Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 15-16


Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 15-16

It is hard becoming an assassin accused of the a single murder you didn’t commit. Our heroine sets out to prove her personal innocence, while dodging these who know a tiny as well considerably about her previous. Meanwhile, Songrim’s paying a take a look at to the palace, and their intentions are something but polite — soul-shifters beware!



Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 15-16

This week’s flashback teaches a important lesson: if, just after attaining Hwansu, you opt to flex your spiritual muscle tissues by ejecting your soul from your physique, you really should likely inform your apprentice. Master Lee discovered this the difficult way when Yeom, just after discovering him seemingly dead mid-meditation, had him cremated. Fortunately, his cost-free-floating soul located its way into the physique of a dead youngster. He returned household in miniature type, unimpressed — and therefore started a extended profession for Yeom of becoming bopped on the head by a man seemingly decades his junior.

In the present, So-yi and Mu’s lackey-of-all-trades, YEOM SOO (Cha Yong-hak), embark on compact killing spree. With So-yi’s debut as Bu-yeon drawing close, they’ve been tasked with dispatching everyone who recognizes her. It is like a buddy comedy, except they hate each and every other, and as an alternative of wacky hijinks, there’s a expanding trail of corpses. So-yi regrets the death of Mu-deok’s ex-handler — she hadn’t intended to hurt everyone from Sari Village — but she’s neither noble nor stupid sufficient to intervene.

Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 15-16

Final episode, Mu-deok found the physique. Prior to this, she met somebody else at the inn: a shamefaced Cho-yeon, obtaining tickets from a scalper for her date with Dang-gu. Mortified at becoming caught at such a lowbrow venue, she begs Mu-deok to preserve it beneath wraps. She learns by no means to kid a kidder: Mu-deok insists that she’s nowhere close to as superior a liar as Cho-yeon herself.

Mu-deok heads upstairs — exactly where, yes, she is caught in a compromisingly corpse-adjacent position by Jin. At 1st, it is practically nothing a bit of smooth speaking will not repair just after all, the murderer was a skilled swordsman, and Mu-deok is, of course, a hapless maid who has by no means killed everyone in her life, ever. Nevertheless, Jin’s suspicions are rekindled when he discovers a second physique: somebody he learns picked a fight with a con artist from Sari Village. When he turns to demand an explanation, Mu-deok’s currently fled the scene. She knows greater than to anticipate justice from Songrim.

Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 15-16

Remembering that a lady named So-yi was browsing for her at Chwiseonru, Mu-deok pays Ju-wol a take a look at. She learns that two guards witnessed the lady in query — neither of whom showed up for operate nowadays.

Confident sufficient, Mu’s murderous duo have cornered the witnesses. As they pause to snarl at a single an additional, it is clear that So-yi is seeking forward to flaunting her swanky new social status as the Jin heir. Nevertheless, she’s not just right here to posture: whilst Soo’s distracted, she learns from a single guard that Mu-deok operates for the Jang household. Not that the details wins the guy any mercy regardless of his pleas, So-yi turns her back, whilst Soo advances, sword raised. Mu-deok and Ju-wol arrive in time to see the carnage — but not the culprits.

Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 15-16 Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 15-16

In the wake of the bombshell he dropped at the palace, Master Lee provides a short 101 on how to spot soul-shifters. What provides them away is worry of discovery. On that note, he has a present for the king, in the type of a incredibly familiar dog… Gwigu. But it is Wook who’s instructed to play fetch: Master Lee promises a reward if he can bring the present safely back.

As Wook departs, Master Lee explains Gwigu’s potential to sense soul-shifters, causing “Queen” Ha-sun to level him a appear of such blazing disgust it is a wonder he does not disintegrate on the spot. Songrim is usurping Cheonbugwan! she protests. It is a plot to humiliate the monarchy! You have to hand it to her there are not quite a few excuses at the bottom of this certain barrel, but she scrapes it with avidity.

Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 15-16 Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 15-16

As news travels, Cheonbugwan’s complete soul-shifter contingent comes alive with consternation. Wook is ambushed by their reinforcements. It is a single against ten, with a dog in the way, but his sink-or-swim coaching has paid off: he can hack and slash with the ideal of them.

Mu enters the throne area, angrily decrying Songrim. In a energy move so fierce a single can only marvel, Master Lee sends spikes of ice spearing towards his throat, all without the need of seeking his way.

Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 15-16

Nevertheless, ahead of all hell can appropriately break loose, King Quickly demands that absolutely everyone stand down — Cheonbugwan and Songrim each. As a parting blow, Master Lee warns that the ice stone is back in play. Not to worry, although: an person, born beneath the King’s Star, will quickly be coming into their immense energy — energy enough to settle the chaos.

Nonetheless, it is an embittered would-be savior who greets him as they exit the throne area. Wook bled his personal blood for practically nothing, and now Master Lee’s crooning more than the dog! Reward, shmeward!

Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 15-16 Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 15-16

Nevertheless, they got what they came for: Ha-sun’s worry confirms her soul-shifter status. Pressing additional could trigger a war. But, not all the royals are as spineless as the king. Won, who all through the prior encounter had the appear of a man questioning his just about every allegiance, is determined to speak with them — about Naksu.

This proves contentious. When Won mocks the widespread people’s adoption of “Naksu in Blue” as a symbol of protection, Wook is scathing. Tempers flare, and only Yun-ok’s arrival prevents an all-out brawl more than irrespective of whether the monarchy is failing Daeho’s populace. As Yun-ok tends — all as well tenderly — to Wook’s wounds, Master Lee ushers Won into a private tête-à-tête. He requests Naksu’s sword.

The assassin in query is nonetheless deeply indignant at becoming accused of somebody else’s murder. Sneaking into the Jang household, she corners Do-joo.

Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 15-16

It is a fraught discussion: though Do-joo believes her innocent, she senses Mu-deok has a secret that could prove catastrophic for Wook. Nonetheless, regardless of Jin’s warnings, she’s prepared to be gently bullied into assisting Mu-deok access Jinyowon.

Upon leaving, Mu-deok stumbles into a seemingly blind lady — So-yi. The two face each and every other in the rain, with nary a hint of recognition on Mu-deok’s portion. So-yi leaves, puzzled, but happy that murder is unnecessary in this instance.

At Jinyowon, Mu-deok tries to wheedle a fidgety Cho-yeon into becoming her alibi. It is the identical old conundrum: yes, Cho-yeon would like to save Mu-deok’s life, but has Mu-deok regarded as that her mother could be annoyed if she does? Ahead of this debate can play out, Ho-gyeong returns unexpectedly, and Cho-yeon shoves Mu-deok into Bu-yeon’s area. Right here, Mu-deok becomes overwhelmingly dizzy…

Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 15-16 Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 15-16

… and wakes to come across she has wrapped Bu-yeon’s blindfold about her eyes. Livid with grief, Ho-gyeong slaps her.

Elsewhere, we lastly get an answer to final week’s most disturbing mystery: what precisely was Woo-tak undertaking when he extracted a weird red worm from Cho-yeon’s neck? Properly, it is appropriately horrifying. So-yi wants Jin blood to open the household vault. Absorbing the worm is agonizing, and potentially fatal to boot — if Mu does not continually suppress it with his sorcery, it’ll devour her alive.

Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 15-16

Dang-gu softly encourages Cho-yeon to face the music and testify for Mu-deok. Jin does what he does ideal: dutifully hears her out, and then goes and does precisely what he desires — which, in this case, is to enact his incredibly personal Prisoner’s Dilemma on the sly.

Wook and Mu-deok are held in separate cells. Each of them are ordered to inform him what they’ve been hiding. If their statements do not match, Mu-deok will die.

It is a neat program. Nevertheless, it fails to account for our heroes’ messy, overwhelming, downright mortifying devotion to a single an additional — plus, their talent for speaking their way out of a bind. Each show Jin their jade charms. For the 1st time aloud, without the need of obfuscation, they each admit their feelings. Wook likes Mu-deok. And Mu-deok likes Wook. If you discount all the soul-shifting, the murder and the perilous guarantee of destiny, it actually is as easy as that.

Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 15-16

Afterwards, the identical delightful couple’s telepathy that helped them survive leads them to reunite at their preferred bridge. Of course, the downside to becoming alive and nicely in these certain situations is that there’s no escape from facing their feelings. But, hey, as Mu-deok puts it — and then instantly regrets undertaking so — Songrim wouldn’t punish a maid for loving her master to death.

Wook smirks. His confession wasn’t almost so passionate. Clearly he really should up his game. Mu-deok bristles and, as per her usual defense mechanism, gets morbid about it. If offered a decision amongst really like and his personal life, she commands Wook to pick the latter. But, the sincerity of Wook’s reply floors her. If he does not thoughts dying, may possibly he continue loving her?

It is testament to how nicely he knows her that he does not push — just scolds her for glaring. Shouldn’t somebody in really like smile sweetly? The sneer he receives suggests that Mu-deok has by no means felt an emotion she didn’t instantly require to sulk about, so… maybe not. Nevertheless, she has her personal insecurities. How is she meant to continue loving Wook if Do-joo keeps attempting to marry him off?

Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 15-16 Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 15-16

Then, proving that she abides by the ancient assassin code of “I licked it, for that reason it is mine,” she — nicely — licks her finger and dabs him on the chin. Now, it is Wook’s turn to bluster. Premarital licking is, just after all, a step up from passionate hugs. Why rush into commitment? Sturdy words, coming from the man who almost dies for her after a week — but, then, there’s no hiding the reality that they’re each currently committed.

Speaking of really like, points are about to get hairy for Daeho’s cutest couple. It begins, as with quite a few of their troubles, with a conflict amongst Songrim and Jinyowon — this time, more than custody of Gwigu. Negotiations deteriorate as Gwigu spots Cho-yeon… and, sensing sorcery, leaps for her. Ho-gyeong sends out a burst of magic, killing the poor critter in a single blow. Alas, poor dog!

Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 15-16

It is an awkward moment for Woo-tak, who fears the just after-effects of his blood worm have been detected. Fortunate for him, Cho-yeon is frightened sufficient to confess that she did use sorcery: a charm intended to attract her accurate really like. Ho-gyeong, in a match of rage, goes in for a second slap in as quite a few episodes — only for Dang-gu to reel Cho-yeon into a protective hug.

There’s no hiding their connection now. Sadly, amongst Jin, who has had it up to right here with young really like, and Ho-gyeong, who harbors hopes for Cho-yeon to marry Won, there’s no likelihood of an alliance. The unhappy pair are ordered to separate. But to no one’s surprise extra than their personal, they can not bring themselves to obey. Hand in defiant hand, the two huddle close as their guardians inform them not to bother coming back household.

Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 15-16

Of course, sticking with each other in a moment of impulse is a single factor, but locating shelter genteel sufficient for Cho-yeon’s finicky tastes is fairly an additional. Enable comes in the type of a extended-suffering Do-joo, who finds herself at the mercy of two incredibly needy youngsters in really like.

Wook, meanwhile, receives a double-edged present from Master Lee: Naksu’s sword. It comes with a message. If everyone tries to use it, he have to kill them. Otherwise, he will also die. The implication is clear — Master Lee generally knew about Mu-deok’s identity, and there’ll be consequences really should Naksu reappear.

Naturally, Wook hands the sword to Mu-deok without the need of hesitation. Their personal vow supersedes all. She requires the chance to remind him of the wording: when she returns to complete strength, they’ll no longer be master and pupil. He’ll no longer have purpose to shield her. She’ll no longer have purpose to go straightforward on him.

Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 15-16

Wook, ever skeptical of this certain contract, proposes an further clause. When she regains her power, she have to draw her sword on him. If she kills him, so be it. But, if she withdraws — nicely, then, he’ll make her that guarantee she was asking for. Commitment or death! It is so hopelessly, flawlessly them.

Elsewhere, Do-joo concerns Jin’s vehemence in opposing the wayward couple she’s inadvertently adopted. All credit to Jin he does not instantly bring up Wook’s undesirable really like connection. Nevertheless, he does poke the situation, asking irrespective of whether she’d be so tolerant in his predicament. Do-joo’s response is a single she’ll most most likely regret with time: Wook can really like whomever he likes! Who cares if they are not attractive, or if there’s an age gap? Jin, stricken, photos Master Lee — which is a bit wealthy, simply because, let’s be genuine, that guy’s a catch. Do-joo, misunderstanding, thinks Jin’s becoming shy about their personal two-year distinction. Perhaps this’ll all be resolved by the time they’re a hundred and fifty.

Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 15-16 Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 15-16

Wook, as Dang-gu’s buddy, has been sucked into the vortex of disaster that is his really like life. Cho-yeon, whose close friends are elsewhere, as an alternative has… Mu-deok. Each lovers confide that they regret abandoning their cushy houses. Most people today in this predicament would consume their feelings Cho-yeon requires solace in critiquing just about every dish that passes her lips. Mu-deok grits her teeth and fakes a smile: it is a difficult life when you cannot just kill people today on a whim. Nonetheless, she gains some information on the Jins — their priestesses specialize in the divine, and can even trap people’s souls.

Wook and Yul treat Dang-gu to a consolatory drink, while fondly reminiscing about becoming kicked out of the home. Wook’s an old hand at this. For Yul, it occurred just after. Dang-gu, as a squishy-faced toddler, broke a gold inkstone. Yul, in all his tiny dignity, wanted to confess to the incident, but let the other folks twist his arm into lying. It offended his infant morals so deeply that he fell sick, unable to sleep or consume. Now, on the way back, Wook notices the dark shadows beneath Yul’s eyes. It hits him: Yul’s been feigning ignorance about Naksu.

Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 15-16 Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 15-16

The subsequent day, Mu-deok and Wook agree to investigate Shaman Choi, whom Eunuch Kim name-dropped prior to petrification. Wook sets off for Gaema Village to meet a shaman make contact with of Ju-wol’s. It turns out he’s not the only a single chasing leads: Won’s right here to search for Kim in a single of his frequent haunts. He as well suspects Ha-sun. Warily, they resolve to share details — even as you can practically hear each cursing the universe for causing their paths to align.

Meanwhile, Do-joo concerns the lovers an ultimatum. Their households are prepared to take them back — offered they sign a contract promising to by no means see a single an additional once more. For all that their fears, for all the immense wealth and privilege they’re jeopardizing, for all that Cho-yeon arguably has the emotional fortitude of string cheese… they cannot do it. Properly, Dang-gu cannot. Cho-yeon’s — undecided. She grabs her contract from the trash, ahead of hastily roping Mu-deok into a fast trip to Jinyowon to smuggle out some of her belongings.

Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 15-16

Wook and Won’s amateur sleuthing strikes gold. Ju-wol’s make contact with describes how, two decades ago, Shaman Choi was notorious for her hexes. Cornered by Cheonbugwan’s authorities, she threw herself into a fire ahead of she could be arrested for sorcery. Shaman Choi had a brother rumored to have married into a single of Daeho’s noble homes the show is not shy about instantly cutting to Woo-tak.

He stands at Jinyowon, ahead of the lady who claims to be his daughter. Ho-gyeong surges forward, amazed to come across the scar on “Bu-yeon’s” forearm and the birthmark on her neck. 1 test remains: the vault.

Mu-deok and Cho-yeon, back from their nighttime jaunt, catch sight of So-yi, hand poised ahead of the door. As the Jin household waits on tenterhooks and Mu-deok feels the prickle of a headache, the vines commence to recede.

Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 15-16 Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 15-16

Wook senses he’s becoming followed. Splitting off from Won, he corners his pursuer, sword aloft.

Even as she embraces So-yi, Ho-gyeong glances more than to meet the eyes of Mu-deok — who appears back, perplexed. And across the city, Wook stares into the hooded face of his father.

As we gear up for a brief break, it is the great double-whammy cliffhanger. Household, and the way it relates to identity, lurks behind just about every corner of Alchemy of Souls, but now — considerably like a fake extended-lost daughter returned — it is practically out in the open.

Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 15-16 Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 15-16

I really like what they’ve carried out with Jang Gang up till now: he’s been so incredibly present in his absence, a conspicuous lack. For Do-joo, he’s a healed wound that I daresay nonetheless aches a tiny. For Jin, he’s the buddy he failed: the would-be savior who I suspect is destined to disappoint. And for Wook — nicely, we’ve hardly begun to peel back the lid on that. He’s carried out so nicely up till now at carving a space for himself that has practically nothing to do with his father — but he nonetheless carries his sword. Wook is nonetheless, to some extent, defining himself against the man who abandoned him.

Mu-deok, like Wook, associates household with loss. It is clear from final week’s memorial that she hasn’t been in a position to appropriately mourn her father, even if her feelings on revenge are unclear — and her feelings about her previous, even murkier. I cannot cease pondering about that brief scene exactly where she holds Naksu’s sword, remembering how she employed to be terrifying. Asking yourself if she could stand to be the identical once more. It appears to me as if she’s caught amongst missing who she was, and mourning the particular person she could have turn out to be. At the finish of it, Mu-deok does not know who she’s meant to be now. How will she deal with a grieving mother who each is and is not hers? With somebody else’s loss? We’ll come across out quickly — two weeks cannot go by speedily sufficient!

Alchemy of Souls: Episodes 15-16

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