Big Mouth: Episodes 3-4


Huge Mouth: Episodes three-four

Misdirection abounds this week, providing us also several twists and turns to definitely know who’s in alliance. 1 factor that is particular is our major couple is on the case, separated by prison walls but closer to every single other than ever just before. With the genuine Huge Mouse nonetheless MIA and our hero embracing his false identity, we commence to see our losing lawyer come into his personal. There’s just 1 snag: how to be a believable criminal without the need of becoming blamed for any crimes.


Big Mouth Episodes 3-4 Big Mouth Episodes 3-4

There’s a social theme that underlies our show this week as we come across that in Gucheon Prison these with dollars and connections get specific remedy, though these without the need of are forced to do the worst, most disgusting (believe raw sewage) jobs. Our boy Chang-ho is in the second category, and it is this division of people today into classes that eventually pushes him to declare he’s Huge Mouse.

It starts when the 3 higher-society inmates (the “VIP”) spend 1 of the unmoneyed inmates to kill Chang-ho. There’s a severe scuffle in the prison yard but, luckily, Chang-ho proves fairly excellent at defending himself and leaves only with his hand in a bandage exactly where he caught the blade. Afterward, the warden, PARK YOON-GAP (Jung Jae-sung) — recognized for taking bribes — asks Chang-ho for dollars. If he’s Huge Mouse, he ought to be in a position to spend with no issue. Chang-ho can not spend, and when Warden Park begins to threaten his family members, he realizes the only way to survive and shield Mi-ho is to pretend to be Huge Mouse — wielding energy rather of dollars.

Big Mouth Episodes 3-4

Here’s exactly where factors get excellent and the sh*t — actually — hits the fan (and anything else). When Chang-ho and the rest of the Grade C prisoners are cleaning the sewer, they’re not permitted to consume in the cafeteria with every person else. Chang-ho requires on his new identity with verve and leads a rebellion to ask for meals. He spews the smelly slop (with a ladle, lol) all more than the guards till the warden comes to break factors up. Now convinced that Chang-ho is Huge Mouse, Warden Park fears for his family members and lets the Grade C gang go to the cafeteria.

Shouting “Boss” as they adhere to, this act earns Chang-ho a modest group of devotees — and I lastly commence to get behind him as nicely. He could be a loser in his genuine life, but as Huge Mouse, he triumphs.

Operating on the heels of his good results, Chang-ho desires much more loyal supporters and spreads the word that he’ll grant any want to everyone. At initially, only 3 people today take it seriously and he hears requests to save dying mothers and come across missing daughters. Then, the guy who attempted to stab him gets transferred to his area and says he desires his want granted also — but he (and a couple of other individuals) are only there to attempt to kill him once again (with the backing of the VIP and the warden). This time, as the murder try goes down, Chang-ho’s crew comes to his help and 1 of them gets stabbed rather, winding up in the hospital to recover.

Big Mouth Episodes 3-4

Following the stabbing, every person involved gets place in solitary confinement and the knife-satisfied guy is discovered dead in his cell. It appears like a suicide but Chang-ho is blamed. Then, two of the other culprits die, this time by cyanide. CCTV footage shows they swallowed it by themselves, but it is a mystery exactly where they got it. All fingers are pointing at Huge Mouse and all of a sudden Chang-ho realizes the genuine Huge Mouse could be in the prison also.

Right here, I’m compelled to detour to introduce JERRY (Kwak Dong-yeon). He’s 1 of Chang-ho’s roommates who’s also turn out to be his ideal-hand man. He tells Chang-ho he’ll keep by his side, arguing he’s not a traitor, just a scammer. When they initially meet, Chang-ho is introduced as Huge Mouse and Jerry says he’s a super fan. In truth, his name comes from the show Tom and Jerry — exactly where Jerry is the mouse. (Now, just placing it out there… a scamming mouse? Is not that precisely the guy we’re hunting for? Is that mouse tattoo on his inner wrist just element of his fandom status? Appears suspicious.)

Big Mouth Episodes 3-4 Big Mouth Episodes 3-4

Ji-hoon visits Chang-ho in prison and threatens to kill him if he can not prove he’s Huge Mouse. He desires to confirm the names of 5 big drug purchasers — he’ll verify the names against Huge Mouse’s ledger, which he got from the prosecutor. So, as 1 would, Chang-ho knocks out a guard and steals his cell telephone to contact Mayor Choi. The mayor has the exact same ledger mainly because the prosecutor also gave it to him, promising that there have been no copies (i.e., shady prosecutor). As well undesirable for Chang-ho, the mayor hangs up on him.

Following meeting with Ji-hoon, Chang-ho decides that it was Huge Mouse himself that should have framed him. Huge Mouse most likely couldn’t deal with the repercussions of ripping off NR Forum — the group of neighborhood elites that consists of Ji-hoon. (I imply, it tends to make sense. Who else would have all that money and drugs to plant in the wall?) Now that the warden also knows about the drug ledger and Ji-hoon’s demand, Chang-ho has to generate the names on the list.

Big Mouth Episodes 3-4

Even though all this is taking place, Mi-ho is stationed at the hospital digging into the case of the murdered medical doctor. It appears the paper referred to for the duration of the murder was a study paper the medical doctor wrote that now can not be discovered. It was under no circumstances published, and word about town is, “there is no paper.” This becomes the driver for most of the action on Mi-ho’s side. Due to the fact she’s generating no headway by asking about, she stands up in a hospital seminar, complete of employees, and announces she has the paper. She does not have it, of course, but her logic is that whoever goes right after her or contacts her about it will lead to a breakthrough. (Yikes. I believed she was the clever 1.)

As quickly as she leaves the hospital, she begins having tailed. But the initially to basically speak to her is Mayor Choi. He knows about her claim mainly because his wife is also Mi-ho’s boss, Hospital Director HYUN JOO-HEE (Ok Ja-yeon). Side note: considering that Joo-hee asked Mi-ho to resign mainly because her husband is Huge Mouse (even though Mi-ho refused), it is not clear to me who’s side she is on, or if she and her husband are right after the exact same factors in this case. Anyway, when the mayor finds out that Mi-ho does not definitely have the paper, their meeting is brief.

Big Mouth Episodes 3-4 Big Mouth Episodes 3-4

When Mi-ho lastly catches the individual following her, it is Mayor Choi’s secretary. She assumes he has villainous intentions, but the mayor says he was watching out for her — it was a unsafe move to claim she has the study paper in front of so several people today. The mayor then provides her a list of 5 names from the drug ledger and tells her to provide it Chang-ho. He’s decided to support him mainly because if he have been definitely Huge Mouse he wouldn’t have named the mayor asking for the names. (Nonetheless, why he decides to support the guy he hired as a pawn I’m not positive.) Mi-ho delivers the names and Chang-ho tells her to contact the mayor if she gets into any problems — he’s the only 1 that will be on their side.

Here’s the kicker to this entire factor: Ji-hoon produced a fake ledger, and that is what the prosecutor gave to the mayor. If Chang-ho says the names on that list to Ji-hoon, he will know each that Chang-ho is not Huge Mouse and that the mayor is not on his side. Ji-hoon tells Mayor Choi about the ledger the day just before he is supposed to go meet Chang-ho. The mayor can not get in touch with Chang-ho and this week’s episodes finish with Chang-ho obtaining a visitor (we do not know who) and the complete prison cheering him on.

Big Mouth Episodes 3-4 Big Mouth Episodes 3-4

I really feel there’s currently a tonal shift from final week. Possibly it is the prison setting that now dominates the show? (It is surely the least quantity of outfit modifications I ever believed probable for Lee Jong-seok.) I believe it has to do with how Mi-ho appears like she’s taking a backseat to Chang-ho, rather than becoming the kickbutt female I was hoping for. Even even though Chang-ho is in prison, I really feel like he’s accomplishing much more — not just in terms of his character — but in solving the case. When Mi-ho delivered the list of names to him, he told her he’d inform her what it was about right after it was taken care of — how did she get demoted to a messenger though he’s having so substantially performed behind bars?

Even though I’m glad their separation is pulling them towards every single other (they’re each a big sobbing mess anytime they meet), I’d like to see this crisis make use of their strengths as nicely. At the finish of the day, I’m not interested in Chang-ho’s development if it is at Mi-ho’s expense. Nonetheless, with so substantially story left to go, there’s time to recalibrate.

Big Mouth Episodes 3-4

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