Adamas: Episodes 3-4


Adamas: Episodes three-four

Each our heroes come across themselves obtaining deeper into the mystery surrounding the murder case from 22 years ago, and interestingly, they maintain their investigations from every other. 1 twin tends to make allies and enemies looking for the adamas, whilst the other uncovers essential new clues.


Adamas: Episodes 3-4

It is official, I adore Ji Sung right here. He brings such power to this part these roles — it is excellent entertaining to watch him encounter all the mayhem and thoughts games that he finds as each twins. And this week, there are loads of each, and so a lot of twists and turns. As ever, the path truly tends to make all the things pop and I am loving the subtlety of the suspense.

We open up this week tying off the plot cliffhangers from final week. Whilst Hye-soo sits in an sophisticated bubble bath with a glass of wine pondering how crazy Woo-shin is with his entire steal-adamas-and-prove-it is-the-murder-weapon announcement to her, Tae-sung visits Woo-shin who’s also enjoying a drink.

Adamas: Episodes 3-4

Just when I was questioning if it was protected for Woo-shin to drink from a random pitcher of water, he collapses to the floor in convulsions. Tae-sung rushes to save him, but when he turns about, Woo-shin is just fine. He’s sitting on the couch and says it was his turn to test Tae-sung, and the reality that he wasn’t going to let him die bodes properly. But Tae-sung knows Woo-shin’s achilles heel (his twinkie Soo-hyun), so the playing field is quite a lot leveled amongst them.

Anyway, it is an amazing scene amongst the two, and it is the initial of a lot of this week as they continue to meet and attempt to join forces — or at least agree they are attempting to achieve the exact same factor: taking down Chairman Kwon.

Adamas: Episodes 3-4

Just before they can agree to that (and in fact set up a sting operation of sorts with each other), they do a entire lot of meeting up, and attempting not to attract the suspicion of Dragon Lady Kwon (of ever-growing terror) or the rest of the safety group. Amongst the tidbits that Woo-shin learns from Tae-sung is that the complete mansion and grounds are patrolled by an AI drone that actually tags and follows everyone’s place primarily based on biometrics. Eek!

Therefore, even secret meetups call for viable excuses — it is why Tae-sung is normally “hunting” in the woods whilst digging up his sat telephone, and why Woo-shin claims to interview Tae-sung for the memoir as an additional try at cover. But cutie pie and fanboy Safety GUARD KIM (Choi Chan-ho) could be suspicious. Is he very good, poor, or indifferent?

Adamas: Episodes 3-4

The exact same can be asked of Hye-soo, whose motives and actual loyalties we nevertheless know pretty tiny about. She and Woo-shin also share many charged interludes in this week’s episodes as he tries to wheedle a lot more data out of her, and they use any intel they have on every other to threaten blackmail, or else.

Woo-shin is convinced Hye-soo knows a lot more than was in her original letter, rightly observing that she has thinly veiled enmity towards her father-in-law. She at some point admits that she did hear a lot more from her husband — namely, that Chairman Kwon killed somebody and Lee Chang-woo is taking the fall. Properly, we know that she desires Chairman Kwon to answer for his crimes, so that tends to make 3 persons in the residence so far, although they’ve got a lengthy way to go ahead of they in fact trust every other. And that is not very good, simply because Woo-shin is on a tight schedule: there are technically 18 days left ahead of the statute of limitations is met.

Adamas: Episodes 3-4

The stress is on for Woo-shin, which is why half of his scenes are of him actually scampering about the residence attempting to figure out exactly where the adamas could be hidden. But then it all comes to a screeching halt. The memoir is canceled, as Chairman Kwon has decided to go with his daughter-in-law to Venice for an extended remain. I believed at initial that this was Hye-soo’s way of emptying the residence for Woo-shin’s comfort, but it does look like she wanted him out of the way.

But that does not function. Dong-rim, who is speedily turning into a difficulty magnet, simultaneously discovers that his crush SECRETARY YOON (Lee Shi-won) is deaf, and then reads her Extremely Secret Sign Language Communications with Chairman Kwon. It is a single of a lot of bomb drops this week: Dong-rim and Woo-shin not only study that Haesong is securing Hwang as the subsequent president, but that they are functioning closely with the highly effective arms dealers Ares (a lot more Greek metaphors!). Their aim is to legalize firearms in Korea, and I guess, bring in cash and mayhem. (This is very fascinating to observe from an American viewpoint!)

Adamas: Episodes 3-4 Adamas: Episodes 3-4

Right after Chairman Kwon’s “life mission” is exposed to his two memoir writers, we hit an additional favourite scene of the week. They go to his workplace to confess what they discovered, but of course Woo-shin is making use of it to his benefit. But it gets creepy speedy! Chairman Kwon is visibly disturbed and says this news can not be leaked. Right after a loooooong moment he says that they should be killed.

But then he laughs it off a moment later, and rather confines them to the mansion till just after the presidential election. He appears to trust them (and tells off his slimy son), but I truly can not study him one hundred%, and I’m nevertheless hanging onto the hope that the drama will pull the rug out and alter up our expectations of who is definitely the Significant Undesirable.
Adamas: Episodes 3-4

Nonetheless, there’s a thing fascinating about Chairman Kwon that tends to make him a a lot more layered character (at least so far) than I was expecting. He tends to make up to Dragon Lady Kwon for assaulting her with the book, and builds up her broken ego, bonding with her more than the reality that they each lost young children and fully grasp every other. That could be essential data for later.

Speaking of the chairman’s second son, we do study a lot more about him as properly, as Woo-shin pokes holes in the helicopter accident (if it was definitely an accident, how could his father continue to ride in a single every day?), and convinces Hye-soo to show him what’s behind the locked door on the third floor. Turns out it is not a murder lair — it is the old quarters of the deceased son, all covered up and untouched.

Adamas: Episodes 3-4

To confirm for us that Chairman Kwon truly did treasure his younger son and intend to make him heir rather of the crappy Hyun-jo, we are treated to a flashback. Right here we meet KWON MIN-JO (super surprise cameo by Ahn Bo-hyun!) speaking to his father and telling him he’s not interested in Haesong. He’s noticed the issues his father has performed, and he does not want any element of it.

I am in fact enjoying the mystery about Min-jo a lot more than I am the Lee Chang-woo case, simply because it is so wrought with emotion — the really like of the father, yes, but now I’m questioning about some possibly ill-fated jealousy (Dragon Lady, are you the killer?). Then there’s the possibility that Hye-soo loved Min-jo, and not Hyun-jo — just a hunch, but I sensed a thing when she was in Min-jo’s area with Woo-shin.

Adamas: Episodes 3-4 Adamas: Episodes 3-4

Just before we get to the superb sequence that ended our episodes this week, let’s leave Haesong mansion briefly and go to Soo-hyun and his investigations. Substantially like his twin, he spends a lot of his time attempting to convince the particular person about him (Seo-hee) to investigate with him.

The tables have turned, but for a very good purpose: in an additional excellent set of reveals, we study that the false witness from Lee Chang-woo’s case who just “committed suicide” with his wife… had been Seo-hee’s parents. UGH! We also confirm that her father wasn’t a witness at all at the time (she was 7-years-old) she saw the murderer from her father’s truck and he later took her spot to guard her. (Loving the theme of fatherly really like we are obtaining right here, by the way.)

Seo-hee is understandably unsure of herself, but Soo-hyun is just so damn charismatic and convincing, it is difficult not to group up with him, so even with her apprehension the two of them start out digging.

Adamas: Episodes 3-4 Adamas: Episodes 3-4

It is also worth noting that their each move — actually — is becoming watched by Group A and its dangerously hot-headed Group Leader Lee. But at least to some extent, they know it, and Soo-hyun tells Seo-hee if they wanted them dead, they would have killed them currently. Even so, that is searching ever a lot more doable, simply because Seo-hee and Soo-hyun have a composite sketch of the genuine murderer from that evening 22 years ago… and it is clearly Group Leader Lee. He knows they have it, and, properly, that is not very good.

For our final bomb drop (I assume?) we go to Lee Chang-woo in prison – initial with Soo-hyun, who tries to break the resolve of his false confession, and then with Seo-hee, who tries to do the exact same. The man is rock strong in his confession, although, and a single wonders why… but there was certainly a thing in his eyes when he looked at Soo-hyun in the visitation area.

Adamas: Episodes 3-4

Confident adequate, we see later — but by means of Woo-shin’s eyes — that when their mother was dying, her final gasps had been about Lee Chang-woo’s innocence. And the essential reality that Lee Chang-woo is in fact their biological father. I assume this was supposed to be a shocker, but considering the fact that it was currently a element of the plot synopsis, I’m a tiny disappointed. Nonetheless, it adds some good fatherly complication to issues.

Back at Haesong, Woo-shin hatches a strategy involving the mansion’s sophisticated fire alarm technique, which is replete with firewalls, a timed 3-minute escape window, and a fire suppression gas that is deadly to any person locked inside. Sounds like entertaining!

Adamas: Episodes 3-4 Adamas: Episodes 3-4

Right after convincing Tae-sung to assistance, the two start out their operation and I have to say, they’re dang very good at it. Woo-shin’s request to the chef for a specific wok-fried dish trips the smoke detector that is been tinkered with by Tae-sung and in quick, the complete mansion is quickly in red alert, with 3 minutes to get outdoors.

It is a speedy-paced scene with so a lot of ups and downs, simply because initial, Woo-shin’s journey to the study (and the possibly-possibly-mysterious red carpet) is fruitless. Just when everybody is taking a headcount and he’s notably missing, Woo-shin turns up, claiming to have been searching for Dong-rim. But Dong-rim is searching for Secretary Yoon, and Dragon Lady says worriedly that she’s on the third floor. So hero that he is, Woo-shin runs back inside to save her.

Adamas: Episodes 3-4

But Dragon Lady is Dragon Lady for a purpose, and Hye-soo is as observant as ever. She sees a smirk on Dragon Lady’s face, and knows that Woo-shin is in danger. Confident adequate, Secretary Yoon is safely at the helicopter pad, and it is Woo-shin who is alone in the residence, firewalls down, trapped in the chairman’s study. The gas is released and the windows are, properly, unbreakable. As Woo-shin collapses to the floor about to pass out, he appears up at the ceiling with a smile. “I located it,” he says, as the title therapy comes onscreen and the episode closes. I have truly been enjoying the editing on the episode intros and outros, but this a single requires the cake.

Thanks to Hye-soo, he’ll be saved just in time (with the fire technique disabled), but there is nevertheless a lot of difficulty brewing — for now, largely in the shape of Dragon Lady Kwon, who’s not above killing Dong-rim’s ailing father to make him her informant. Possibly she’s the larger poor right here just after all, particularly with her guard up about Min-jo’s death? My wishes for a lot more excellent twists aside, I’m content to see the show continuing just as sturdy in week two, with excellent performances and masterful path that keeps. issues. fascinating.

Adamas: Episodes 3-4

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