The Good Detective 2: Episodes 3-4


The Fantastic Detective two: Episodes three-four

The police intensify their search for the serial killer, whose newfound boldness may just prove to be his downfall. Nevertheless, the pursuit will not be an straightforward a single — not when there are so several moving components in the background that hint to a bigger conspiracy.


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Pressed for time, the Seoul detectives want to know how Ji-hyuk obtained the shot of the supposed killer. In exchange, Do-chang requests for the Seoul team’s cooperation. He does not care for their case reports or the like he just requires their word that they will not interfere with their investigation.

The deal is created, and the teams get to perform. Each teams handle to locate the exact same backpack model the killer utilized, but the killer is a single step ahead. Not only does he have several distinctive backpacks, but he also burns the most current a single he utilized, possessing noticed the notice Ji-hyuk pasted up with regards to it.


That backpack ends up causing even a lot more problems the Seoul group detains college student Choi Ho-joon for owning the exact same backpack, believing him to be the killer. Considering that he has feelings for the victim, the group paints a story that he killed her soon after getting snubbed. Worse but, the victim’s telephone is found in Ho-joon’s backpack, to his shock — it turns out the killer planted it there, but they do not know that.

The genuine culprit is not Ho-joon, but bus driver LEE SUNG-GON (Kim In-kwon), who lies to Do-chang and Ji-hyuk that he thinks he saw the killer. Sung-gon spins a tale of witnessing a fight involving the victim and Ho-joon, claiming that they have been the only two passengers on the bus that evening. According to Sung-gon, she had rejected Ho-joon’s romantic advances, and he then got off the bus to comply with her dwelling.


That evening, Sung-gon comes across his subsequent victim. A drunk young lady misses her quit, then demands that Sung-gon pull more than in the middle of the road. When he ultimately provides in to make her quit screaming at him, she then refuses to get off unless it is at the precise spot she demanded he let her off earlier. Sheesh, speak about entitled.

Sung-gon circles back to drop her off at her bus quit, but as she gets off the bus, Sung-gon’s gaze grows menacing. Hm, I’m not positive I like exactly where this case is going by portraying the victim in such a adverse and unsympathetic light, I be concerned the drama could unintentionally lean towards victim blaming. There absolutely are awful and abrasive passengers, of course, but was it actually needed to make a single of them a victim? Is this supposed to be commentary on the overlooked struggles of bus drivers, or is the villainization of a lady merely a device for dramatic impact?

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In any case, investigations proceed. Ji-hyuk seeks out KIM MIN-JI (Baek Sang-hee), the victim of Sang-woo’s physical assault from the very first episode. She’s now the manager of a luxury hairdressing salon, and she refuses to speak about the incident — appears like she received hush cash.

She escorts Ji-hyuk out, but as he leaves, he catches a glimpse of Min-ji’s VIP client. It is Na-na, and Ji-hyuk recalls seeing her with Tae-ho ahead of.

Regrettably, this avenue of investigation gets reduce quick ahead of lengthy. The police chief’s daughter MOON BO-KYUNG (Hong Seo-young), who’s an employee of the TJ legal group, hands Ji-hyuk a restraining order. The firm has filed it on Min-ji’s behalf, which only confirms Ji-hyuk’s suspicions that Min-ji is an vital hyperlink to the case.


To Ki-jin’s credit, when he realizes that Ho-joon is not the actual culprit, he instructs his group to release him straight away. I’m pleasantly shocked, because I anticipated his stubborn pride to win out.

Detective SHIM DONG-WOOK (Kim Myung-joon) of the Incheon group ultimately has a breakthrough he realizes that the victim’s residences are all connected by a single bus route, except for Hee-joo. The group is stoked by the new discovery, but they’re also befuddled, because no a single suspicious showed up on the bus CCTVs.

Then Ji-hyuk has an epiphany — a bus driver wouldn’t arouse suspicion at all, in spite of getting captured on the CCTVs. That leads the group to investigate the bus firm, and then Sung-gon’s hideout.


Meanwhile, Sung-gon has dragged the rude girl to a secluded spot on a mountain. He forces her to admit what she did incorrect, promising to let her go afterwards — but of course it is a lie, and he requires out a knife to stab her.

Just then, a signal flare is fired, distracting Sung-gon and providing the girl time to escape. Sung-gon catches up to her, but Do-chang discovers them ahead of he can deal the killing blow, and Sung-gon turns tail to flee.


Realizing he’s outnumbered by the search celebration, Sung-gon permits the police to apprehend him — but not ahead of he injects himself with a drug. He’s attempting to get off straightforward, but Ji-hyuk sees proper by means of his scheme.

Sung-gon plans to claim that the police coerced him into a confession, due to his (faked) lack of mental capacity. Which signifies that he gets tossed into a detention cell to wait out the drugs, and just as Ji-hyuk anticipated, he breaks.

Prior to lengthy, Sung-gon’s slamming his head bloody on the bars of the detention cell. He’s moved to the hospital, exactly where he pretends to have zero recollection of his crimes. Ugh.

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The Seoul group demands for the case to be handed more than to them, and Do-chang complies in spite of his team’s complaints. Except it is all portion of his program — he tends to make a major fuss about the case acquiring stolen, so that he can convince Superintendent Moon to lodge a formal complaint against the Seoul group. HAHAHA.

There’s a different lead for our detective pair to comply with up on, and it is Sung-gon’s estranged half-sister. (She only speaks English, which signifies we get treated to Ji-hyuk’s English as well, heh.) According to her, they have been separated from a young age, and she came to Korea to locate him — but their meeting deeply traumatized her.


We see what occurred, and it is awful. Sung-gon holds a deep grudge against his half-sister and her mother for walking out on their household, because he had to endure in poverty although they carved a new life abroad in America. He flings his half-sister to the ground, and she starts fearfully chanting prayers in English, which enrages him.

Brandishing his knife, he tells her that his murders are all her mother’s fault — just about every time he kills, he recalls her mother’s white dress and red lipstick as she abandoned him. Ugh, he blames his murders on her, saying that the girls are dying simply because she’s nonetheless alive.


Try to remember how TJ Group’s chairman is in jail for a variety of economic crimes? Properly, a person had to have reported him, and it appears the whistleblower could pretty properly have come from inside. Sang-woo suspects that a person on the TJ legal group passed the proof to the prosecution for the duration of their search and seizure, but Na-na dismisses his conjecture.

Their sibling partnership is absolutely a complex a single although Na-na claims that Sang-woo attempted to suffocate her to death when they have been youngsters, Sang-woo asserts that Na-na is a habitual liar and manipulator.

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A flashback reveals that the sibling strife goes way back. When Na-na was on the plane to America, she’d received a get in touch with from her mother. Against the alarming sound of pounding against the locked door, Na-na’s mother tells her to by no means come back she has to survive. By the time Sang-woo breaks down the door, Na-na’s mother lies dead, possessing overdosed on tablets.

In the present, Na-na’s gaze grows tough as she sips tea — making use of the pretty porcelain cup her mother had drunk from, to swallow the tablets that killed her. Declaring that she’ll by no means run away like her mother, Na-na vows to keep alive till the finish.


That shot of Sang-woo grinning as he peered into the area was downright chilling, and I’m curious what precisely led up to that moment. Na-na’s of course out for vengeance, but I wonder why her mother saw no other way out of her circumstance. Was she backed into a corner by Sang-woo’s manipulations? Or did she commit a incorrect that could not be corrected?

There’s been an alarming quantity of violence perpetrated against ladies therefore far, and I wonder if the drama will finish up producing insightful commentary about the prevalence of misogynistic crimes, or if it’ll just be lowered to gratuitous violence. I was prepared to give the drama’s opening scene the advantage of the doubt, but as well several instances and it becomes a pattern that is not pleasant.

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