Today’s Webtoon: Episodes three-four

The life of a webtoon producer is not an straightforward a single, but by means of its rollercoaster ups and downs, our protagonists inspire development in each themselves and other folks. They may possibly stumble, but it will not faze them they’ll get back up and maintain operating ahead.




Joon-young’s revelation about the webtoon team’s future (or lack thereof) weighs heavily on Ma-eum, but she does not let it get her down. Alternatively, she resolves to perform even tougher, treating this job as a worthwhile chance.

Fortunately her day gets improved from there — the webtoon artist she’s assigned to is none other than Kang-nam! Ma-eum is more than the moon, and Ji-hyung has to remind her to maintain a cool head, haha.


The complete workplace is endeared by Ma-eum’s excited enthusiasm, except for Joon-young. To his chagrin, he’s been assigned to the final individual he desires to perform with — the stuck-up writer Pomme (genuine name Kim Ji-seon).

Fed up, Joon-young requests for Man-cheol to transfer him to yet another division. Man-cheol agrees to appear into it, but he leaves Joon-young with a word of wisdom from a renowned manga — “There’s no paradise for you to escape to.” In other words, if Joon-young keeps operating away, none of his destinations will ever be a paradise.

“Today’s “Today’s

Prior to his transfer gets authorized, Joon-young nevertheless has to carry out his duties, so he ends up at Pomme’s residence however once again. Following roping him into carrying her mountain of delivery packages inside for her, she admits that she especially requested to have him be assigned to her.

Joon-young assumes she just desires to boss him about some additional, but in an unexpected moment of honesty, Pomme confesses that she’s lonely. Folks jump at each possibility to spew hate at her, so she has no option but to close herself off and keep cooped up in her residence. All she desires is an individual to speak to. (Properly, possibly you’d have additional pals if you had been additional considerate.)


A number of days pass, and Man-cheol invites Joon-young out for drinks following perform. Getting heard from HR that he could turn down Joon-young’s transfer request, he intends to do just that — he desires Joon-young to discover and develop in his group.

Frustrated, Joon-young confronts Man-cheol about the webtoon team’s impending dissolution, but Man-cheol chuckles at his naivete. That is precisely why the larger-ups assigned an elite employee like Joon-young to the webtoon group — so he could discover the tricks of the trade. If Neon types a new webtoon group following the existing a single is fired, Joon-young’s poised to lead it.


Meanwhile, Ma-eum’s facing troubles with her assigned writer. Kang-nam nevertheless hasn’t submitted his draft in spite of only a handful of hours remaining till the deadline, leaving Ma-eum with no option but to spend him a check out at his studio.

It turns out Kang-nam’s girlfriend JI HAN-SEUL (Jin Ye-sol) is upset at him for not answering her calls though he was busy operating on his webtoon, so she packed her items and walked out on him in however yet another temper tantrum. Kang-nam’s preoccupied with locating her, so in a final-ditch work to get him to concentrate on finishing his draft alternatively, Ma-eum ends up promising to discover her in his stead.


Racing by means of the streets on her scooter, Ma-eum arrives just in time to save Han-seul from a pair of drunk males with her signature judo throws. Han-seul aids out by knocking a single of them unconscious with Ma-eum’s helmet, and ahead of lengthy, the two are on their way to becoming pals. Aw, Han-seul pouts that she’s just jealous, considering that Kang-nam appears to spend additional focus to his webtoon protagonist than her.

Reassuring Han-seul that Kang-nam treasures her to the point of practically missing his deadline out of be concerned, Ma-eum requires her on a strain-relieving ride. They return to Kang-nam’s residence in very good spirits, and Ma-eum even gets Han-seul to guarantee that she will not leave house like that once again.


All this is witnessed by Joon-young, who was sent more than to Kang-nam’s studio by an anxious Ji-hyung. Seeing Ma-eum’s sincere diligence initial-hand appears to move Joon-young, and he recalls her words from ahead of.

In response to his pessimism about the webtoon team’s future, Ma-eum had declared her determination to perform even tougher. The future is not fixed, and they have the energy to transform it — so rather than be concerned about what hasn’t even occurred however, she’s going to maintain attempting her most effective.

“Today’s “Today’s

That sparks a shift in Joon-young’s mindset, and the subsequent day, Ma-eum returns house to discover Joon-young in her family’s comic book cafe. He’s right here to borrow the manga series that Man-cheol quoted from (Berserk by Miura Kentaro), although he’s nevertheless thinking about quitting the firm.

Ma-eum’s perceptive as constantly, and she says that she does not consider Joon-young’s operating away, just like she is not operating away from judo. Nonetheless, she hopes that he’ll keep on the group — she does not want to drop her fellow newbie! Aww.

Embarrassed by her personal forthrightness, Ma-eum laughs it off as a bit of a selfish request, but it tends to make Joon-young smile. Out of all the factors individuals have attempted to convince him with, most of which sound like unfounded optimism, hers is the most sensible and sincere a single.


Joon-young winds up reading the manga series all the way till the subsequent morning, and when he meets Man-cheol at perform, he’s filled with a renewed resolve. Admitting that he was arrogant, Joon-young asserts that he’s in no way after attempted to run away — and so, he’ll do his most effective to transform the team’s fate. Aww, Man-cheol has the proudest dad smile on his face.

1 hurdle has been conquered, but yet another quickly pops up to take its spot. Ma-eum receives a harsh wake-up contact when Kang-nam’s webtoon views take a sharp nosedive readers are not delighted with the extended flashback chapters. Ji-hyung dishes out some challenging adore, chastising her for permitting such a decline to come about beneath her watch.


Realizing she requires to perform with each other with Kang-nam to revive the webtoon’s declining good quality, Ma-eum heads to his studio and insists that he revise his most recent draft — as his loyal reader, she knows he’s capable of significantly improved. Her earnest faith in Kang-nam reinvigorates him, and following a lengthy all-nighter, Kang-nam delivers a vastly enhanced chapter.

Aw, Ma-eum stayed up all evening also, in solidarity. When Ji-hyung comes into perform the subsequent morning, he sees the pages of brainstorming that Ma-eum wrote in an work to boost Kang-nam’s webtoon, and he beams with pride.


On a rainy day, an elderly uncle trudges along with his cart of scrap cardboard, followed by a young man with a frenzied appear in his eyes. Sketchbook in hand, the young man ends up blocking the elderly uncle’s way in a desperate try to recreate his functions on paper.

Ma-eum comes across the pair, and she pulls the young man aside so she can enable the elderly uncle wheel his cart away. We’ll come to know the young man as SHIN DAE-RYUK (Kim Do-hoon), a hospital orderly who draws webtoons as an escape from his bleak reality.


It is time for the team’s annual Webtoon Camp, exactly where aspiring webtoon authors collect for an overnight retreat to hone their capabilities. Dae-ryuk is amongst the chosen hopefuls, and he continues drawing late into the evening, lengthy following the other campers have gone to bed. Recognizing him from their encounter, Ma-eum strikes up a conversation with him.

Oh, my heart — the cause he goes about observing individuals and drawing their faces is since he’s a hospital orderly, frequently surrounded by the dead and dying. At a loss as to how to depict the facial expressions of these who are alive, he ends up attempting to capture them in genuine time by means of his sketches.


Dae-ryuk’s webtoon story is intriguing, but his existing art capabilities are not up to par. It earns him a round of mockery from two arrogant campers, who accidentally-on-objective knock more than a bottle of water onto Dae-ryuk’s tablet.

It escalates to a physical fight, and a single of the guys raises a fist to strike Dae-ryuk. Joon-young intervenes, but the guy smacks him away and shoves Dae-ryuk to the floor. He advances menacingly upon Ma-eum, and that appears to trigger anything in Dae-ryuk his vision clouds more than, and dark tendrils commence curling their way about him, just like the monster in his webtoon.


Oh nooooo. We’ve barely met Dae-ryuk, but I currently really feel for him and his silent perseverance. Life has dealt him a challenging hand, and judging by the way he flinched from Ma-eum’s touch coupled with the short flashback of a frightened kid, Dae-ryuk appears to be struggling with childhood trauma as effectively. Drawing his webtoon is a cathartic outlet for him, and I hope Neon will be a protected and supportive atmosphere for him to heal.

I’m glad Ma-eum recognized Dae-ryuk’s prospective, considering that he seems to have a burgeoning talent for storyboarding he just in no way had the appropriate sources to hone his capabilities. Hopefully, Ma-eum and the rest of the group can inspire Dae-ryuk to have a brighter outlook on life and pursue his passion.


On the flip side, although, difficulty appears to be brewing on the horizon. There’s JANG HYE-MI (Nam Bo-ra) from a rival webtoon firm, who appears to be Ji-hyung’s… pal? Frenemy? Ex? It is not clear what precisely their partnership is however, but there’s certainly history there.

Then there’s Neon content material head CHIEF HEO (Ha Do-kwon), who disparages the webtoon group at any possibility he gets. Not content material to wait till the webtoon team’s eventual disbandment, he insinuates to Joon-young that he ought to “dispose of the bomb” himself — i.e. sabotage the group from inside. Ugh.


I’m relieved that the seeds of hope appear to be blooming in Joon-young, although. Ever considering that Man-cheol and Ma-eum nudged him towards the appropriate track, he’s been prepared to consume humble pie, and it is been such a breath of fresh air for him.

Joon-young may possibly not see it however, provided how disillusioned the unforgiving corporate planet has produced him, but he’s a lot additional capable than he thinks. Not only was he capable to convince Pomme to participate in the webtoon camp as a mentor, permitting her to recognize just how numerous individuals appear up to her, but his tentative tips also gave a nervous writer some significantly-required courage.

The way Joon-young lights up anytime he receives recognition for his really hard perform is such a delight to see, and I’m hunting forward to watching him create a healthier sense of accomplishment and self-worth in the webtoon group.


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