beneath the chairman’s desk (“throne”) provides Woo-shin a 50/50 opportunity: will it contact the police, or will it reveal the adamas?

The latter turns out to be correct — OMG what an amazing reveal, followed by an even much better twist. The case descends in all its glory, but the adamas is gone. Right here we discover that Hyun-jo is a lot smarter than he appears/acts and that Dragon Lady Kwon has taken the adamas to the original jeweler. And as Episode five ends, Woo-shin says to himself in horror: he’s receiving rid of the proof.

Adamas: Episodes 5-6 Adamas: Episodes 5-6

Meanwhile, Soo-hyun is meeting additional action than he could possibly have anticipated. Also in the protected residence is a baddie that the SIH captured (who was attempting to kill Seo-hee). This turns out to be Group Leader Lee’s kid brother LEE JOON-HO (Jo Dong-in), who’s currently been set up as Lee’s achilles heel.

But the kid is also so brave! He endures unwatchable (ugh) torture from the SIH but by no means provides in… till Soo-hyun bangs his way into the interrogation space. This was an additional preferred scene of the week — Ji Sung’s acting ahhh so excellent — and we see in true-time why Soo-hyun is the profitable prosecutor that he is.

Adamas: Episodes 5-6

Soo-hyun is clever, even though, and he realizes that the kid is holding out mainly because he has hope of getting rescued. And certain sufficient we see Group A mobilizing (lol on this caricature of Negative Guys With Major Guns) to save their group member. The SIH has no clue they’ve been compromised — it is Wooshin back at the mansion who pieces it collectively.

Woo-shin ties the GPS chip in his hand (ah ha!) to the captured kid and realizes the SIH is about to be beneath siege. And then it is an additional nail-biting race against the clock, with Tae-sung booking it to the sat telephone to warn the group in time. At this point in the show I’m essentially sweating bullets — possibly additional than the actual group beneath siege is.

Adamas: Episodes 5-6 Adamas: Episodes 5-6

They barely escape with their lives (and Soo-hyun proves himself as heroic as his twin), but we are left with significant takeaways. Group Leader Lee’s tiny brother dies, which indicates he’s ruthlessly determined to spend back the similar to Soo-hyun. He’s a loose cannon and a super violent man, and just so that we’re certain of it, he also hardcore curses anytime he’s on screen. (Admittedly, I cannot acquire this one hundred% even even though I want to — just mainly because I like Oh Dae-hwan’s face as well considerably!)

Anyway, Group A digs into the brothers, the case, and so forth., so that will all hit the fan quickly — in particular because although Soo-hyun and Seo-hee believe they’re protected in Woo-shin’s swag apartment, they’re basically getting surveilled (but kudos to the writer for that face recognition door lock moment!).

Adamas: Episodes 5-6

Even though all this action is going on — at the mansion and the protected residence — we discover a lot additional about the creepy men and women in the mansion. To commence, Woo-shin’s reckless wanderings into Chairman Kwon’s bedroom (!) reveals a secret passage to Dragon Lady Kwon’s!

There Woo-shin discovers an album filled with images of her deceased son (once more I say, there’s a substantial reveal waiting right here for us). But outdoors of anxiousness-inducing wanderings about the residence, we discover a bit additional about Hye-soo and the hell she’s been living in. From her company transaction marriage, to the horrible way she’s treated like a bargaining chip by her father, to the iron grasp Chairman Kwon keeps on her — one particular can realize her misery.

We also discover — and this one particular shocked me — that Secretary Yoon is in appreciate with… not Chairman Kwon, but our resident heir and junkie Hyun-jo! Actually?! Hye-soo knows it, and humiliates Secretary Yoon and torments her husband (wow, she’s seriously repaying evil for evil). I kinda appreciate how they revealed that one particular, but the genuine appreciate among Hyun-jo and Secretary Yoon is bizarro for me.

Adamas: Episodes 5-6

It is also significant to note that Dragon Lady Kwon appears to know about their appreciate affair as well: she knows Secretary Yoon set the strategy in motion, brought Woo-shin to the mansion on objective, knows he resembles Min-jo, and plans to use it to her benefit. Everybody has a scheme! And they’re all so excellent at scheming!

And that is not all — we also have Safety Guard Kim, who’s now covered for Woo-shin twice (if not additional), but we do not know his motives however (but can he be terrible with that adorable face?). Dong-rim, also, is proving additional and additional of a liability, with his father getting employed as a bargaining chip by essentially absolutely everyone, which is just plain cruel.

As for the case that began all this mess, the existing speculation that tends to make the most sense is that Lee Chang-woo stole the adamas 22 years ago, and when Group A went in to retrieve it at the chairman’s behest, their adoptive father was killed rather. Even if that is correct, there are nevertheless tons additional inquiries to answer. And, I’m certain, tons additional turns and twists for our story to come. Will I have any fingernails left soon after this drama is more than?

Adamas: Episodes 5-6 Adamas: Episodes 5-6

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