Five drama recommendations… for well-made serial killer thrillers


5 drama recommendations… for properly-created serial killer thrillers

It is no lie that dramaland loves to inject some life-threatening stakes by way of serial killers. Genre is no good matter, for a serial killer can now be inserted into any story. All jokes aside, dramaland does generate some definitely major-notch thrillers that are brimming with good writing, good acting, and good evil to overcome. Right here are some of our favored (properly-created) dramas with that thriller-killer element.

Signal (2016)

Signal ranks higher on my list of favored K-dramas, and it is my go-to recommendation for everyone searching for a mystery thriller to watch. The acting is terrific, the characters are properly-rounded and compelling, and the plot hits my favored sweet spot among getting a bit of a procedural whodunit though also possessing an engaging overarching story that ties all the things with each other. Mentioned story follows Park Hae-young (Lee Je-hoon), a criminal profiler, and detective Cha Soo-hyung (Kim Hye-soo), who are each assigned to a newly established cold-case division.

But this is not your standard drama featuring cops on the hunt for serial killers simply because there’s an added element of magical realism thrown into the mix — which sounds like an absolute recipe for disaster on paper, I know. Except, Signal executes it completely by maintaining the magic easy and restricting it to 1 single plot element: a walkie talkie that that enables Hae-young to communicate with Lee Jae-han (Jo Jin-woong), a detective living in the previous and operating the circumstances though the serial killers are nonetheless actively hunting their victims. Obtaining the characters operate the very same circumstances simultaneously but in two unique timelines is a stroke of genius. We are not just rooting for our characters to recognize the killers, we’re hoping that our heroes will arrest the murderers in time to save lives and alter the future, a thing that becomes keenly vital to our present-day characters who want to save Jae-han from a mysterious finish.


The Guest (2018)

This is not a traditional serial killer choose considering the fact that the killer is technically incorporeal evil, but very same diff. The Guest does the great, old-fashioned possession story properly, and it is likely my favored horror drama to date. The fundamental premise is that a demon identified as The Guest controls minion demons to possess folks, causing the possessed to kill their households and then stab themselves.

Even though I went in for the horror, which didn’t disappoint, what created this drama memorable had been the characters. The central trio of Kim Dong-wook, Kim Jae-wook, and Jung Eun-chae is delightful as the shaman, priest, and cop — respectively — operating with each other to hunt down the evil that wreaked havoc on their lives. I currently liked Kim Dong-wook and Kim Jae-wook, so I knew they’d be good individually, but I didn’t anticipate their terrific chemistry that had me half hoping they’d couple up by the finish. I loved watching the uptight priest and the freewheeling shaman bicker and bond more than the course of their mission, adding some levity to all the murder and mayhem.

There are not that quite a few pure horror dramas, so my interest is constantly piqued when a drama like The Guest comes about. If you are like me and appreciate creepy but exciting horror stories with great characters, an engaging plot, and possession-induced murder, buckle in for a great time. –@quirkycase


No one Knows (2020)

I really feel a specific fondness towards No one Knows for a couple of unique factors. It gave me 1 of my favored K-drama heroines ever in the challenging, reserved, secretly warm-hearted detective Cha Young-jin (Kim Seo-hyung), it helped get me previous a fairly large drama slump, and it is an engaging, intriguing, and heartfelt story that has stuck with me considering the fact that Episode 1.

The thrills center about Young-yin’s cat-and-mouse chase to catch her childhood greatest friend’s murderer, and the story also dives deep into mentioned killer’s backstory, which is twisted and steeped in trauma of his personal. At Young-jin’s side is an ever-developing group of supporters, like a higher college teacher played by the marvelous Ryu Deok-hwan. But the most vital and compelling connection of the show is the familial bond among Young-jin and Eun-ho (Ahn Ji-ho), her teenage neighbor from downstairs. Yes, No one Knows is complete of darkness, murder, and violence, but what created it memorable for me was the lingering message of hope in the midst of all that. It is not just a warning of the terrible items that can occur when adults fail the young folks in their lives, but also a reminder of the good distinction a particular person can make by stepping up to be the adult their younger self necessary. –@mistyisles


Inspector Koo (2021)

From now on, when I say I want to watch a thriller that is also exciting, Inspector Koo is the gold normal. This show is weird, quirky, and unmatched in its appreciate for literal theatrics. Following all, why stick to just dark, thrilling, heartfelt, thoughtful, comedic, or dramatic, when you can be all of the above and extra? The crucial, of course, is to completely commit and do all of these items properly, and in that division (and quite a few other departments) Inspector Koo delivered above and beyond my expectations. Generally, it is a wild, and wildly entertaining, ride.

It is tough to have an engaging serial killer show without having, properly, an engaging serial killer, and Kim Hye-joon’s “K” is brilliantly captivating, altering in an immediate from charming to terrifying to vulnerable and back once more. As she and the titular Inspector Koo Kyung-hee (Lee Young-ae) figuratively dance about every other, it gets tougher for Kyung-hee to ignore their similarities… and much less clear if she definitely desires to. In addition to these two, there’s also a complete cast of colorful, memorable characters, all with secrets and doubts and agendas of their personal. And if there had been ever a K-drama that left me each fully happy with its send-off and hungry for a second season, it is this 1. –@mistyisles


By means of the Darkness (2022)

I’ve currently written odes upon odes to this drama in my weecaps, but no quantity of praise could ever encompass the sheer quantity of awe and respect I have for this show. It is not typically that a crime thriller chooses to forgo shock worth for nuanced and respectful storytelling, which tends to make By means of the Darkness stand out even extra for its sensitive portrayals. This drama was utterly compelling simply because of how understated and contemplative it was it took the time to linger on its multifaceted characters and their motivations. It never ever sensationalized the brutality of murder, as an alternative picking to spend tribute to the folks that the media coverage typically neglects — the victims and their bereaved households. A lot of care was clearly place into crafting this drama, from its gripping interrogation sequences to the palpable grief in the wake of crime, and the cast’s masterful acting and riveting chemistry only served to elevate the story even additional.

Kim Nam-gil is certainly phenomenal as the criminal profiler Ha-young, portraying his tenacity with a quiet fortitude that belies his deep empathy. His subtle microexpressions brought us via every single shift in his emotional state, highlighting the toll that such a demanding profession requires on one’s psyche. Ha-young is not fantastic by any indicates — he falters, he wavers, and he practically loses faith. But that is what tends to make him so heartbreakingly human, and what tends to make us root for him all the extra.

It may well appear odd to get in touch with a serial killer thriller hopeful and comforting, but this show reminds us via its deftly-woven social commentary that no matter how bleak the globe may well appear, we can take that initially step and make a distinction, having said that compact. Even when faced with the darkest depravity of crime, we can nonetheless stroll onward with integrity and compassion. Believed-provoking, insightful, and profound, By means of the Darkness is a drama that deeply touched my heart and will linger in my memory for years to come. –@solstices

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