Interview with Dean Fujioka: We Should Make More Action Movies in Japan

Dean Fujioka began his profession as a model in Hong Kong&#8217s style scene in 2004 for each nearby and international designer brands. He continued to seem in Hong Kong&#8217s top style and way of life magazines. Simultaneously with his profession in style, he also embarked on many marketing campaigns, appearing in Television and print commercials for each nearby and multinational consumers in the Asia pacific area. In 2006, Fujioka began to pursue a profession in acting. He moved his base from Hong Kong to Taipei and appeared in his 1st Television series Goku Dō Higher College with Bao Weimin, Bao Xiaobo, and Kingone Wang. His incredibly 1st film August Story, starring Tian Yuan, Dean Fujioka, and Jan Cheung, caught public interest in film festivals all more than Asia. In 2015, Fujioka starred as a private detective in his 1st Japanese Television series &#8220Detective versus Detectives&#8221.

On the occasion of &#8220Pure Japanese” becoming available worldwide on Amazon Prime, we speak with him about getting the protagonist and producer of the film, cooperating with Daishi Matsunaga and Aju Makita, the action scenes of the film, the Japanese film sector and other subjects.

*further concerns by Don Anelli

How did you finish up starring and making &#8220Pure Japanese&#8221? In common, what do you appear for in the roles you choose?

This project began from the query “What does it imply to be a Japanese in the society now?” Even if you are not Japanese DNA-sensible, there are a lot of folks who had been born and raised in Japan. There are folks with Japanese parents who do not speak a word of Japanese or do not have Japanese citizenship. As component of this “Japanese tribe” I have been pondering exactly where that outline is drawn and came to a hypothesis that “being Japanese” is eventually “someone who thinks and acts primarily based upon the Japanese language.” If Japanese language is the human OS tool and if that OS is merely driving the human race to provide &#8220Language OS DNAs&#8221 to the future, the query is &#8220where is this demigod-like language OS taking Japanese tribe to?&#8221 That was the concept.

Which had been the hardest components of making the film?

To execute the project that calls for the approach of acquiring investors, I couldn’t just produce what I felt like developing. I had to make confident that the project can be objectively communicated to other folks. However back then, no 1 actually understood the idea about this language OS myth I wanted to produce. So that was the 1st major obstacle.

I had previously written handful of far more proposals prior to this 1, but this 1 was the 1st project that I could discover an investor for. That approach was incredibly hard. There had been distinctive obstacles in each phase of the project. As I entered the shoot, I was mostly playing the part of an actor. The physical aspect was the toughest there. Action scenes can take a lot of time to shoot but on top rated of that, due to the fact it took location in the deep mountains, I seasoned hypothermia. I had been constantly instruction with strict eating plan and I also had other drama shoot going on at the identical time so it was actually hard.

In the post-production phase, director Daishi Matsunaga and engineers took the lead but as a creator of the project, I also had to oversee the whole production which includes the fine-tuning of sound and colour till completion. Even that bicolored credit roll. I devoted my whole heart and soul.

How was your cooperation with director Daishi Matsunaga in your two capacities?

Operating with Daishi was wonderful. Initially, producer Ogawa introduced me to him. He became a major driving force of the project as soon as he got on board. As the project progressed, I felt far more and far more that it was fate. In the course of the shoot, I wanted to let him lead so that I could concentrate on my acting. I believe it&#8217s a type of trust to let an individual take the lead in what you initially began. So blessed to be in a position to share the identical passion and have a connection like that.

How was your cooperation with Aju Makita?

I am thankful for the chance to function with an wonderful actress, Aju Makita, suitable in that moment and time. For her to cross paths with the higher college girl character Ayumi at that stage of her life and to be in a position to navigate the shoot as a skilled actress, there couldn’t be a superior timing for her. Of course, you discover far more method and practical experience with time but there are particular sensitiveness and sound that you can only play at that moment. This film is complete of Aju’s charm like that.

The film calls for your character to go by way of many intense feelings, from quiet and peaceful to romantic and ultimately forceful man-of-action. How did you cultivate this variety?

In the course of the pre-production stage, by way of the approach of script improvement, I began to realize what it requires to play this character. I dare say the complete concept was incredibly equivalent to human sacrifice. All the things, all the feelings and sensations, is meant to be consumed in the act of killing as component of a ritual to please/appease the Japanese OS demigod.

In common, how would you describe Daisuke Tateishi?

A host, who carries Japanese OS demigod myth, who can not discover a way to break the spell, as a result ends up sacrificing his life to it.

It is strange to set the biological category according to the national border and it is hard to say that an individual is “100% Japanese.” But Daisuke, like the title “Pure Japanese,” sought purification. Other than DNA, to effortlessly show and capture the nearby culture, I believed that it would be ideal to use the element of “violence” to produce a myth. For instance, in Japan back in the day, folks employed quick swords for Seppuku. I projected the idiosyncrasy of that culture upon Daisuke functioning in Ninja shows. The word “pure” can sound cute but there are insanity and a dark side behind it. That is what I wanted to portray.

How was your practical experience in shooting the action scenes?

Man, it was hard. Actual action and the Ninja shows are incredibly distinctive. Ninja shows are far more like dance but action can be far more violent or impulsive so I required to train for it. I discovered the Ninja moves in Nikko. I practiced with the actual Ninja players at Nikko Edo Wonderland a handful of instances but prior to that, I spent far more time in the studio with the action group to get the standard movements down. Other than that, I just kept functioning out in between the shoots. Daisuke&#8217s instruction is to be secluded in the mountains but I worked my imagination additional to do what Daisuke would have carried out.

What is your opinion of the Japanese film sector at the moment?

I began functioning in Japan about ten years ago and as I spoke with the stunt crews on web page, I discovered that there are much less possibilities for them to play an active component in current years, which merely led me to believe that we should really make far more action films in Japan. Sort of like regeneration of old folk homes, I believed it would be terrific to see far more possibilities for them to show the beauty of action stunts, Japanese legacy. So I gave the character the part of an ex-action stunt man. Not to copy the film “Fall Guy” (1982) but I wanted to place the spotlight on action stars and stunt males characters. Stunt crew have a tendency to believe like “I got injured now so I believe I did a fantastic job.” Of course we do our ideal to stay clear of the injury, but you actually have to enjoy what you do to believe like that. I felt incredibly emotional each time I see them like that so I wanted to make a film primarily based on that concept.

Speaking about Japanese film sector per se, practically all the Japanese films now are derived from the profitable IPs like manga, anime, and novels with exiting fanbase, and it&#8217s incredibly hard to make a film with an original script. It&#8217s generally hard to pave a way but you should really never ever give up if your instinct tells you that&#8217s exactly where your passion lies. Specifically if you got a story to inform.

Are you functioning on any new projects?

Yes. Music, films and far more. Keep tuned!



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