Premiere Watch: If You Wish Upon Me, A Model Family, Stock Struck

August 9, 2022August 9, 2022

Premiere Watch: If You Want Upon Me, A Model Family members, Stock Struck
by missvictrix

New dramas, you say? A full smattering of diverse genres and tones, you say? Nicely, that is what we have with this week’s new shows: a healing drama set in a hospice, an additional dark crime thriller from Netflix, and a quirky ensemble dramedy on TVING.

If You Want Upon Me

Time slot: Wednesday-Thursday
Broadcaster: KBS
Genre: Drama, life, healing
Episode count: 16
Factors to watch: If You Want Upon Me appears like the best intersection of the heart-rending goodness of Chocolate and the troubled boy in want of healing from Just Among Lovers. Or is this just me becoming relentlessly optimistic? Possibly. Either way, that is what I’m expecting, because Ji Chang-wook plays a tortured and tattooed hero who finds himself functioning with a hospice group that grants final wishes to its sufferers. With the ever-terrific Sung Dong-il and Sooyoung (who seriously created me enjoy her in Run On) also major the way, there is practically nothing undesirable I can say about this cast, this premise, or something.
TLDR: Tortured, troubled, tattooed Ji Chang-wook. That is actually all you want to know, people.
A Model Family members

Time slot: Friday (single drop)
Broadcaster: Netflix
Genre: Crime, thriller
Episode count: ten
Factors to watch: Not gonna lie, it is tough to locate motives to watch this a single, at least in my brain. The cast is fundamentally it. With the not possible-not-to-enjoy Jung Woo as our hero who gets mixed up in some terrifying drug crimes, Park Hee-quickly who couldn’t be not magnetic if he attempted, and Yoon Jin-seo as a wife with secrets — properly, that is fundamentally it. The rest is your normal Netflix crime show: desperate guys, desperate measures, and general desperation. It will certainly be gritty and impactful, but most likely stick to the Netflix recipe of becoming beautifully made, skillfully created, and just about unbearably dark.
TLDR: Jung Woo, Park Hee-quickly as an additional attractive-scary undesirable guy, why does Netflix have to maintain producing shows like this
Stock Struck

Time slot: Fridays
Broadcaster: TVING
Genre: Comedy, drama, slice-of-life
Episode count: 12
Factors to watch: As I’ve stated just before, it is tough to nail down what to count on from TVING these days — they’re either master-excellent dramas that must have been simultaneously aired on tvN (IMHO), or they’re fly-by-evening dramas that whiz previous the globe devoid of a great deal focus (I’m hunting at you Dr. Park’s Clinic). With Stock Struck, although — from the promos to the cast — it feels like we may possibly be obtaining a thing exciting. The drama follows 5 primary ants characters (Han Ji-eun, Hong Jong-hyun, Jung Moon-sung, Kim Sun-young, and Jang Kwang) who group up to “conquer” the stock market place and modify their lives for the improved — i.e., make a killing. All does not go according to strategy, but that is exactly where the story is, eh?
TLDR: Cast of five cute “ants” who attempt to win at the stock market place, TVING, streaming, Hong Jong-hyun comeback, we could use a cute comedy
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