Wild Boar Hunting: Episode 1


Wild Boar Hunting: Episode 1

A man’s sudden stroke of great fortune requires a turn for the worst when a single poor choice right after one more plunges him ever deeper into a living nightmare. But specifically how quite a few incorrect selections does it take to cross the point of no return?


We open on a morning to be remembered, as a group of farmers living in a little village encounter each a challenge and a life-altering miracle. The challenge is a familiar a single: a wild boar has as soon as once again decimated their crops, and they worry it will quickly spawn even extra crop-destroyers if it hasn’t currently.

As for the miracle, our protagonist, YOUNG-SOO (Park Ho-san), begins his day with a winning lottery ticket and a family members trip to Seoul to gather.

Young-soo and his wife, CHAE-JOONG (Kim Soo-jin), are so grateful that they exuberantly treat the complete village to a feast with some of their winnings. Meanwhile, their stoic son, IN-SUNG (Lee Hyo-je), has to be prodded to join the festivities.

In truth, In-sung sort of hides inside the home till one more higher college student arrives with his grandmother in tow. This boy is named HYUN-MIN (Lee Min-jae), and as quickly as he and In-sung lock eyes, some thing unspoken passes in between them. They greet every single other with smiles, but it feels a bit forced. We do not have considerably to go on just however as to what that could possibly be, but we are offered some useful insight into the village dynamics that could be affecting them.

For a single, Hyun-min’s grandmother, OK-Quickly (Yeh Soo-jung), suffers from Alzheimer’s illness and views the complete village with suspicion. According to her, they collectively robbed her blind and set her fields on fire, and are just waiting for the likelihood to do it once again.

Considering the fact that Hyun-min is Ok-soon’s sole caretaker – and an upstanding kid to boot – In-sung has to bear the stress of comparison in just about every aspect from grades to appears to character. But some thing about the way Min-hyun freezes and glances more than his shoulder when he overhears the parents creating these comparisons suggests there may well be a lot they do not know about him.

In any case, the celebration goes on merrily adequate till it is interrupted by a nearby disturbance: that wild boar has attacked a village dog. Young-soo and some of the other males run out with makeshift weapons in hand. But when they spot the boar in the distance, they all stand transfixed, staring it down whilst it stares them down.

Adequate is adequate. As quickly as they can get their hands on rifles and permits, the males head out on a boar hunt. They locate it, as well, and Young-soo is in a fantastic position to take the killing shot. Perhaps it is the sun in his eyes, or possibly he chickens out at the final minute – either way, he hesitates so lengthy that when he lastly pulls the trigger, he misses, and the boar requires off operating once again.

Some of the other individuals are prepared to contact it a day, but Young-soo is determined to make up for his error. As he presses deeper into the woods alone, a sudden rustling of underbrush spooks him. Regardless of his worry (or possibly since of it?) he’s not about to let the chance pass by a second time. Young-soo raises his gun and shoots into the bushes. And what ever he hits lets out a distinctively human grunt.

Now he’s performed some thing far worse than letting the boar escape, and he’s so stricken he can hardly move, let alone confess to the other individuals what just occurred. Stammering out excuses about missing the shot a second time and sudden stomach pains, he fumbles his way by means of the ride property. There, he locks himself in his space, desperately attempting to convince himself he should have been mistaken.

Young-soo wakes up in the middle of the evening, but the nightmares that startle him awake are absolutely nothing compared to the a single he finds himself living… since In-sung hasn’t come property. And Young-soo’s currently-terrified thoughts is abruptly particular he’s killed his personal son.

He races back to the woods in a panic. On the way, he comes face-to-face with none other than that boar, crushing his final shred of hope that he could possibly have misinterpreted a boar-grunt as human. All he can do is carry on with his search in the pitch-black woods, shouting In-sung’s name as he gets increasingly lost and the trees get increasingly sinister and twisted.

Soon after a lengthy evening tormented by even extra nightmares, he tends to make it out of the woods, obtaining discovered no sign of In-sung or any one else. He returns property, only to discover that In-sung is not the only a single missing. So is Min-hyun, and primarily based on student and faculty accounts, their teacher believes they’ve run away from property collectively.

Chae-joong accompanies the teacher to speak to Ok-quickly. At initial, Ok-quickly argues that Hyun-min absolutely did come property yesterday, but at some point the realization that he is in truth missing crashes more than her.

Everybody scrambles to search for the two boys. Chae-joong distributes flyers all through the town, but a torrential downpour forces her and the other villagers to head back property. As quickly as they leave, two figures in college uniforms, their faces obscured by umbrellas, emerge from hiding and slip unnoticed down an alley.

Meanwhile, a police officer assures Young-soo and Ok-quickly that the boys had been observed leaving college collectively and tracked for a quick distance by means of safety cameras. Considering the fact that they haven’t shown up on any other cameras or public transportation, and given that there’s only a single road out of the village, they should nevertheless be close by.

That is not specifically comforting to Young-soo, even though he does his ideal to hold himself collectively. But that evening, he lastly breaks. Sitting down across from Chae-joong in the dark, with the pouring rain reflected on their faces, he tells her every little thing. They each break down in sobs.

But oof – that was a dream, as well. His secret is nevertheless his alone to bear. As he measures outdoors for some air, his telephone rings. It is a restricted quantity, and when he answers, he’s met with the sound of heavy breathing. Then a distorted voice says, “I know why you have been looking the mountain just about every day… I know you killed an individual.”

Oooh, I like this. Wild Boar Hunting is not quickly-paced or blatantly scary rather, it is slow and unsettling, with a simmering sense of danger that steadily increases in intensity as Young-soo’s situations and emotional state get worse and worse.

That final dream sequence took my breath away twice more than – as soon as whilst it was taking place and then once again when it wasn’t genuine. I have a feeling the lines in between what’s genuine and what’s in Young-soo’s head are only going to get blurrier from right here, and the longer he keeps every little thing to himself, the worse every little thing is going to continue to get.

Ordinarily, I’d locate it challenging to connect with a character who continually chooses to do terrible points. But there’s some thing incredibly human about attempting to repair your stupid blunders so hastily that you make even extra stupid blunders with even worse consequences.

Of course, now the query is, what had been the actual consequences? If not In-sung or Min-hyun, who – if any one – did Young-soo kill?

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