Five drama recommendations… for when you need to sob it out


5 drama recommendations… for when you want to sob it out

Raise your hand if you have ever cried more than a K-drama prior to! Okay, now that that is out of the way, right here are some of our favored picks for sobbing it out (which is a step up from just a stray tear or a lump in your throat). In other words, here’s a distinctive collection of dramas — young and old — that hit us in the heart and created us cry rivers of cathartic tears, but also created us adore them for it.

Five drama recommendations for when you need to sob it outGaksital (2012)

Set through the Japanese occupation of Korea, Gaksital is a story of resilience and endurance in the face of hopelessness — and of betrayal, redemption, and sacrifice. It might be a decade old, but it left such an impression on me that numerous scenes are as fresh and vivid in my thoughts as if I just watched it yesterday. And if I’m entirely sincere, it is a single of these K-dramas that I’m a small afraid of attempting to re-watch. There are a handful of factors for this, not least of which is that I know I’ll have to prepare myself for the bucketloads of tears. Do I nevertheless think the story is worth all these tears? Yes. But my goodness, did this show make me cry a LOT.

The titular mask-wearing hero, Lee Kang-to (Joo-won), begins out not as a hero, but as a man in an occupied nation undertaking what he believes he has to do to assure his household survives: assimilate. Practically also late he realizes that he’s not only on the incorrect side of history, but he’s also actively and straight hurting the men and women he loves most. And if a hero with nothing at all left to drop fighting against not possible odds weren’t tragic sufficient, Gaksital also provides us finest-pals-turned-enemies Kang-to and Kimura Shunji (Park Ki-woong). Ten years later, that is the heartbreak that nevertheless lingers. The pals-to-enemies trope is a single of my greatest kryptonites anyway — specially if these pals cannot aid missing every single other even though figuring out the other is out for their blood — and Joo-won and Park Ki-woong created it hurt so, so superior. –@mistyisles


Five drama recommendations for when you need to sob it outDear My Close friends (2016)

As a fan of weekend dramas, I was truly excited to see the veteran actors who normally play grandparents coming collectively as major characters in the ensemble drama that is Dear My Close friends. All I anticipated was a dramatic and exciting drama, but not as soon as did I anticipate to get so emotional though watching it. The drama explores the partnership amongst a group of pals in their twilight years, and it also delves into the life of the daughter of a single of the pals (played by Go Hyun-jung). As she listens to their stories as analysis for her novel, she unlocks some previous memories that she has attempted to suppress. And collectively, they all discover the accurate which means of friendship and move previous their discomfort as they uncover a new outlook on life.

There’s some thing about the way Noh Hee-kyung writes that moves me to tears when I watch her dramas, and Dear My Close friends (which won finest screenplay at the Baeksangs) was no exception. The drama had a incredibly realistic portrayal of friendships and other familial relationships which are neither a fairytale nor a bed of roses. And it was truly meaningful to see the ups and downs, and the strengths and weaknesses of these characters as their lives played out on screen.

You can constantly trust the veterans to bring their A-game acting sensible, but the supporting cast was no joke either. And as if that weren’t sufficient, Lyn’s “Want to be Free” OST playing more than quite a few scenes had me bawling my eyes out. Seriously, how can a drama be so heartwarming and however so heartbreaking at the identical time? This is a comforting slice-of-life drama that I hugely advise, but it comes with a warning to watch with a box(es) of tissues, simply because you will unquestionably want it. –@unit


Five drama recommendations for when you need to sob it outJust Among Lovers (2017)

I’ll admit I cry very easily. But it is uncommon that I sob so really hard I have to pause a drama simply because I cannot study the subtitles via the tears. Just Among Lovers is a single of these rarities. It is turn into my go-to when I want a cathartic cry to try to remember that though life occasionally goes off course, this cast of seeming outsiders will make me really feel like I’m precisely exactly where I want to be.

With a basic premise about surviving a constructing collapse, the drama provides a cascade of complicated methods men and women deal with trauma. It is a adore story, of course, but it is also about the connection, assistance, and strength we can get from every single other — precisely by displaying our wounds. Oddly, though the characters endure terrible losses, it is not their troubles that bring me to tears. As an alternative, I obtain myself sobbing for their little wins. This is not a sappy show, exactly where situations adjust and the planet is properly. In reality, it is awfully realistic. But the characters obtain hope in spite of all that, figuring out that though the future might be difficult, they’re not alone in facing it.

The complications, for me, are all also relatable, and I obtain comfort in seeing myself in their planet. It is complete of sensible words and large truths that aid cheer me on as a lot as they do the protagonists. At the heart of it, there’s some thing that has constantly created me cry when an individual speaks a strong truth — like I’m lastly getting observed — and that is the kind of cry this show provides me. –@dramaddictally


Five drama recommendations for when you need to sob it outCome Right here and Hug Me (2018)

For an individual who does not favor scary dramas or serial killer something, I certain speak a lot about this drama, and do a lot of convincing men and women to watch it. To me, it is the great instance of the ubiquitous childhood trauma backstory applied for maximum catharsis. 1st, we get the story of our young teens (cheers for Nam Da-reum) as they hit a terrifying moment that tears them apart. Then, we meet them in the present as adults who are struggling to overcome the trauma from the previous — guilt, grief, and worry.

Our heroine has grown up to be a profitable actress (Jin Ki-joo in the part that created me adore her forever) who’s struggling to preserve her head above water, but never ever providing in totally to the worry that haunts her. Similarly haunted is our police officer hero — and right here, Jang Ki-yong’s stiff and tentative acting functions for superior and adds numerous layers to the tormented man his character grew up to be.

The story is not a subtle a single — it is a serial killer melo immediately after all — but by gosh the rollercoaster journey of brokenness into healing is a single that hit me super really hard. It is the healing element that is constructed into the fabric of this drama that created it so emotive for me I adore it for the catharsis of the storytelling as a lot as for the actual story itself. And it is nevertheless in my top rated five list of dramas that created me cry the hardest. –@missvictrix


Five drama recommendations for when you need to sob it outMove to Heaven (2021)

Move to Heaven is a single of these dramas that you know — even prior to watching the very first episode — will be a enormous tearjerker. The synopsis is virtually a giant warning label for you to watch with a box of tissues and a tub of chocolate chip cookie dough, but the story’s exploration of household, life, and death are worth the puffy eyes and stuffy nose — and the added calories.

Lee Je-hoon plays Cho Sang-gu, a man not too long ago released from prison, and like his mullet hairstyle would imply, he’s a small rough about the edges. Just after his estranged hyung’s passing, he becomes the unlikely guardian for his nephew Geu-ru (Tang Joon-sang), and — thanks to the further situations outlined in his brother’s will — this uncle and nephew group up to run the trauma cleaning business enterprise Sang-gu’s brother left to them.

In addition to cleaning and organizing the properties of the not too long ago deceased, Geu-ru and his father had a tradition of going the added mile, taking care to box up the deceased’s most cherished and meaningful possessions to give to their loved ones. As Geu-ru and Sang-gua carry on the tradition, we delve into the lives of the not too long ago departed, gaining a poignant appear at their person stories and the men and women they’ve left behind. With time, Sang-gu’s really hard edges commence to soften as he gains a new point of view, and he lets go of previous traumas in order to move on and turn into a superior uncle and guardian. –@daebakgrits

Five drama recommendations… for when you need to sob it out

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