The Good Detective 2: Episode 2


The Very good Detective two: Episode two

Realizing that the case is not as reduce-and-dry as it initially seemed, our trusty detective duo start investigating in earnest. They may face opposition from each and every corner, but it is not their initially time going against the tide, and they’re determined to pursue the truth.

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Good Detective 2: Episode 2 Good Detective 2: Episode 2

A bag of ginseng is discovered on the mountain it is the precise quantity Hyung-bok had stolen, which Do-chang told him to return in exchange for getting released from custody. It proves Hyung-bok was a mere thief, not a murderer, but that is not of a lot use now — Hyung-bok didn’t survive the accident.

Do-chang blames himself for getting also hasty in apprehending Hyung-bok, and he can barely face Hyung-bok’s bereaved mother. Even so, Ji-hyuk reminds him that the guilt is not his to bear he cannot take sole duty for the predicament.

It may appear like Ji-hyuk is getting unsympathetic, but he’s just hunting out for Do-chang. The unfair depiction of Hyung-bok as a murderer does not sit nicely with Ji-hyuk either, and ahead of extended, he’s rallying the group to launch a appropriate investigation into the serial murders.

Good Detective 2: Episode 2

Of course, SUPERINTENDENT MOON (Sohn Jong-hak) is not enthusiastic about reopening a case that has currently been closed cleanly. Their apprehension of the supposed murderer — by no means thoughts the reality that he died — brought their group a lot recognition and applause. How dare they recommend that they admit their error and drag their personal name by way of the mud?

To counter the superintendent’s staunch refusal, Do-chang casually comments that Ji-hyuk is a loose cannon — if he’s not permitted to investigate, nicely, he may just begin speaking to the media… LOL, the worry of terrible press quickly gets Superintendent Moon to give in.

Good Detective 2: Episode 2 Good Detective 2: Episode 2

Ji-hyuk’s investigation leads him to TJ Group’s legal workplace, exactly where serial murder victim JUNG HEE-JOO (Ha-young) worked at prior to her demise. He does not glean a lot however, but he does run into TJ legal chief CHOI YONG-GEUN (Park Won-sang).

Yong-geun was the detective who coerced Ji-hyuk into taking a leave of absence two years ago, producing this an totally unwelcome reunion. Even even though Ji-hyuk keeps the facts of his investigation vague, Yong-geun’s nonetheless unsettled by his sleuthing.

Good Detective 2: Episode 2

As such, Yong-geun meets up with Ki-jin to inform him about Ji-hyuk and Do-chang poking their noses into the serial murder case. He hints — rather heavy-handedly — that Ki-jin ought to tie up any loose ends as cleanly as feasible.

With that, Ki-jin has his group burn each and every final file and delete each and every final byte of information from their computer systems. I imply, I currently had zero faith in his integrity, but wow. How a lot do you want to bet he’s not going to take duty if items go south?

Good Detective 2: Episode 2

In any case, Yong-geun’s not the only one particular concerned about the ramifications of Hee-joo’s death Tae-ho is also. In a flashback, we come across out why — back for the duration of a search and seizure on the legal workplace, Tae-ho had ordered Hee-joo to retrieve a laptop from the secure in his workplace and destroy each and every final trace of it and the information inside.

It is not revealed what the significance of the laptop is, or why the prosecution launched a search and seizure in the initially location, but it is clear Tae-ho does not want any individual locating out about it.

Good Detective 2: Episode 2

Meanwhile, Hee-joo’s grandfather is deep in mourning more than her passing. Preparing to stick to her in death, he asks our detective pair exactly where her physique was discovered, claiming that he desires to spend the place a check out.

The trio head there collectively that evening, but they’re not alone on the mountain — as they method the cordoned-off crime scene, Ji-hyuk’s flashlight illuminates a freshly-dead lady in a white dress. Ack.

Ji-hyuk promptly requires off operating, with Do-chang following close behind. They spot a figure producing their escape by way of the foliage, but they finish up losing him.

Good Detective 2: Episode 2 Good Detective 2: Episode 2

The discovery of a new victim appears to lend credence to Ji-hyuk and Do-chang’s belief that Hyung-bok wasn’t the accurate culprit, but stubborn Ki-jin has a distinctive theory. He reassures the press that this was most likely the perform of a copycat killer, ugh.

Due to the fact Ki-jin insists on antagonizing our detective pair, they start their personal investigation. The group manages to come across out the identity of the victim, as nicely as the path she took to get dwelling, but sadly there are no CCTVs in her region.

Good Detective 2: Episode 2

Even so, Ji-hyuk manages to take their investigation one particular step additional. Possessing noticed the delivery boxes outdoors the victim’s residence, Ji-hyuk obtains the delivery rider’s black box footage from the evening of the incident.

In it, there’s a short glimpse of somebody carrying a huge backpack. It is not a lot to go on, but to Ji-hyuk, it is a big lead. That bag could incredibly nicely be a bag complete of murder weapons, carried by the culprit as he stalked his victim.

Good Detective 2: Episode 2

Shivers. There’s anything further chilling about a murderer who could have gotten away scot-no cost if he’d just stopped killing and let Hyung-bok take the blame, but who chose to continue his murder spree so that somebody else wouldn’t take credit for his “work.” I do not doubt the possibility that there could be various murderers, with this one particular getting a copycat — it appears a tiny also quickly for an identity reveal — but so far all clues appear to be pointing towards a single serial killer.

For Do-chang’s sake, at least, I hope that the new suspect they’re chasing immediately after is not however an additional red herring. Do-chang’s currently struggling with so a lot weight on his conscience, and I cannot envision what it’d do to his psyche if he ends up apprehending however an additional wrongly-accused particular person.

Good Detective 2: Episode 2
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