Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 3-4


Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes three-four

As our new entrants settle into the clinic, we welcome an old member of the family members and get a peek into their mentor’s backstory. Danger also lurks about our hero, since even although he has left his previous behind, the persons in his previous are not prepared to let go of him.


Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 3-4 Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 3-4

Rejoining our clinic family members this week is their cook, NAM-HEE (Yeon Bora) whose presence adds a different spark to the dynamics of the family members. With her arrival also comes a murder, and an enthusiastic Eun-woo goes with Poong (who’s scared of corpses, lol) to inspect the physique. The suspect is a killer dubbed Gumiho by the villagers, but Gumiho was supposedly arrested a year ago. Eun-woo notices the cutting on the physique is unique from Gumiho’s signature reduce, and discusses her findings with her father, the district governor. But they’re interrupted by the arrival of Shin-woo, the royal inspector from Hanyang (and her father’s old student).

In contrast to what you’d count on from an old student, Shin-woo is fairly formal, and slightly condescending towards the district governor for arresting the incorrect man. And if that is not adequate to roll our eyes at him, we also discover he’s the adopted son of the second state councilor and was sent by his father in search of Poong. Shin-woo entrusts this process to the higher and mighty COMMANDER IM (Kim Hyung-mook), but at the clinic, Commander Im can’t locate an acupuncturist Yoo Se-yeob — just a Poong who can not carry out acupuncture. Lol.

Poong The Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 3-4

1 of the clinic’s individuals sleepwalks to the scene of a second murder, and with all the proof pointing to her, she is arrested as Gumiho. To prove she just has a sleepwalking situation and is not a murderer, Poong and Ji-han take Shin-woo to trail right after the girl, who sleepwalks out of her cell into the mountains. She collapses beside a grave and has to be taken back into detention, but Ji-han manages to persuade Shin-woo to let him to pay a visit to her day-to-day for some remedy.

On a single of such visits, the girl tells them she saw a goblin shoot a star down from a tree and her words do not make any sense till Eun-woo and Poong go back to the crime scene, and Eun-woo deduces that the victims had been shot by an arrow from the tree. Accurate to her suspicion, Eun-woo digs out a broken piece of arrow from a single of the bodies, proving that an arrow was the key lead to of death and the Gumiho-like reduce was just a cover up.

Poong The Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 3-4

To effectively frame the sleepwalking girl, the killer would require to have identified her situation. Therefore Jang-goon – thanks to his extremely retentive memory – digs out the records of the individuals who visited the clinic the day the sleepwalking girl was loudly diagnosed, and all roads lead to… Eun-woo’s brother-in-law! Wow! Apparently, he’s operating in cahoots with Commander Im to illegally hunt uncommon animals in the mountains, and had to silence the victims who had been searching into the matter.

With her husband’s memorial coming up, Eun-woo returns to her in-laws, but her motive is to search for proof to prove her brother-in-law’s guilt. He catches her snooping about and tries to strangle her, unconsciously revealing exactly where the murder weapon is, and Shin-woo enters to arrest him. His mother blames Eun-woo for ruining each her sons, but Poong says that primarily based on the clinic’s records, Eun-woo’s husband had stomach cancer and died since his mother relied on talismans rather than finding him suitable remedy. Eun-woo then pays her final respects to her husband and cuts off a piece of her hanbok, signifying the ties she has reduce with his family members. Yes!!

Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 3-4 Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 3-4

Eun-woo’s wish to aid persons like Poong does, tends to make him encourage her to join them in the clinic and study medicine. Poong also drops the formal address of “my lady” and calls her by her initially name: Eun-woo. Pretty much like a rebirth from living beneath societal dictates to living for herself. Awww. I locate it definitely sweet how Poong generally tries his ideal to bring solace to persons. Very first to the sleepwalking girl, for whom he created a doll as a replacement for the a single created by her mother (whose grave she sleepwalks to), and now to Eun-woo. As Eun-woo mentioned, he may well not have been in a position to use acupuncture to remedy the girl, but he was in a position to use the needle (from stitching the doll) to aid her. Certainly, what tends to make a physician is not his tools, but his heart towards his individuals.

Back in Hanyang, a single of the king’s court ladies dies, noticeably from the similar ailment as the late king. But just before her death, she tells the king about a court lady involved in the late king’s death. The court lady in query is the witness to Poong’s father’s assassination, and is at present on the run from the second state councilor. The assassin, who now seems to be Shin-woo, asks Commander Im if the new physician (Poong) could be Se-yeob, and Commander Im says no. But Im has currently pieced Poong’s identity with each other, and knows he is Se-yeob. He reveals this to Poong and tries to recruit him to his side, but Poong turns him down.

Poong The Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 3-4

Though Poong has located satisfaction in treating the typical persons, Man-bok bemoans his master’s fate and believes that if Poong didn’t have hand tremors and could nevertheless carry out acupuncture, he may well have had a shot at getting named back to the health-related workplace. The clinic then gets a patient who suffers from hand tremors — a noble lady, brought in by her fiancé who seems to be the most caring man in the planet. But on a closer appear, he’s borderline obsessive – not permitting Poong to take the lady’s pulse since he’s a man, and performing all the speaking on her behalf.

Man-bok overhears Poong’s prescription for the tremors (meat and some herbs) and complains that his master is not cured since the clinic does not give them any meat. Heh. A frustrated Ib-bun tells him to go catch some meat himself and Man-bok goes to catch a rabbit. Poong refuses to consume the cute rabbit, lol, so Man-bok returns to the mountains to search for herbs as an alternative. There, he sees the noble lady and her manservant on the run, but he assumes the servant is a threat to the lady and confronts him. He’s knocked out and when he comes to, he is beside the now-dead servant and arrested for the murder. Yikes!

Poong The Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 3-4

To clear Man-bok’s name, Poong visits the noble lady with Eun-woo – who now dons colorful outfits and wears her hair down like a single lady as opposed to the widow’s whites and hair in a bun style of married ladies – but her fiancé insists that she was at dwelling the complete day. Hearing his sarcastic remarks about how he’d spend a fortune if there was a female physician to verify the lady’s pulse, Eun-woo decides to do just that. But initially, she has to truly discover the place of all the pulse points. Fortunately, Poong is a superior teacher and she’s a fast learner.

With a 3-day day countdown to Man-bok’s execution, Poong and Eun-woo sneak back into the lady’s residence and Eun-woo is lastly in a position to take her pulse. They convince the lady to accompany them to the servant’s grave (dug by Poong, as the poor man was just left to rot away, unburied), and we discover the servant and the lady became close friends as they grew up with each other. She promises to confess to his murder the following day. But our clinic family members does not think she did it and tries to figure out who the killer is on their personal.

Poong The Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 3-4

Poong and Eun-woo recognize that the fiancé is the only individual who described that the servant was strangled (data they know, but was kept from the persons who consider he died from getting stabbed), and they’re in a position to deduce that the fiancé is the killer. Regrettably, he kidnaps the lady, and requires her with him on the run.

Immediately after browsing for hours, they hear that the fiancé is headed to the docks in the hopes of finding on a ship, but it is nearly time for Man-bok’s execution. Poong begs Shin-woo for a horse and constables to accompany him to the docks in order to bring back the killer, and Shin-woo puts his foot down at applying the government’s sources for individual factors. But with Poong on his knees and Shin-woo’s flashback to how Poong buried the servant, Shin-woo relents and supplies the horse. He tells them the execution will proceed as planned if they do not return just before then with the killer.

Poong The Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 3-4

As Poong and Eun-woo ride to the docks, Man-bok is led to the execution ground, exactly where Shin-woo stands with a letter in his hands. We do not know the complete content material of the letter, but there is a name written on it: Yoo Se-yeob! Eek! Does he know now? If so, that didn’t take as substantially time as I believed. But I suppose I should really be glad that the drama is not dragging out this plotline. I anticipated to flat out dislike Shin-woo, but surprisingly, I do not. He’s firm with his ruling as an official, but he’s also prepared to give the accused the advantage of doubt as we saw in the sleepwalking case and with Man-bok. Yes, there’s the matter of him getting the assassin, and there’s no justification for that, but his crush on Eun-woo aside, I’d like to think that there are additional layers to his character beneath the cold exterior.

A different layered character is Ji-han, whom we discover additional about this week. Underneath his brash and cash-loving exterior is a Robin Hood committed to charging the wealthy a premium for his solutions in order to treat the typical persons for subsequent to absolutely nothing as charges. And just like Poong, he was after a respected physician at the health-related workplace till he was fired. He also lost his wife although attempting to treat her, and I’m confident that ought to have crushed him. It now tends to make sense as to why he understands Poong so nicely, and is determined to aid him.

Poong The Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 3-4

It was definitely touching to see our clinic family members pool their abilities to save Man-bok — from Nam-hee distracting the servants in the noble lady’s residence with her cooking, to Ib-bun coming up with a sketch of the fiancé (her only talent, lol) thanks to Jang-goon’s memory. There’s also Ji-han providing Poong and Eun-woo pointers in their Operation Save Man-bok plans, and even if it was just chasing Commander Im out of the clinic with her broom, Grandmother also contributed to the lead to.

The clinic proves that it is a location of healing not just for other folks, but also for its occupants who regardless of getting of unique social classes, have come with each other to grow to be a distinctive family members of their personal. And I know that regardless of what ever scenario may well come their way, as lengthy as they stick with each other, they can pull via.

Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 3-4

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