The tale of three sisters in tvN

August four, 2022August four, 2022

The tale of 3 sisters in tvN’s Tiny Females
by tccolb

With promos shifting into complete gear for tvN’s Tiny Females, we lastly get our initially appear at the most important cast in a newly released video teaser.

The mystery drama stars Kim Go-eun (Yumi’s Cells two) as the eldest of 3 sisters, Oh In-joo. Possessing struggled with poverty from a young age, In-joo sees dollars as the important to defending their household and is hence conflicted when an unexpected chance falls into her lap.
In the part of the second sister is Nam Ji-hyun (The Witch’s Diner), who plays the much more idealistic Oh In-kyung. For In-kyung, pride is much more critical than dollars and her drive to do the suitable factor is what compelled her to come to be a reporter.
Below these two powerful-headed sisters, youngest sister Oh In-hye – played by Park Ji-hoo (All of Us Are Dead) – has been effectively-loved but sheltered. Now in higher college and on her way to adulthood, In-hye desires to spread her personal wings in the planet.

The new video teaser starts with captions introducing our 3 heroines as: initially-born, second-born, and third-born. Eldest sister In-joo reports to Kim Mi-sook (Artificial City) that, “We, 3 sisters, are going to reside with no any discomforts.” She’s shocked, even though, when she finds a huge bag of dollars in her locker and the text screens clarify: “A mysterious 70 billion appeared just before her eyes. Must it be kept or need to it be returned?”
In the sequence that follows, we get a fast appear at the rest of the most important cast: young politician Eom Ki-joon (Penthouse three), art gallery director Eom Ji-won (Birthcare Center), and consultant Wie Ha-joon (Undesirable and Crazy). Meanwhile, second sister In-kyung tries to explanation with her older sister, “Are you genuinely going to invest in that apartment with stolen dollars?” But In-joo defends herself and is resolute, “Why do you retain calling it stolen dollars? It is received dollars. Mom, Dad, In-hye, and you. I’m going to make it so that we all reside with no worrying about dollars.”
With a short cutaway to youngest sister In-hye in the hospital, the final text screen in tandem with the drama’s title card reads: “The Tiny Females who wanted to reside like every person else.”
Written by Jung Seo-kyung (Mother) with PD Kim Hee-won (Vincenzo) at the helm, tvN’s Tiny Females premieres September three in the weekend slot.

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