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So, what are we all watching this week?

What kept you reaching for additional (or agonizing when there was no additional), and what created you want to throw your remote by means of the screen? Time to weigh in…



At present covering: Adamas

Alchemy of Souls: I’m not really confident how I got behind in this drama, but I haven’t even noticed the kiss episode however! With news of the break subsequent week, even though, possibly that is a great issue, and I can spread out a couple of episodes till it is back on air. As for the portion two casting debacle… I want to say I’ll wait and see how it goes, but what I seriously really feel like undertaking is operating screaming into the evening. Really, no, as extended as Wookie gets a satisfied ending I’ll be okay.

Cafe Minamdang: I like that our secondary couple got collectively! Also I’m nevertheless attempting to figure out how Kwak Shi-yang can handle to be so dorky and bizarro when I hoped/craved/anticipated to see him like this (header image).

Today’s Webtoon: Ought to I begin you?? You appear awfully cute!



Huge Mouth: I’ve had my fill of legal thrillers, but I had to at least verify out Lee Jong-seok’s return to dramaland. I’m so applied to him becoming the suave geeenius that it was amusing to see him as an incompetent lawyer who is a bit of a mess. However, the drama didn’t grab me at all, so I guess I’ll be sitting this 1 out.

Today’s Webtoon: I was curious to see how they’d adapt this cute, slice-of-life Japanese workplace drama, and so far, I’m liking it. They created adequate alterations to completely Korean-ify the storytelling and specifics, but the plot and main beats are fundamentally the identical. Kim Se-jung is fantastic as Ma-eum – she’s just the proper quantity of enthusiastic and optimistic devoid of becoming a caricature. I like that they toned down the characters in basic, providing the drama a additional grounded really feel – the more than-the-leading characters have been the only issue I disliked about the original. A thing about the storytelling right here did really feel a bit … rushed? I cannot really place my finger on it, but it felt at instances like they have been rushing plot points and not letting the character moments breathe. I’m hoping we get additional on the actual webtoon publishing in the coming episodes and that the romance they’re absolutely going to add in does not take more than the story.

Alchemy of Souls: I’m honestly not confident why I’m enjoying this 1 so substantially. From the very first episode, I located it ridiculous and difficult to take seriously, however also weirdly engaging. I believed for confident I’d finish up dropping it, but right here I am nevertheless. I blame Lee Jae-wook.



At present covering: Today’s Webtoon, The Fantastic Detective two

Transit Really like two: Aw, Won-bin and Ji-yeon are so mature and thoughtful. They each have sensitive hearts, but it is clear they share an inner strength that permits them to connect on a deeper level. My heart breaks for Hae-eun, and I just want her to discover happiness — no matter if that is with her ex, with an individual new, or just by herself. On a side note, there’s anything about Na-yeon that feels somewhat off — possibly I’m just not a fan of how flirty she is? Oh properly. I certainly like the rest of the cast even though, and I like the operating joke of Won-bin becoming an Animal Crossing villager for the reason that he’s generally watering the plants, LOL.

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