Retro Trailer: One Armed Boxer (1972) by Jimmy Wang Yu

When former Shaw Brothers executive Raymond Chow founded rival studio Golden Harvest in 1970, he promptly teamed up with “Jimmy” Wang Yu – Hong Kong’s 1st kung fu superstar and formerly Shaw’s greatest box workplace draw. Bringing more than his peerless talent for taking on all foes with a single hand tied behind his back, Wang wrote, directed, and played the title part in a single of his most unmissable kickass classics. From the legendary star of &#8220One-Armed Swordsman&#8221 and &#8220The Chinese Boxer&#8221 comes… &#8220One-Armed Boxer!&#8221

Yu Tian Lengthy (Wang) is the most effective fighter to come out of his nearby martial arts college, but when he crosses the ruthless leader of a nearby crime syndicate, the huge boss’ brutal bevy of deadly killers tends to make mincemeat out of the college and absolutely everyone inside. Now the only survivor of the massacre, and quick of a single appendage, Yu is gifted a potent elixir that promises to give him the strength to take swift revenge on the army of assassins, every single representing the most lethal types of fighting from across the Eastern hemisphere.

Proving when and for all that you only have to have 5 fingers of death to get the job completed, Wang would later reprise his part in the infamous sequel &#8220Master of the Flying Guillotine,&#8221 but it is the dementedly inventive original exactly where he’s arguably at the height of his powers.



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