Wild Boar Hunting: Episode 2


Wild Boar Hunting: Episode two

Our protagonist’s paranoia grows as it becomes clear he’s not the only one particular who knows what occurred in the woods that day. As proof of the incident starts to surface, he decides to take matters into his personal hands rather than let himself be backed even additional into a corner.


Wild Boar Hunting: Episode 2

As the search for the missing boys continues, most of the villagers carry on with their daily lives when providing what help they can to Young-soo and Chae-jung. As for Young-soo himself, he locks himself in his area. The a lot more he agonizes more than the hunting incident, the a lot more completely he convinces himself that at least some of the other people know what he did. In his now-altered memory of that day, they all smirk at him like they’re just waiting for the opportunity to expose his secret.

So when two of his mates quit by the residence to verify on him, he does not answer them. Alarmed by his silence, they kick in the door, only to locate that he’s currently jumped out the window. They finish up chasing him down the road till he cannot run any longer and they all sit down to catch their breath. Now his mates are even a lot more worried, and they urge him to keep robust for each Chae-jung and In-sung.

Wild Boar Hunting: Episode 2 Wild Boar Hunting: Episode 2

Young-soo breaks into tears at their help, but then a police car or truck passes them on its way into the woods, lights and sirens blaring. Young-soo races soon after it. Just as he’d feared, the police have discovered one thing at the scene of the shooting: a bloodied wallet and Hyun-min’s student ID.

No bodies have been recovered, but these findings assure Young-soo that the individual he shot ought to have been Hyun-min, not In-sung. And that leads him to the conclusion that the individual who witnessed the shooting – the one particular who referred to as him demanding a huge sum of revenue in exchange for their silence – ought to also have kidnapped In-sung.

In his thoughts, there’s only one particular individual it can possibly be. His buddy JOO-HYUB (Cha Shi-won) was the 1st to arrive on the scene soon after Young-soo fired into the bushes. In reality, he arrived so swiftly that it is completely achievable he saw the entire issue.

Wild Boar Hunting: Episode 2

Young-soo tails Joo-hyub about the village, hoping for some clue as to exactly where he’s maintaining In-sung. His suspicions do not appear wholly unfounded, either, as Joo-hyub goes about getting weapons and also has a locked storage area at his residence with blood pooling out from below the door.

Even though Young-soo tries to locate a way to investigate that door, the detective in charge of the missing persons case presses on with his investigation in spite of pushback from his superiors. His instincts inform him there’s a lot more to this case than seems on the surface, and a stop by to the boys’ college adds a bit a lot more point of view.

Wild Boar Hunting: Episode 2 Wild Boar Hunting: Episode 2

Reluctantly, the boys’ teacher shows him Min-hyun’s notebook, which is filled with death threats against In-sung. Even a lot more reluctantly, she confesses she saw Min-hyun beating In-sung up not also extended ago, defending her option not to intervene with the excuse that none of the other teachers did something either.

Subsequent, the detective visits Ok-quickly to get a lot more details on Min-hyun. He does not get substantially, but he does find out that Ok-soon’s son (Min-hyun’s father) died in a residence fire, and she’s convinced the other villagers purposely triggered it. That explains why she attacked him when he showed up at her front gate, but it does not necessarily clarify why she was digging in the woods close to the crime scene the other day.

Wild Boar Hunting: Episode 2 Wild Boar Hunting: Episode 2

That similar evening, Young-soo prepares to act. Significantly as he did in his dream, he sits down with Chae-jung and confesses that he killed Min-hyun when hunting. But this time, he has a strategy: he’s specific he knows who has their son, and he’s going to get In-sung back by any signifies important. He begs her to be understanding of what ever these signifies may well entail. Oh no.

He returns to Joo-hyub’s residence and searches by means of Joo-hyub’s keys till he finds the one particular that opens the storage area. But the area is empty except for rows upon rows of hunting traps and other weapons, and a layer of bloodied newspapers on the floor.

Wild Boar Hunting: Episode 2

That is when Young-soo snaps. Creeping into Joo-hyub’s bedroom, he ties him to the bed and then wakes him up to demand answers. When Joo-hyub insists he has no concept what Young-soo is speaking about – aside from the shooting incident, which he did see, but swears he didn’t believe was something a lot more than a misfire – Young-soo climbs on best and begins to strangle him.

Joo-hyub tries to appeal to his old buddy, begging Young-soo not to let his life fall apart like this. But Young-soo’s thoughts is produced up. Tearfully, he confirms Joo-hyub hasn’t told anybody what he saw. Then he apologizes in advance, pulls out one particular of Joo-hyub’s personal knives, and kills him. Soon after burying the physique, he returns property to cry with Chae-jung, and the camera pans out to show us Ok-quickly sitting just outdoors their door.

For all that Young-soo has accomplished now, he’s solved practically nothing and only multiplied his issues. He’s hiding two murders, one particular premeditated In-sung is nonetheless missing and that wild boar is nonetheless ravaging the fields.

Wild Boar Hunting: Episode 2 Wild Boar Hunting: Episode 2

But then it gets worse. The individual threatening him calls once again, but prior to Young-soo can answer, he hears footsteps behind him. It is In-sung, bruised and exhausted but extremely substantially alive and not getting held captive. By Joo-hyub or anybody else.

Anything about this predicament is just so tragic. Given that In-sung is alive and protected, it is achievable that Young-soo could have turned back from the terrible, dark path he’s taking if only he hadn’t killed Joo-hyub. But that is the issue – he had so lots of possibilities to turn items about. If he hadn’t killed Joo-hyub, if he had turned himself in for the accidental killing, if he had checked the bushes straight away soon after the incident to attempt and assist whomever he’d shot, if he hadn’t shot at an unseen target in the 1st spot, if he’d listened rather brushing off In-sung’s need to move away from the village.

Wild Boar Hunting: Episode 2 Wild Boar Hunting: Episode 2

Alternatively, each and every option he tends to make leads him additional down a road he will not be in a position to come back from. And that is why I locate his downfall soon after winning the lottery equally fascinating and saddening. Ordinarily, when someone’s life requires a tragic turn straight soon after they win a large quantity of revenue, you’d anticipate that tragedy to be triggered by greed, either their personal or an individual else’s.

But even if the mysterious caller took benefit of the chance to blackmail Young-soo out of need for his new fortune, the fault for the shooting (and every thing he’s accomplished considering that) is nonetheless Young-soo’s. And it is not for the reason that of the revenue at all. Alternatively, it is all for the reason that he couldn’t personal up to his errors and then jumped to the worst conclusions – and acted on these conclusions prior to verifying something. He’s digging his personal grave. Probably actually.

Wild Boar Hunting: Episode 2

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