Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 1-2


Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 1-two

The door to our Joseon psychiatry clinic is about to be opened, but the road top up to it is not all fanfare. We meet our characters at some of their brightest moments, and then go with them as they knowledge dark occasions. And in this healing drama, as our characters discover their footing, they set out to bring a related healing to the hearts of other people.


Poong The Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 1-2

Let there be Joseon geeeniuses! And then there had been, in the shape of our hero YOO SE-YEOB (Kim Min-jae). Very first of his name, son of the minister of personnel, conqueror of the liberal arts planet, and now the healthcare planet, as the head acupuncturist in the palace. Se-yeob is also mates with the crown prince (Oh Kyung-joo), and with very good appears to boot, his road to the leading is fairly considerably set. But life comes at him pretty speedy and he falls for the scheme of the second state councilor (Yoo Sung-joo), who conspires to poison our favourite Joseon king (Ahn Nae-sang). Regrettably, when Se-yeob attempts acupuncture on the king, he bleeds out and dies.

Se-yeob is jailed and to make matters worse, whilst his father investigates the poisoning, he is killed by the second state councilor’s assassin. There is a witness to the assassination, but for now, the crown prince (now king) heaps up the majority of the blame on Se-yeob’s father. He does this to get Se-yeob off with a lighter sentence (banishment from Hanyang for life) in the hopes that he stays alive to uncover the truth behind the late king’s death.

Away from Hanyang, we meet our bubbly Agatha Christie-like heroine, SEO EUN-WOO (Kim Hyang-gi). She’s a bride-to-be who is much more interested in solving a murder case than going for dress fittings. Her search for the culprit leads her to a cliff exactly where a disheartened Se-yeob is about to jump off, and she saves him. She can inform by his acupuncture kit that he’s a medical professional, and says he really should keep alive since he will save a lot of lives. But life also comes at her, and when we see her a year later, our bubbly heroine has develop into a depressed widow.

Rounding out our key trio is KYE JI-HAN (Kim Sang-kyung) who runs a clinic with his daughter, IB-BUN (Kim Soo-ah), a tiny boy JANG-GOON (Han Chang-min), and a grandmother with dementia (Jeon Guk-hyang). Ji-han meets Se-yeob at an inn exactly where a client chokes on meals he notices Se-yeob’s trembling hands when he tries to administer acupuncture on the choking man (PTSD from his fatal try to save the king). Ji-han then comes to the rescue, burping the man to security. Afterwards, he tells Se-yeob to come to his clinic to repair his hands, but Se-yeob scoffs at the provide.

Poong The Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 1-2

Nonetheless, Se-yeob has to rush to Ji-han’s clinic when he saves Eun-woo from a drowning try. And when she leaves prior to they wake up the subsequent morning, Ji-han holds a broke Se-yeob accountable for her healthcare charges. Ji-han then tends to make Se-yeob an provide: function for 11 days at the clinic to offset the debt, or be sent to the magistrate’s workplace for punishment (but I feel it is just a ploy to get a jaded Se-yeob out of his funk). Se-yeob’s servant, MAN-BOK (Ahn Chang-hwan) convinces (much more like forces) him to sign the agreement with Ji-han, and Se-yeob agrees on the situation that he is permitted to leave after he cures a tightrope walker who suffers from dizziness.

Due to his acupuncture PTSD, Se-yeob utilizes option strategies to treat the man. And whilst the man’s profession as a tightrope walker is generally completed, Se-yeob is capable to convince him that the finish of his profession is not the finish of the planet for him. To fulfill the man’s want of walking the tightrope for the final time, Se-yeob lays out the rope on the ground and encourages him to stroll across. The man sashays on the rope to the music and cheers of his troupe members, and leaves with a complete heart afterwards.

Poong The Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 1-2

But because Se-yeob didn’t precisely remedy the man sufficient for him to continue walking the tightrope, his contract with Ji-han continues, and he’s left with no decision but to keep on. Immediately after going on a property get in touch with with Ji-han, he is accosted by 1 of the servants to enable her lady, who turns out to be Eun-woo. Eun-woo has slashed her wrist, and Se-yeob freezes on the sight of her blood as flashbacks from the late king’s deathbed play up in his thoughts. So Ji-han is known as in to execute the acupuncture.

Eun-woo’s mother-in-law feigns concern, providing them funds to prepare a tonic for Eun-woo, and then, in a warm gesture, supplying them some pickled onion leaves. But when Se-yeob and Ji-han leave, she drops the good act and locks Eun-woo up in a storage shed. Eun-woo’s brother-in-law is a considerably nicer particular person than his mother is, but sadly, he hasn’t been capable to pass the state examination, and thus his opinions do not count as far as his mother is concerned. Tsk.

Poong The Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 1-2

Back in the clinic, Se-yeob brings in some significant organization to the way issues are run. But thanks to Man-bok’s consuming habits, their debts continue to climb and their contract at the clinic extends. Lol. Ji-han is pleased with the predicament since, properly, he could use some experienced enable in the clinic, and since Se-yeob is gradually settling into issues. And for Ib-bun and the female individuals, it is since Se-yeob’s very good appears light up the spot. As for the grandmother with dementia, she has taken to calling Se-yeob “Poong” which, as we come to study, is the name of her son.

Grandmother was 1 of the ladies who returned to Joseon immediately after a barbarian invasion, but the returnees had been shunned by men and women and known as promiscuous. This is why her son prefers to feel of her as dead, in order to sustain his social standing. Eun-woo, also becoming amongst these men and women whom society would rather think about dead, is rushed to the clinic once again immediately after a poisoning try. Regrettably, they can’t discover the instant lead to of the poisoning, and Se-yeob’s suspicion that it was in Eun-woo’s herbal tonic is disproved by the mother-in-law who drinks stated tonic to prove her innocence.

Eun-woo’s parents pay a visit to her at the clinic and whilst her mother desires to take her property, her father is reluctant since of societal dictates that says a daughter-in-law belongs to her husband’s loved ones. Hence, Eun-woo returns to the valley of the shadow of death that is her mother-in-law’s property. And when she attempts to jump off the very same cliff she saved Se-yeob from jumping from, he is there to quit her. And as Eun-woo cries, Se-yeob comforts her the very same way she did for him back then. He reminds her that she told him that he’ll save a lot of lives, and he begs her to give him a opportunity to save her.

Thanks to Jang-goon’s insistence on separating related seeking herbs from each and every other, Se-yeob gets an eureka moment as to how Eun-woo was poisoned. Mother-in-law swapped the pickled onion leaves in Eun-woo’s meal with a related seeking poisonous leaf. Apparently, if a widow kills herself, the government will praise her for her virtue and reward the loved ones. Therefore, Mother-in-law’s grand program is for Eun-woo to “kill herself” immediately after which the government will grant her younger son a title as the reward. Aigoo. Se-yeob offers Mother-in-law an ultimatum: release Eun-woo from the loved ones, or face the consequences of attempted murder. And I feel we all know which choice Mother-in-law will opt for.

Poong The Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 1-2

But Se-yeob is not completed with the societal preaching of death as a proof of virtuousness, and his subsequent quit is to set up a meeting with Grandmother’s son. Eun-woo asks the son when he’s going to quit enabling society to make him push his mother away when he of course misses her. And as the son wrestles with his feelings, Grandmother unveils a bundle she has usually carried with her, which consists of gifts she has collected more than the years for her son. This breaks him, and mother and son cling to each and every other in forgiveness and acceptance.

As they return to the clinic, Se-yeob tells Eun-woo that he has to survive since he does not want to be remembered as a disloyal topic or a cowardly doctor. And Eun-woo is left to ponder on irrespective of whether her present predicament is how she desires to be remembered. Seeing Grandmother beam with joy as she calls him Poong tends to make Se-yeob determine to take on the name – Yoo Se-poong – since as extended as he can enable men and women, his name does not matter. And with this, Se-yeob — or really should I say, Poong — smiles genuinely for the initial time in a extended time.

To cheer Eun-woo up, Poong requires her to a ladies-only evening market place to discover the gorgeous scenery, and as Eun-woo gently sways on a hanging swing, she closes her eyes to despair and opens her eyes to hope. As they leave, they run into a young official, JO SHIN-WOO (Jung Won-chang). Eun-woo recognizes him and appears pretty pleased to see him, but whilst Shin-woo smiles at her, the smile wipes off his face as his eyes settle on Poong. And this is exactly where we wrap up our premiere week.

Very first off, phew!! Did they have to make each and every episode virtually 1 hour and fifteen minutes extended since they want to stick with a 12-episode count? Lol. Anyway, political machinations aside, the opening week did a wonderful job of introducing our key characters, taking us via their stories, and setting up their relationships. Poong and Eun-woo have such a related trajectory in their lives, and I’m grateful for a character like Ji-han who’s capable to offer some stability for them.

Poong The Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 1-2

And whilst Poong and Eun-woo appeared to have necessary a hand to bring them out of their despair, I feel they had been the ones who individually helped themselves to overcome their conditions. Eun-woo’s act of saving Poong at the cliff a year ago was 1 of his motivations to save her now, so she type of saved herself if you feel about it. And somehow by seeing himself in Eun-woo and looking for to give her a purpose to reside, Poong was capable to enable himself discover the resolve to move forward in this new phase of his life.

Speaking of new phases, when he was going from Se-yeob to Se-poong, Poong stated a name is just a name, but I disagree — I feel it is sort of a rebirth for him as he goes from acupuncturist to psychiatrist. As somebody who has skilled coming out of depressing and hard situations himself, Poong is properly-positioned to enable other people heal from their wounds. And now that our psychiatrist and Agatha Christie have come beneath the tutelage of Ji-han, I can not wait to see all the superb issues they will achieve with each other at the clinic.

Poong The Joseon Psychiatrist: Episodes 1-2

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