Taecyeon looks for the hidden culprit in tvN

August 9, 2022August 9, 2022

Taecyeon appears for the hidden culprit in tvN’s Blind
by tccolb

tvN’s crime-thriller Blind has dropped two new video teasers, revealing a small extra about the conflict to come for our story’s major trio.
Taking a closer appear at society’s divide which continues to make victims out of ordinary citizens though the extra potent sit idly by, the drama has Taecyeon (Secret Royal Inspector and Joy) in the function of Ryu Sung-joon. As a stubborn but passionate police detective, his ultimate target is to guarantee that the undesirable guys are caught and place behind bars exactly where they belong.
Older brother Ryu Sung-hoon – played by Ha Suk-jin (A DeadbEAT’s Meal) – is much less hotheaded but just as principled and strives to be an impartial judge. Jung Eun-ji (Perform Later, Drink Now), on the other hand, plays a social worker named Jo Eun-ki, whose priority is to aid men and women and attempt to make a distinction in the globe.

The initial teaser starts with Detective Sung-joon pondering that some thing does not add up and his clues point to the jury. With a swift cutaway to Social Worker Jo as properly as the jury group, the intermittent text screens study: “There is a monster amongst the nine jurors.” As Judge Sung-hoon announces that he will take duty for his case, the video closes on our detective who discovers that the culprit is an individual in the courtroom.

There’s not a lot to go by in the second teaser, but we get lots of suspenseful music as we flash by means of a sequence of our major trio facing difficulty. The captions indicate that Blind is a “Friday-Saturday drama, airing every single week at ten:40pm beginning September 16.” This is then repeated by our detective in voiceover as the video comes to a close.
With PD Shin Yong-hwi (Voice four, Tunnel) at the helm and scripts by Kwon Ki-young (Andante), tvN’s crime-thriller Blind premieres subsequent month on September 16.

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