Adamas: Episode 2


Adamas: Episode two

As our novelist tends to make his intentions recognized, we discover much more about what brought him to the Haesong mansion. And the much more time he spends in stated mansion — somewhat recklessly, 1 could add — the much more the intrigue builds.

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Adamas: Episode 2

Substantially like in Episode 1, Adamas is beautifully directed and makes use of its longish moments and slow reveals to create tension and suspense in a way that is distinctive from the jump-scare side of issues. It is much more like this gradually unraveling mystery, exactly where 1 clue leads to a different which leads to a different — excellent point our heroes are each brave and ballsy, for the reason that they have pretty the mountain opposing them.

We choose up with the stand-off amongst Woo-shin and Tae-sung, which confirms that Tae-sung is certainly undercover. But also, he’s intense, and prepared to do something (something!) to maintain his cover. We see that intention in his eyes, but also in the following scene exactly where he puts Woo-shin’s loyalties (or capacity to maintain a secret) to the test.

Adamas: Episode 2

Hye-soo occurred to be out in the very same forest “picking flowers” and she stumbled across the two males through their threatening exchange. When the circumstance is referred to as to Chairman Kwon’s consideration, all 3 of them wind up in his study — not at all as opposed to going to the principal’s workplace.

Hye-soo and Tae-sung offer you two distinctive sides of the story it is left for Woo-shin to clarify himself to the chairman. What was he carrying out in the woods? What was the circumstance amongst him and Tae-sung? Chairman Kwon requires it lightly and appears prepared to get Woo-shin’s “walk” in the woods dragon lady Ms. Kwon is breathing fire, even though, and it sets up a tension amongst her and her beloved chairman later. (When she suggests the chairman likes Woo-shin for the reason that he reminds him of his deceased son, she’s brutally assaulted by the chairman, and to make it even worse, she requires the blow as if a disciplined and devoted watchdog.)

Adamas: Episode 2 Adamas: Episode 2

Anyway, the study scene is wildly tense, with absolutely nothing taking place as we’re just waiting to see what Woo-shin will do. He winds up asking to speak to Chairman Kwon in private, and then he continues to do what he appears way also excellent at: gaining the chairman’s trust. Later, in flashback, we see that Woo-shin made use of the chance to inform Chairman Kwon that he will certainly maintain tabs on Hye-soo and report back to him. Trust level eight/ten at this point, almost certainly.

With Chairman Kwon’s favor in pocket (at least for now), Woo-shin not only calls Tae-sung out for testing no matter whether he would blow his cover to the chairman when beneath stress, but also refuses to be controlled by Ms. Kwon. Substantially to her rage.

Dragon Lady Kwon has overheard Dong-rim’s earlier “chaebol research” comment, so she thinks he’s digging for details. Of course, there’s soooo a lot much more going on than that. Regardless, she’s utterly suspicious of him and has her maids tailing his every single move (forcing them to take rat poison when they fail, omg). Meanwhile, Tae-sung makes use of a nicely-hidden satellite telephone to speak to whoever his people today are. He’s told to get rid of the threat that Woo-shin poses to their cover. Uh oh.

Adamas: Episode 2 Adamas: Episode 2

Woo-shin is not 1 to be intimidated, even though, and he continues his exploration of the residence, assessing its architecture pretty completely, and searching for indicators of any sort of hidden space or chamber exactly where the priceless adamas could be secreted.

In the course of 1 such forbidden exploration, he meets Hye-soo, languid and mysterious as ever. But the tense scene turns even much more so when Woo-shin sets off the transportable metal detector in her handbag. He shrugs it off, saying he as soon as had surgery to his finger, but the maid who’s tailing him reports it all back to the dragon lady.

Dragon lady knows — gulp — that no such surgery records turned up when Woo-shin was cleared for entry into the mansion, and she digs deeper. Surprise, surprise, she quickly receives Woo-shin’s health-related records stating the precise surgical process he claimed to have. Except he knows he didn’t have it.

Adamas: Episode 2 Adamas: Episode 2

This ultimately leads to the most effective reveal of the episode, which is Woo-shin confronting Hye-soo in her dwelling turf of the greenhouse. He suggests that she was the 1 who forged the health-related records on his behalf (she’s the heiress of that hospital conglomerate) — and then he goes a step additional to say that she was also the 1 who sent him the anonymous letter and the invite to ghostwrite. (The letter ties back to the opening scene of the drama exactly where it was received in a thunderstorm.)

Hye-soo confirms that she sent the letter, but claims she didn’t invite him to the mansion. She does add, on the other hand, that absolutely nothing in that residence occurs by accident, and certainly an individual else is involved. Importantly, we also discover that her letter confirmed that the adamas was the in no way-discovered murder weapon in his father’s case, which she says she heard from her (rotten) husband KWON HYUN-JO (Seo hyun-woo).

Adamas: Episode 2

The complete point is brimming with intrigue, and when the Hye-soo reveal is great (and I appear forward to what occurs there), it will be intriguing to see who else is involved as nicely. From Tae-sung to cutie pie Dong-rim, absolutely everyone appears to know much more than they should really.

I also wonder how a lot Chairman Kwon secretly knows of Woo-shin. He’s strangely calm when he catches Woo-shin examining his study (realizing the floor and carpeting is a bit off), and buys Woo-shin’s story that it is time for their interview for his memoir.

The “interviews” Woo-shin requires are so brief and odd, I have no concept how he’ll in fact create a memoir out of it, but no matter — we discover what we will need to discover, and so does Woo-shin. Haesong was founded by Chairman Kwon’s grandfather 80 years ago, and the arrowhead has lengthy been its symbol. When the organization was in a crisis, Kwon saved it with a pitch-excellent PR move: buying the priceless adamas relic and producing it a symbol of the organization. It is also noted that adamas in the original Greek implies “unable to conquer.” (Yay for tension-developing metaphors and subtext!)

Adamas: Episode 2 Adamas: Episode 2

Although we stick with Woo-shin most of the time, we do stick to his twin Soo-hyun a bit much more in Episode two as he picks up the not-so-subtle breadcrumbs that report Seo-hee has left for him. He claims she just desires to erode the case against horrible inmate LEE CHANG-WOO (Jo Sung-ha) to poke holes in the death penalty movement, and then, by extension, Candidate Hwang’s campaign.

But even though Soo-hyun does not appear entirely convinced but, that does not imply he’s not open-minded. Certainly, as he digs into the case of their father’s murder — even even though it is lengthy previous the statute of limitations — he confirms that 1 of the witnesses was coerced into his testimony. Creepiest aspect is that the witness and his ailing wife are nevertheless beneath the watchful eye of our baddies, and when it is clear Soo-hyun is onto a thing, the witness and his wife die in a joint “suicide.” Annnd the evil energy behind all of this is Hye-soo’s husband.

There have been so quite a few reveals in just the drama’s 1st two episodes, I can not envision how the drama will continue to parse out its wonderfully twisted tale — but I hope that is precisely what it does. With so quite a few players, and the whole setup feeling so a lot like Chairman Kwon’s strategic baduk board, I’m positive there is only much more coming. Hold us on the edge of our seats, and maintain us guessing!

Adamas: Episode 2

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