Premiere Watch: Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist, Wild Boar Hunting

July 31, 2022July 31, 2022

Premiere Watch: Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist, Wild Boar Hunting
by missvictrix

Extra dramas coming in hot! This week we have two shows for the begin of our week — 1 a comedy sageuk starring Kim Min-jae and his killer smile, and the other an eerie quick-kind drama and screenplay contest winner.

Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist

Time slot: Monday-Tuesday
Broadcaster: tvN
Genre: Comedy, sageuk, health-related
Episode count: 12
Factors to watch: They had me at cuteness and emotional healing. Kim Min-jae plays our hero and when-doctor to the royal loved ones. Soon after he’s ousted for ~motives~ he ultimately teams up with Kim Hyang-gi and Kim Sang-kyung. Every single bring their exceptional story, talents, and emotional wounds to their practice and wind up assisting their individuals heal from each their physical and emotional wounds. It is excellent to see this interest paid to hurts and traumas in a way that is about addressing and healing them (as an alternative of just employing them for plot movement), and the drama could wind up striking a good balance of cuteness, comedy, and heart.
TLDR: Kim Min-jae, dimples, cute sageuk, intriguing concentrate on mental overall health and emotional healing
Wild Boar Hunting

Time slot: Mondays
Broadcaster: MBC
Genre: Thriller, mystery
Episode count: four
Factors to watch: MBC tends to make an intriguing option for the Monday-Tuesday slot and is airing a four-episode drama when per week. The drama stars Park Ho-san, Yeh Soo-jung, and Kim Soo-jin, amongst other people, in an eerie tale of a hunting accident, a son who has disappeared, and a entire lot of mysterious happenings. Quick-from dramas can be a lot of entertaining as they break the arcs and pacing we’re so utilised to seeing, and if the drama’s promo components are any indication, this will be a effectively-directed and atmosphere-heavy drama. (The superfan in me can not support but also point out that it is been a even though due to the fact we had a wild boar loose in dramaland… could this be the initial encounter due to the fact Tae-kyung’s in You are Wonderful?!)
TLDR: Screenplay winner, veteran cast, thrilling premise that promises twists and turns and other nail-biting moments
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