In the Soop: Friendcation: Episode 3


In the Soop: Friendcation: Episode three

The Wooga Squad is undoubtedly extra low-essential when it comes to how they like to commit their down time – a truth that Seo-joon himself brings up in Episode three. But for me, the relaxed, intimate vibe is a win, as it signifies we’re treated to an abundance of deep conversations in between the guys, filled with truthful reflections and tiny moments of joy. Emotionally vulnerable, healthier, and fulfilling friendships – we adore to see it!



In the Soop: Friendcation: Episode 3

We choose up suitable exactly where we left off final week, with the group moving into the game space immediately after dinner to catch the at the moment airing episode of Our Beloved Summer season. They also make certain to bring Woo-shik’s beer can chicken to snack on, and Seo-joon sweetly feeds a piece to every single of his mates.

It just so takes place that they’re tuning into a quite pivotal episode exactly where Woo-shik gets to provide a teary and goosebump-inducing confession to his major lady – and it supplies lots of possibilities for us to watch the rest of the group’s dramatic reactions to what’s taking place on their screen. The very best aspect comes immediately after the epilogue, which ends with a kiss in between the major couple – there’s yelling, flailing, and kicking from the Wooga Squad (stars: they’re just like us!) and it is hilarious.

Afterward, the conversation turns to the guys’ perform, providing us some insight into how they’ve handled distinctive moments in their careers. I adore hearing them speak about how they’ve inspired and motivated one particular yet another all through the years, and how they feed off every single other to overcome setbacks and continue to develop.

In the Soop: Friendcation: Episode 3

The evening winds down with karaoke, exactly where we’re treated to the sweet harmonies of V and Hyung-shik as they sing duet immediately after duet. The other guys have a turn also, and we even get to hear the initial (and final?) ever reside overall performance of V and Peakboy’s collab “Snow Flower,” but it turns into extra of a comedy routine when no one particular can hold a straight face for the duration of the song.

It is ultimately bedtime, but initial items initial: the guys cannot bear the believed of sleeping in separate beds, so they lug their mattresses to the floor to make one particular giant bed with space for all. Adorable.

Even as they’re tucked in, they’re reluctant to go to sleep suitable away and as an alternative opt to chat some extra, this time about their ambitions for 2022. Woo-shik and Hyung-shik mention wanting to do meaningful perform. The mood shifts when they get to V, who says that he does not want to be sad this year. Aw.

In the Soop: Friendcation: Episode 3

V sheds some tears as he explains that he has regrets from the earlier year. His hyungs do their very best to comfort him, from attempting to make him laugh to providing him encouraging words for the year to come. Woo-shik even wonders if the friendly atmosphere amongst the squad produced it tougher for V to open up to them about his struggles. As they exchange “I adore you”s just before calling it a evening, my heart swells 3 sizes at how beautifully open and vulnerable this friendship is.

The subsequent morning, Woo-shik gets up initial and assumes duty for breakfast, providing Seo-joon a break. There’s no genuine agenda for the initial aspect of the day, so they roll about in bed, commit time at the sauna, and do some light functioning out.

In the Soop: Friendcation: Episode 3 In the Soop: Friendcation: Episode 3

Following receiving dressed and partaking in a tiny makeup tutorial from Seo-joon, it is time for lunch. As the guys slurp down their jjajangmyeon and sweet and sour pork, they go more than their plans for the rest of the day, which consists of a trip to the beach, ice skating and of course, extra meals.

The auto ride to their initial location is peaceful as the guys take in the wonderful scenery, and quickly their conversation returns to their ambitions and dreams – or extra especially, their bucket lists. For Hyung-shik, it is intense sports: sky diving and skiing down a mountain immediately after jumping off a helicopter. V desires to reside abroad. Peakboy vows to take a loved ones photo this year, and Woo-shik says he’d like to make a thing, or perhaps even direct.

Seo-joon comes up with the brilliant notion to fulfill Woo-shik’s want: the Wooga Squad could develop a film on their subsequent trip collectively. But when he’s asked about his personal bucket list, he laments that he’s coming up empty these days, and every little thing feels like perform. When Peakboy advises Seo-joon to rest, the group ponders what it seriously appears like to rest amidst their busy lives.

In the Soop: Friendcation: Episode 3

The pensive mood dissipates upon arrival at the picturesque coast, as the guys marvel at the crashing waves, take selfies, and stroll along the beach. From the appears on their faces, it is clear that like getting in this wonderful place, collectively with this group of mates, is the significantly-necessary rest they’re all seeking for – the literal embodiment of “healing.”

It is just as healing for me, as a viewer, to watch the squad as they commit time collectively and have genuine, high-quality conversations that they just do not appear to have significantly time for in their each day lives. I consider there’s a thing so relatable about the introspective questioning they’re picking to share with every single other and with us, regardless of whether it is about their location in the planet, their perform, their desires, or their regrets.

As clichéd as it may well be, Seo-joon’s analogy comparing life to a one hundred meter race, specifically in the way he focused on the distinction in between the two, resonated with me as properly. In contrast to an actual race, he says what’s significant in life is not to cross the finish line initial, but to remain in the race, and get up when we stumble – I consider that is a wonderful way to strategy life. I’m so glad that these mates have every single other to help them on what could be an otherwise lonely journey as celebrities and entertainers who, for superior or worse, have to share so significantly of themselves with the broader public in order to succeed.

In the Soop: Friendcation: Episode 3

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