Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 11-12


Extraordinary Lawyer Woo: Episodes 11-12

It is the starting of an workplace romance for our whale couple and for some other characters, it is the start off of an unholy alliance. This week also comes with a dilemma for our heroine, simply because what selection is an lawyer to make amongst “protecting” individuals or sticking with the dictates of her job?


Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 11-12

This week, we get a case of 3 mates who pool dollars to invest in lottery tickets on the situation that if a single of them wins, they will split the winnings evenly. By a stroke of luck, a single of them comes initially spot in the lottery, but he refuses to abide by their gentleman’s agreement to split the winnings. This is exactly where our Hanbada lawyers come in, as the other two sue the winner for their share.

It is a difficult case simply because the dollars they applied to invest in the tickets was gotten from gambling which is illegal. But it is challenging to turn them down when the lead plaintiff says he’s desperately in require of the dollars so he can spend back his beautiful wife for getting their family’s help method more than the years. They appear like a extremely loving couple who require the dollars to much better the life of their loved ones, and Hanbada requires the case.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 11-12

In the absence of proof to prove there was an agreement to split the winnings, they require a witness who overheard the conversation. Regrettably, the witness is reluctant to testify in court, and in their desperation, the plaintiffs try to invest in his testimony. Of course, Young-woo puts her foot down at all their illegal scheming, but the plaintiffs are not deterred and ultimately get yet another witness.

The new witness is the coffee girl at the gambling home and the opposing lawyer claims that her testimony is due to her affair with the lead plaintiff. They deny the affair, but Young-woo sees a finger heart exchange amongst them. Right after winning the case, the lead plaintiff comes to thank Young-woo and asks if lottery winnings are shared with a spouse in the occasion of a divorce. Young-woo says no, but with the heart exchange in court, she can not assist but be suspicious that he is certainly getting an affair and plans to divorce his wife, leaving her with nothing at all.

Young-woo gets conflicted amongst sticking to lawyer-client privilege, or warning the wife about her husband’s strategy. Myeong-seok warns her not to interfere, but thanks to Su-yeon’s guidance, Young-woo visits the wife’s shop, and in hypothetical terms, alerts her of her husband’s strategy. Hanbada can not take her case simply because they currently represented her husband in a connected case, and Myeong-seok refers her to yet another lawyer. Jun-ho and Young-woo go to drop her off, and the husband sees them collectively. He gets into his vehicle and menacingly drives towards them, but a truck of doom seems and crushes his vehicle in the middle of the road. With his death, the wife inherits his share of the lottery win and his life insurance coverage. And even though it feels a bit makjang, I guess all is effectively that ends effectively.

Young-woo gets a sensory overload on witnessing the accident, and fortunately, Jun-ho is there to hug her in help. Later on, Young-woo thanks Jun-ho for hugging her and tries to clarify the rationale behind it, but she does not have to, simply because he currently knows that for autistic individuals, anxiousness can be relieved by placing stress on the physique throughout a sensory overload. It is so astounding how Jun-ho is generally a single step ahead in finding out about Young-woo’s demands, and I enjoy that as he does that, he also teaches Young-woo how to place his personal demands on par with hers.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 11-12

Theirs is a single of the most adorable workplace romances ever, and it is definitely cute how Young-woo is entirely into Jun-ho, and how effectively he responds to her Young-woo-like show of affection. That holding of hands by way of her workplace glass is a single of the smoothest and most heart-fluttering moves I have ever observed, and Young-woo saying that Jun-ho keeps popping in her thoughts when he’s not even a whale is just squee!!!

It is unfortunate that Su-yeon’s enjoy life is not going so effectively, but our spring sunshine deserves much better than that gigolo guy she met at the club. I’m hopeful that she’ll meet a decent guy quickly sufficient simply because she’s a fantastic particular person. As opposed to Min-woo, who sinks to a new low each and every week, getting joined forces with CEO Tae to plot Young-woo’s exit from Hanbada in exchange for a position at Taesan. It does not assist that Young-woo’s dad is also starting to take into account CEO Tae’s provide to move abroad with Young-woo. Sigh. But now that he has observed Young-woo locking lips with Jun-ho, perhaps he’ll reconsider his plans.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 11-12

Our subsequent case requires a corporation undergoing an M&ampA, and the restructuring outcomes in downsizing the employees. According to their downsizing policy, married couples in the corporation are eligible for voluntary resignation, and if a single of them does not resign, the husband will be subjected to unpaid leave. But it is a covertly sexist policy simply because although the guys seem to be the ones on the chopping block, the society is patriarchal and the wives are most most likely to step down for their husbands.

When two female staffers sue the corporation for generating the policy with the intent to fire the female workers, Hanbada comes in to represent the corporation. They discover that the opposing lawyer is a renowned girls and human rights lawyer, though she does not have a higher winning price. But she’s quite considerably devoted to her trigger and unfazed by any person like the judge (whom, as we’ve observed in the North Korean defector’s case, is extremely distinct about loved ones ancestry). As it turns out, he and the opposing lawyer are from the identical ancestry, though according to the loved ones tree, she’s like an aunt to him. Lol.

In Operation Get Young-woo Out Of Hanbada, Min-woo, below the guise of concern for the female workers, informs Young-woo that Hanbada helped the corporation to build the discriminatory downsizing policy. He also provides her some supporting documents in the hopes that she passes them on to the opposing lawyer, thereby breaching confidentiality. An currently conflicted Young-woo asks Myeong-seok about the policy, and he replies that a lawyer’s job is not to choose amongst appropriate and incorrect, but to defend their client.

Min-woo gets a shocker when he learns about Young-woo and Jun-ho’s partnership, but it is nonetheless not sufficient to quit his evil plans. Rather, he slips Young-woo’s small business card into the policy documents and sends them to the opposing lawyer. He has definitely crossed all the lines at this point!

At the subsequent hearing, the opposing lawyer submits proof on the policy – but to Min-woo’s disappointment and my relief, it is not the document Min-woo sent. In the finish, the judge guidelines in favor of the corporation simply because, effectively, although some policies are just terrible, they are also legally valid. Tsk. It is not a extremely content win for Young-woo who has spent the case getting conflicted about contributing to the legalization of firing of female workers thanks to an unjust policy. On the other hand, it is also not a sad loss for the opposing lawyer and her customers, who are content they went by way of the lawsuit regardless of its outcome.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 11-12

The opposing lawyer invites Young-woo and Su-yeon to an just after-trial celebration, exactly where she returns the policy documents to a shocked Young-woo. And when Young-woo denies sending them, the opposing lawyer tells her to watch her back at function. Any other lawyer could have applied that information and facts regardless of no matter if the sender would get into problems at function or not, and I consider it was definitely experienced that this lawyer didn’t. Young-woo was appropriate to have described her as a Yangtze River dolphin – a species (now extinct) that adapted to living in the river rather than the sea. The opposing lawyer is a sort of lawyer that can not be discovered in Hanbada, and just like Young-woo, we hope she does not go extinct.

Apart from dealing with backstabbing colleagues, Young-woo also has a partnership challenge to deal with. Right after her dad spotted their kiss, he asked if she was dating Jun-ho. But apparently, Jun-ho is the only a single in the partnership simply because Young-woo nonetheless thinks they’re in the speaking stage. Heh. Jun-ho is hurt by her assumption, and as he vents to her, he releases all his aggravation about all the dates they’ve been on. So far, the dates have been favorable to Young-woo but not to him, and the only cause he went along with it is simply because he believed they had been dating!

Whether or not it be her private life or her experienced life, there’s a lot of finding out for Young-woo to do. She has to make some compromises in her partnership with Jun-ho. And as a lawyer, she demands to discover a balance that operates for her amongst attempting to do the appropriate point, and getting a experienced. I’d say Myeong-seok will be a superior sunbae to assist her by way of in this regard, but he also has a lot on his plate – spending the complete case on edge thanks to the release of a client he after defended, who went on to attack his co-lawyer on the case. Thank goodness the guy is back in custody. Phew!

With only two weeks left, it is my earnest wish that the drama does not slow down its pace or divert to cliché-land, specifically now that PPLs are starting to make an look, and Myeong-seok is coughing up blood (under no circumstances a superior sign in dramaland). Please, let my assumptions be incorrect, and let us finish as strongly as we began.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episodes 11-12

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