The Good Detective 2: Episode 1 (First Impressions)


The Fantastic Detective two: Episode 1 (Initial Impressions)

A uncomplicated provincial case quickly unfolds into a great deal additional, bringing our detective pair back to the forefront. Time is of the essence when dealing with a spate of serial murders, but hasty conclusions may well lead to even worse consequences.

Editor’s note: Coverage will continue with weecaps.


The Fantastic Detective two opens with a shock — a man whom we’ll come to know as CHEON SANG-WOO (Choi Dae-hoon) chases a lady down a hallway, hitting her viciously and dragging her away by her hair.

The subsequent we see of her, she’s passed out and bleeding from a head wound. Sang-woo stares blankly into space — hmm, did he not anticipate issues to escalate this far? — till his brother-in-law WOO TAE-HO (Jung Moon-sung) arrives, obtaining been referred to as by Sang-woo to clean up his mess.


The lady is rushed to the hospital, and our protagonist is place on the case. Detective OH JI-HYUK (Jang Seung-jo) finds the lack of CCTVs and the cleaned-up crime scene suspicious the victim’s injuries are far also significant to be a mere accident.

Sadly for Ji-hyuk, the perpetrator is backed by the potent TJ Group. That signifies he’s forced to take a “voluntary” leave of absence for poking his nose into the case, and the victim gets transferred to a hospital in America.


Two years later. A news report about the White Dress serial murders catches Ji-hyuk’s consideration, but his companion KANG DO-CHANG (Sohn Hyun-joo) is not keen on applying for the Seoul investigative group with him.

Do-chang would rather remain in Incheon and concentrate on the ginseng thief they’re presently staking out, but that goes awry when the group ends up becoming chased by a wild boar as an alternative. LOL, the CGI is not terrific, but their panicked escape is downright hilarious.

As they flee, Ji-hyuk manages to nab the ginseng thief, pinning him to the ground — but he’s so fixated on his profitable catch that he does not notice a bloody corpse quite a few feet away, clad in a white dress. Shivers.


Meanwhile, issues are not seeking excellent for TJ Group — president CHEON SUNG-DAE (Song Young-chang) has been sentenced to seven years in prison for bribery, embezzlement, and other monetary crimes.

To make matters worse, the most current murder victim turns out to be an employee of TJ Group’s legal group. Interestingly, Tae-ho does not know about her death till he hears about it from a subordinate.


Although it is been 3 months given that the serial murders started, the particular investigative group nonetheless hasn’t produced a great deal headway in cracking the case. Nonetheless, that does not cease group leader JANG KI-JIN (Lee Joong-ok) from seeking down on the Incheon regional police.

Each and every group is determined to catch the culprit and claim the honor for themselves, which signifies they’re not above receiving in each and every other’s way. So when each teams finish up obtaining to (grudgingly) perform with each other, there’s lots of friction, bickering, and hilarious attempts to 1-up each and every other, ha.

“The “The

Suspicion falls on ginseng thief KIM HYUNG-BOK (Kim Gyu-baek), given that he was the only other particular person identified to be on the mountain that evening. Even so, Ji-hyuk realizes that the killer’s qualities do not align with Hyung-bok’s — there’s no way a killer that meticulous would have run so close to his crime scene, even if the fiercest wild boar was chasing him.

Ji-hyuk’s hunch turns out to be correct some sleuthing reveals that Hyung-bok is guilty of insurance coverage fraud, which is most likely why he’s on the run from the authorities. The additional they find out about Hyung-bok, the additional he does not look capable of murder, regardless of all the circumstancial proof that points to him.


Our protagonist pair lastly handle to track down Hyung-bok when he’s hospitalized following a motorcycle accident, and a chaotic pursuit by way of the hospital ensues.

They finish up chasing him all the way out to the streets, yelling that they are not attempting to arrest him for insurance coverage fraud (or ginseng stealing, for that matter). Of course, Hyung-bok does not think them 1 bit, and he turns to take off once more — only for a Truck of Doom to ram straight into him.


Oof, the appear in Do-chang’s eyes. He appears utterly shaken by Hyung-bok’s abrupt death (or accident, if he survives). It is clear he’s been obtaining doubts about his profession, in contrast to Ji-hyuk, who’s nonetheless staunchly determined to chase down culprits and uncover the truth. Do-chang’s nightmares of becoming chased down as a killer reveal his deepest worry — if he arrests the incorrect suspect, he’s basically condemning an innocent particular person.

It is exciting how the identical be concerned impacts our protagonists in such unique methods whilst it tends to make Do-chang waver, it as an alternative strengthens Ji-hyuk’s resolve to perform even tougher so that the correct criminals are place behind bars.


Admittedly, I haven’t watched the show’s initial season, so I’m likely missing out on some context and character improvement — although the initial season is absolutely on my to-watch list, provided how a great deal I enjoyed this premiere.

This initial case does not look specifically novel or complicated on the surface, but I’m extremely a great deal intrigued by the central characters, who all look to be hiding a lot of layers beneath an unassuming facade. Tae-ho’s wife CHEON NA-NA (Kim Hyo-jin) is 1 of them even although she didn’t have a great deal to do in this episode, the way the camera lingers on her appears to recommend that there’s additional lurking beneath her placid gaze.


Sang-woo is a fascinating character, also his brutal violence is awful and I do not condone it 1 bit, but his incongruous response in the aftermath has me curious. Offered how aggressive he was, I’d anticipated him to be smug and unrepentant, but his vacant daze seemed to recommend that he may well have been unnerved by his personal actions.

I’m positive it is no coincidence that the lady he injured was also wearing a white dress, which tends to make me wonder what occurred for the duration of the two-year time skip. I can not wait to find out additional about what tends to make Sang-woo tick — obtaining just watched Choi Dae-hoon in Insider, exactly where I was definitely impressed by his nuanced acting, I’m excited to see him portray yet another layered and morally gray character. We gotta have a suitably competent baddie for our excellent detectives, correct?

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