Jung Il-woo and Kwon Yuri do a Good Job of sleuthing

August five, 2022August five, 2022

Jung Il-woo and Kwon Yuri do a Superior Job of sleuthing
by solstices

With the breakout accomplishment of Extraordinary Lawyer Woo earning endless praise and adoration, expectations are undoubtedly sky-higher for ENA’s subsequent drama. Titled Superior Job, the show promises to provide a thrilling blend of romance and heroics. As if that is not adequate excitement currently, the drama also marks the reunion of leads Jung Il-woo and Kwon Yuri, who previously headlined Bossam: Steal the Fate collectively.
A chaebol by day and a private investigator by evening, Eun Sun-woo (Jung Il-woo) is not your common wealthy guy. Similarly, job-seeker Don Se-ra (Kwon Yuri) is no ordinary Candy, either. She’s gifted with visual hyperacuity, enabling her to see what most people today can’t. As such, she wears thick glasses to avoid her potential from hindering her day-to-day activities.

The drama’s 1st primary poster capabilities our pair exuding self-assurance in classy formal put on. Sun-woo aims a income gun at the camera, hailing to his chaebol roots whilst hinting at his mischievous character. Subsequent to him, Se-ra is winking with an equally cheeky expression on her face, painting the image of a ideal companion.
Se-ra’s exceptional vision may possibly be a hindrance to her every day life, but to a private investigator, it is a important asset. Sun-woo and Se-ra group up to investigate in the drama’s second primary poster, but a closer appear quickly reveals that the two have really diverse ambitions. Whilst Sun-woo, telescope in hand, is determined to uncover the truth, the reflection in Se-ra’s glasses tells a diverse story. Her concentrate is on the income she could earn from assisting Sun-woo, considering the fact that it is a great deal much more profitable than the odd jobs she’s presently juggling.

Superior Job’s 1st teaser is a brief 1, but it provides us a peek at our capable protagonist. Declaring that he’s tired of getting compared to Sherlock Holmes, Sun-woo claims that the only aspect he loses in is fame. No matter whether it is his excellent appears, his character, or his assets — Sun-woo’s miles ahead of Holmes.
Whilst Sun-woo strokes his personal ego, he’s also preparing for a case. Strolling by way of his expansive stroll-in closet, Sun-woo slides on a ring and a pair of sunglasses. He rounds off the appear with a extended wig, finishing his undercover disguise.
It is a sharp contrast to Sun-woo’s usual dapper chaebol appear, which we also get a glimpse of. No matter whether his brilliant thoughts can rival Holmes’ nonetheless remains to be observed, but Sun-woo definitely has duality, which will most likely lead to some fascinating hijinks.
Written by Kim Jung-ae (Quick, Hometown Legends) and directed by Kang Min-gu (Pumpkin Time, Itaewon Class), Superior Job is slated for an August 24 premiere, airing on Wednesday and Thursday nights on ENA.

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