Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 11-12


Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 11-12

Our heroes commit this week mainly in denial of their feelings for every single other, although creating a lot of progress in their investigation. But a previous tragedy comes back in an uncanny parallel, placing our profiler-shaman among a rock and a difficult spot.


Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 11-12

Immediately after Jae-hui’s present and identity reveal, Han-jun vehemently protests against functioning collectively, specifically figuring out she’s his very best friend’s sister. Jae-hui is unbothered, even threatening him with arrest more than Cafe Minamdang’s actual goal.

Jae-hui drags him via the cafe to prove just how significant she is. Even though the rest of the Minamdang crew tries to save him, they rapidly backtrack soon after Jae-hui also threatens them with arrest. Just about every man for himself!

Han-jun reluctantly agrees to operate collectively, and they all sit down to strategy their subsequent step. Han-jun desires to stick to the lead on Director Park. In spite of letting Jae-hui in on their side of the investigation, Han-jun tells the other folks that he nonetheless will not operate with her. He claims he does not want to see her in danger for the reason that she’s Jae-jeong’s sister.

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 11-12 Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 11-12

In their respective rooms, our two leads reflect back on their prior interactions in light of what they discovered. At initially, Han-jun is horrified by their interactions. But when he digs up old mementos from the younger Jae-hui, he smiles warmly — all although justifying himself to Jae-jeong’s photo. Han-jun appears shocked about her identity, so I guess he definitely didn’t know? I believed he currently knew way back in Episode four when he visited Jae-jeong’s ashes…

Meanwhile, Jae-hui is equally horrified to bear in mind all the occasions she hit him (lastly!), but it does not final lengthy for the reason that she rapidly shifts her concentrate to the far more romantically inclined memories exactly where they held hands and accidentally kissed. Sigh, and I definitely believed this was going to be the begin of a redemption arc for this rather violent detective.

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 11-12 Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 11-12

The subsequent day, Jae-hui heads to the cafe to meet Han-jun, and she even wears colour and puts on additional makeup. Is this definitely the identical ghost-like detective we’ve been seeing these previous weeks?

When Jae-hui arrives at Minamdang, Han-jun is dismayed to come across Do-won tagging along. The prosecutor gets accused of getting the shaman’s fanboy soon after receiving caught holding 1 of the banners from Han-jun’s quite a few fangirls: “Together forever, Nam Han-jun.” Each Han-jun and Do-won grow to be even far more indignant soon after noticing they are wearing matching suits. LOL.

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 11-12 Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 11-12

Han-jun definitely does not want to operate with Do-won. In response, Do-won only shows Han-jun the back of the banner: “Refusal signifies death.” Oof!

When that does not operate, Do-won brings out his final card: he has a list of Joyce Entertainment’s secret investors. So Han-jun begrudgingly accepts him into the Minamdang operations. Upon reviewing the documents, they come across quite a few massive names, all of whom have invested in the enterprise in return for sexual favors, gambling events, and far more corruption.

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 11-12 Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 11-12

Meanwhile, Director Park is receiving anxious. He has been flooding Han-jun with messages but receiving no response. So when he lastly receives a text, he heads straight to Cafe Minamdang.

For the duration of their consultation, Han-jun implies there’s an “evil spirit” about Director Park’s father. His efforts get him a name: Auntie Im, who is described as a shaman supplying guidance to society’s elites. Director Park begs for the shaman’s aid, supplying a staggering quantity of income to exorcize the “evil spirit.” Our income-loving Han-jun cannot say something but yes.

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 11-12

In his workplace, Do-won finds far more details on Joyce Entertainment and its several affiliated firms, and even suspects 1 of them is a paper enterprise. He calls Jae-hui to give her an update, but he rapidly drops every little thing to join the police group on a trip to the mountains. Turns out the group discovered a lead on Assistant Gu standing as a witness for the victim in a firearms accident years ago. So they’re heading to a mountain lodge to meet their subsequent lead.

Immediately after a slight mishap with some poisonous mushrooms, the lodge owner warmly welcomes them and freely talks about Assistant Gu. But the police group is shocked to find out that Assistant Gu has apparently been missing for years. Oh no, he’s not definitely Assistant Gu, is he? When the owner shows a photo, the man they know as Assistant Gu is revealed to be formerly recognized as IM YEONG-JOO. And the plot thickens. Who is this guy, definitely?

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 11-12

Back at Cafe Minamdang, the spot is all decked out and the crew is dressed in garments described as “the modern day reinterpretation of shamanism.” Apparently, Han-jun has rented the cafe to the Taekseong Shaman Association to come across far more details on Auntie Im.

Han-jun learns that all Taekseong members have some sort of beef with Auntie Im, even calling her a quack. 1 shaman in specific is additional furious. Apparently, when they had been disciples, Auntie Im murdered their shaman mentor. She’s constantly been evil, hasn’t she?

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 11-12

A fight abruptly erupts among two feuding shamans. Even though Han-jun, Hye-jun, and Su-cheol attempt to hide, Na-dan requires the stage to announce a surprise overall performance — by none other than the beloved Minamdang crew! LOL.

Even though the crew is entertaining their guests, a spy requires a photo of Han-jun and sends it to Assistant Gu, who reports to Auntie Im. She only tells her assistant to retain an eye on him, for the reason that they just have to have to wait for him to fall into their trap.

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 11-12 Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 11-12

A couple of days later, every little thing comes to a head at the signing ceremony of the Sinmyeong land redevelopment agreement. Han-jun and Su-cheol sneak in as waiters, unaware that Do-won has received an actual invitation as a household member (although he does sneak in a date with Jae-hui in the guise of investigation).

At the celebration, our shaman is taken aback by Jae-hui all dolled up. They attempt to hide, but an excited CEO Min-gyeong, accompanied by Director Park, bumps into them, placing them in direct confrontation with Jae-hui and Do-won. Immediately after Min-gyeong lays claim on Han-jun as her fiance, we witness an exaggerated stand-off among the ladies, fighting more than our shaman. LOL.

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 11-12 Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 11-12

Han-jun only escapes after the waiters are known as to welcome the party’s guest honor: Cha Seung-won, whom Han-jun recognizes due to his highly-priced perfume and instantly identifies as an insecure man obsessed with pride and privilege.

As Seung-won mingles with other critical-searching folks, Do-won approaches to greet him, but is forced to leave soon after Han-jun “accidentally” spills a drink on him.

Even though the brothers look to be civil with 1 yet another, Seung-won’s face rapidly darkens soon after a tactless Director Park talks his mouth off. Apparently, Do-won is regarded the improved, favored brother and was even initially in line to succeed the Choekang conglomerate till he chose to be a prosecutor. Ouch?

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 11-12 Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 11-12

Immediately after all contracts are signed, all the critical-searching folks (a.k.a. the powers that be) head to a secluded location to meet Auntie Im. Han-jun and Su-cheol pose as chefs to plant a bug in the meeting. It is Han-jun’s initially face-off with Auntie Im, who unflinchingly stares at him and offers him loads of ominous warnings.

Immediately after escaping the dining location, Han-jun and Su-cheol sit down nearby to eavesdrop. They confirm that these folks had been involved in Eun-hye’s murder and even hear Auntie Im’s strategy to get rid of Assistant Gu to silence him soon after.

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 11-12

Seung-won lastly joins the meeting, but as he begins speaking, Auntie Im shushes every person. Oh no, she finds the bug! In a uncommon instance, a person has lastly 1-upped our Minamdang crew.

Even though Su-cheol repeatedly gets back up, he and Han-jun are basically kidnapped. A worried Hye-jun enlists the aid of the police group, although Director Park and a drunk Min-gyeong witness the kidnapping. They’re in a position to offer the license plate to the police, who rapidly chase Assistant Gu across the city.

In an abandoned warehouse, Assistant Gu interrogates Han-jun. In among several attempts to wake up a knocked out Su-cheol, Han-jun is forced to spill what he heard, like how Auntie Im plans to get rid of Assistant Gu soon after. This seemingly does not faze Assistant Gu, who merely orders his goons to reduce up the dynamic duo.

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 11-12

Sadly for the goons, Han-jun lastly succeeds in waking up Su-cheol by bonking him on his head with a stick. He just blames it on them (LOL), so Su-cheol gets mad and effortlessly fights off every single 1.

Arriving just as the fight ends, Jae-hui saves Han-jun from a knife to the gut, displaying off her supernatural physical strength. She tends to make doubly positive her crush is not in danger by beating up the goons even far more.

Do-won and Detective Jang catch up to Assistant Gu, but soon after a short scuffle, the suspect after once again escapes. He does look rattled soon after Detective Jang brought up his old name.

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 11-12

As the dynamic duo returns to Cafe Minamdang, Hye-jun cries in relief, rushing to hug… Su-cheol and not her brother! An indignant Han-jun asks her why she’s far more worried about Su-cheol than him, but it only ends with Hye-jun taking Su-cheol to the hospital and Jae-hui staying behind to take care of Han-jun.

Left alone, Jae-hui and Han-jun reminisce more than shared memories. Jae-hui even expects a kiss, except Han-jun backs out at the final minute, possibly remembering she’s his very best friend’s sister. Then they get yet another moment and Han-jun lastly almost leans in — except a get in touch with from Hye-jun interrupts them. Then a third moment, which however yet another get in touch with interrupts. They’re under no circumstances gonna kiss this week, no?

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 11-12

Then we reduce to the appreciate line I’m honestly far more interested in: Su-cheol and Hye-jun, yay! At Su-cheol’s apartment, Hye-jun gets frustrated that he cannot choose up on the hints that she likes him. So she straight-up asks him if he likes her also, and soon after receiving confirmation, she pulls him in for a kiss!!! Then yet another!!!

But a nervous Su-cheol backs away till she pulls a confession appropriate out of him. And cue yet another kiss!!! I’m so pleased for the two of them. Plus, it is just funny how these two gave us the kisses we didn’t get with the key leads — but Su-cheol and Hye-jun have improved chemistry than them anyway, to be truthful.

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 11-12

The subsequent day, back at Minamdang, Su-cheol and Hye-jun catch Han-jun and Jae-hui on the couch… cuddling? Properly, if you take into account Jae-hui almost choking the life out of Han-jun cuddling.

But becoming suspicious of the new couple’s whereabouts final evening, Han-jun activates overprotective brother mode. Because Su-cheol cannot lie to save his life, Hye-jun just tends to make up excuses. Nevertheless, Han-jun keeps a definitely close eye on them as the two send hearts at every single other. They do have to have to continue functioning on the investigation, so Hye-jun hacks into Assistant Gu’s credit card history and finds a hip and higher-finish restaurant as his final transaction.

Han-jun decides to go solo this time and leaves the Minamdang crew behind at the cafe. But he does invite Jae-hui for a date in the guise of asking for her help in the investigation. He pulls out all the stops, ordering steak and wine and providing Jae-hui flowers.

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 11-12

To Han-jun’s dismay, Do-won butts into the date-slash-investigation, prompting a short bickering among the two rivals. So they just get appropriate to operate. Immediately after interviewing the bartender, they find out Assistant Gu is a normal at the restaurant. Immediately after receiving far more clues, they figure out that Assistant Gu is possibly hiding out at some camping grounds.

Meanwhile, Do-won has left to confront his brother about his involvement in the dark dealings, promising to send him to jail like Do-won has currently accomplished with other members of their household. I guess this confirms that Do-won is a superior guy, then?

For the duration of the brothers’ confrontation, we get a hint of a prior incident involving Seung-won, which their father apparently covered up. And we also get a hint that Seung-won (probably along with other members of Auntie Im’s clientele) is addicted to an unknown red drug.

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 11-12 Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 11-12

Elsewhere, the Minamdang crew and the police group operate collectively to come across Assistant Gu’s hideout amid a wide camping ground. They all split up to cover far more ground.

Deep into the evening, Jae-hui finds a lone RV in the dark. Immediately after a small snooping, she confirms it definitely is the undesirable guy’s. But Assistant Gu has been watching her, and after she’s inside, he locks her in, preparing to burn her alive. Oh no, this is just like Jae-jeong’s murder!

Han-jun arrives just in time to apprehend an escaping Assistant Gu as the RV burns in the distance. So Han-jun is forced to make a decision: apprehend the undesirable guy, or save the sister of his very best pal? Sadly, we will not know till subsequent week what he chooses.

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 11-12

In this week’s final epilogue, we see why Assistant Gu has been rattled by hearing his old name. Detective Jang visits a burnt, dilapidated house in the mountains, exactly where he finds a photo of a young Assistant Gu and his mother — who appears uncanningly related to sewer murder victim Kang Eun-hye.

In spite of uncovering a lot this week, we’re nonetheless left with a quantity of inquiries about the correct motive of Auntie Im and her customers, although with the cliches in the globe of K-dramas, it is protected to infer that it includes income, corrupt chaebols and politicians, and a complete lot of energy.

Immediately after getting sidelined in the initially half, it appears Do-won will lastly take centerstage in the subsequent episodes. We’re seeing far more threads about him and his household, and as we continue to uncover the truth behind Assistant Gu and his bosses, I hope Do-won continues to be on the side of Han-jun and the rest of the superior guys. In reality, the rivalry among Han-jun and Do-won is the highlight of this week. Just about every time they share a scene, they finish up bickering like an old married couple and it is hilarious. I’m hoping for far more in the subsequent episodes!

Cafe Minamdang: Episodes 11-12

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