Today’s Webtoon: Episodes 1-two (Very first Impressions)

Quirky, zany, and complete of heart — I really like this show currently! Provided how a lot I like all 3 of our leads, I came into this show with excitement pumping in my veins, and I’m thrilled to say that Today’s Webtoon surpassed my sky-higher expectations. It is hilarious, hopeful, and heartfelt, all wrapped in a single really feel-great package! What far more could I possibly ask for?

Editor’s note: Continued drama coverage will continue with weecaps.

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 1-2 Today’s Webtoon Episodes 1-2

As a news broadcast narrates the current spate of missing individual circumstances, a masked protagonist rides her electric scooter via the neon-lit streets. She challenges her enemies to show themselves — and then she falls via the ground and into an underground lair, exactly where the undesirable guy lies in wait.

Hence starts a fierce, heated tussle. They’re evenly matched at initial, till our protagonist’s eyes glow with the light of the complete moon as her nails develop into claws. She leaps up, transformation into a gumiho full — to the delight of OHN MA-EUM (Kim Se-jung), our webtoon-loving top lady.

Ma-eum’s name actually signifies “with one’s complete heart,” and it absolutely shows in her spirited character. A notification sends her traipsing energetically via the streets of Seoul on a scooter that is regrettably not electric, producing fried chicken deliveries all more than town.

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 1-2

Thanks to a judo upperclassman, Ma-eum scores a component-time gig at a webtoon occasion. LOL, the logo bears a robust resemblance to the Naver Webtoons logo, but the company’s referred to as Neon. Ma-eum’s place on safety detail, and she gazes dreamily at webtoon artist NA KANG-NAM (Im Chul-soo), the author of her favored gumiho webtoon. (His name actually signifies “I’m a robust man,” haha.)

Following emcee of the evening JANG MAN-CHEOL (Park Ho-san) presents the awards, K-pop girl group Weeekly requires the stage for a congratulatory functionality. Kang-nam jams to it with all his heart, breaking out his greatest dance moves. Except all of a sudden, he’s accosted by SEOK JI-HYUNG (Daniel Choi), who attempts to pull him away.

Ma-eum does her job a tiny also properly, promptly dragging Ji-hyung out of the venue. She does not recognize his face, but she absolutely recognizes his Neon employee card when he flashes it at her in indignation, whoops.

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 1-2

Ji-hyung heads back in to yank Kang-nam out, and a chastised Ma-eum gets front-row seats to their confrontation. Turns out Kang-nam’s also busy enjoying girl group performances to provide his manuscript on time, a lot to Ji-hyung’s ire… which is abruptly interrupted by a starstruck Ma-eum asking for Kang-nam’s autograph.

Haha, her timing! Ji-hyung gives his pen with gritted teeth and a polite smile that is surely one hundred% not forced, and Ma-eum gets the signature of her favored webtoon author on the back of her telephone case.

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 1-2

Ma-eum’s operate is not accomplished just but, although. Back in the occasion hall, she judo flips a creep who had been harassing writer POMME (Ha Yul-ri), pinning the unrepentant man to the floor. Atta girl!

That earns her Pomme’s gratitude and Ji-hyung’s respect, and she winds up with Ji-hyung’s company card. An open recruitment advertisement and an impulsive application later, Ma-eum’s on her way to a job interview at Neon.

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 1-2

Also at Neon are Ji-hyung and Man-cheol, and when Ma-eum gets on the very same elevator as them, her cauliflower ear catches Man-cheol’s focus. He proposes a bet to Ji-hyung — what sport does this lady play?

Recognizing Ma-eum, Ji-hyung answers judo, and he’s confirmed appropriate when Man-cheol surprises her from behind and promptly gets flipped onto his back, ha. Noting that Ma-eum’s right here for an interview, he pulls out a coin and asks her if she likes heads or tails. Eh?

Ma-eum bemusedly answers heads, and Ji-hyung flips the coin. It lands on heads, and he gives her the coin as a great luck charm. Aw, that is endearingly wholesome of him.

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 1-2 Today’s Webtoon Episodes 1-2

We’re introduced to GU JOON-YOUNG (Nam Yoon-soo) as he drinks his morning coffee in his spacious penthouse. Contrary to his affluent background, he’s surprisingly down-to-earth he requires the subway to operate, and even aids a tiny boy subsequent to him beat the game level he’s been stuck at.

Joon-young ends up in the very same interview as Ma-eum, exactly where he impresses the panel of interviewers with his eloquent and insightful answers. In contrast, Ma-eum’s answer is straightforward but complete of heart — Neon’s webtoons had been a supply of comfort although she was recovering from the injury that place a hold on her judo profession.

Earnestly, she explains that she desires to spend it forward and produce uplifting content material for other people, also. Her sincerity impresses Man-cheol, but her lack of understanding concerning business jargon does not earn her any brownie points with the other interviewers.

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 1-2

Following operate, Ji-hyung and Man-cheol unwind at a pojangmacha, exactly where Ji-hyung aids his pal apply a discomfort relief patch on his back, LOL. He tries to subtly ask how Ma-eum did (the keyword right here is “tries” — it is a great issue Man-cheol’s oblivious), but points do not appear great.

Unsurprisingly, Ma-eum fails the interview the firm prioritized capabilities more than passion. Joon-young is hired, but his buddy comments that he must join any group except the Webtoon Service Group — they’re the firm outcast since of their poor sales functionality. They’re not even housed in the principal constructing, oof.

The webtoon group has been understaffed ever because their producer took time off for maternity leave, and just a single new employ will not be sufficient to maintain the group afloat. You know what that signifies — Ma-eum is belatedly accepted on a a single-year contract!

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 1-2 Today’s Webtoon Episodes 1-2

Each Ma-eum and Joon-young finish up in the Webtoon Service Group, to the former’s elation and the latter’s dismay. Ma-eum gets to shadow Ji-hyung, which signifies following him to an interview with renowned comic and webtoon author BAEK EO-JIN (Kim Gab-soo).

Writer Baek is humble and classic, preferring to draw on paper and have his assistants digitize his art. He’s adorably out-of-touch with modern day technologies, leaving him bewildered when Ma-eum says she’ll leave an encouraging comment on his webtoon.

That appears to be the catalyst which sets off a spiraling chain of events — Writer Baek lastly sees the outpouring of hate comments that his assistants have been hiding from him. Devastated and ashamed of his operate, Writer Baek abruptly requests to have his complete webtoon taken down from the Neon web page.

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 1-2

Ji-hyung and a guilt-ridden Ma-eum wait all evening outdoors Writer Baek’s home, hoping to make points proper. They’re met with a single of Writer Baek’s assistants as an alternative, who reveals the truth. Writer Baek discovered about the hate comments from the other assistant who’s a total ingrate — he scorned Writer Baek and walked out on him for greener pastures.

It is a harsh wake-up contact for Writer Baek, who lastly realizes that none of the heartfelt themes he’d woven into his story had been conveyed to the readers. He goes on hiatus, leaving the Webtoon Service Group to be concerned about the fate of their platform.

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 1-2 Today’s Webtoon Episodes 1-2

Following a morose group dinner, Ji-hyung and Ma-eum wait for the bus property. Ma-eum might not have business knowledge, but she has a mature head on her shoulders — drawing an analogy from her time in judo, she says that a great pacemaker would wait patiently till the runner’s prepared to get back on the track.

Ji-hyung attempts to lighten the mood with a different coin toss, but it lands on tails — not the alternative that has Writer Baek coming back. The pair stare at it for a lengthy, heavy moment, ahead of Ma-eum grabs Ji-hyung’s hands and flips them more than.

It is heads now! Smiling brightly, she reassures Ji-hyung that Writer Baek will return. Then she rushes off to catch her bus, leaving a stunned Ji-hyung behind. Aww.

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 1-2

Following a lengthy day of hearing out webtoon artists’ grievances (foisted upon him by his slacker of a supervisor), Joon-young has a single final location — Pomme’s apartment. Turns out she referred to as his supervisor more than to repair a flickering lightbulb for her, and Joon-young got sent in his location.

She drawls that this is not crossing the line a genuine energy trip would imply skipping a deadline and blaming it on him. Gosh, speak about entitled. She asks for his name as he leaves, clearly amused (and possibly even interested) — but although he does inform her his name, he’s completely annoyed by her arrogant attitude.

It does not get any superior from there, because he subsequent finds himself tough at operate unclogging her toilet bowl (she somehow had the vibrant concept to flush her cat’s litter down). Ugh, she’ll have to go the further mile to earn any semblance of great graces in my book.

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 1-2

Ma-eum spars with a buddy at the dojo to clear her thoughts, and it is only then that she realizes the dojo’s plaque is tilted downwards so the athletes can study its words simply. Add a conveniently-timed Michelangelo documentary to that, and Ma-eum has an epiphany — it is all about the angle!

She races to Writer Baek’s home, exactly where she explains that as he aged, his posture grew far more hunched, altering the angle from which he viewed his art. To other people, his characters had oddly elongated chins, but to him, they looked typical. There’s nothing at all incorrect with his art style!

Ideal on cue, his prior assistants enter the area — grateful for all the guidance he’s provided them, they’re back to assist him via this setback. Touched, Writer Baek agrees to continue drawing. Aw, as they leave, Ji-hyung compliments Ma-eum on a job properly accomplished.

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 1-2

The group collect at the pojangmacha soon after operate, exactly where Joon-young gets teased for becoming a lightweight, aww. Ma-eum’s obtaining the time of her life, which only adds to Joon-young’s awkwardness. So when Ji-hyung asks if he does not love get-togethers, he absentmindedly agrees, ahead of realizing what he just stated.

Flustered, Joon-young accidentally requires a sip from a colleague’s beer mug, and then he’s out like a light. HAHAHA. Omg, that is adorable.

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 1-2

He remains passed out till it is time to go property, leaving Ma-eum to resolve the trouble — she hoists him up onto her back with barely any work at all. Have I pointed out that I really like her?

No a single knows Joon-young’s address, so he ends up on Ma-eum’s couch. Halfway via the evening, he wakes up in utter confusion, only to come face-to-face with Ma-eum’s dad.

Given that none of them can reveal Joon-young’s identity with out exposing Ma-eum’s new job (which goes against her father’s want for her to return to his dojo), poor Joon-young gets throttled by a furious papa bear. Oops.

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 1-2

Ma-eum barely has time to clarify herself to him at operate the subsequent day, because they’re promptly tasked with moving numerous bags and standees to a writer’s apartment. Joon-young struggles beneath all that weight, and Ma-eum ends up catching him when his legs give out, top to a charged moment.

Ma-eum leans in, and Joon-young instinctively squeezes his eyes shut — but she’s just reaching more than to take the standee from him, ha. Joon-young’s left blinking confusedly like an adorable puppy. Have I pointed out that I really like him also?

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 1-2

They take the subway back, and Ma-eum notices Joon-young gazing at her cauliflower ear. He calls it a badge of honor that proves how tough she’s educated, musing dispiritedly that in contrast, all his accolades and certifications count for nothing at all in their group.

Ma-eum reassures him that his personal badge of honor will shine ultimately, so he just has to keep robust and cheer up. But Joon-young dislikes hearing such words — he’s currently attempting his greatest, but he nevertheless is not sufficient? Then when will he ever be?

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 1-2

Contemplating his words, Ma-eum replies that probably saying such words became a habit of hers obtaining gained strength from these who cheered her on, she desires to spend it forward. Nonetheless, she acknowledges his interpretation, remarking that she must tone it down.

They attain Ma-eum’s cease ahead of he can respond, but it is clear he’s deeply impacted by her words, as properly as her thoughtful consideration of his viewpoint. Aw, she’s shaping up to be such a good influence on our two top males, and she does not even understand it but!

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 1-2

Joon-young’s currently smarting from becoming treated like a mere errand boy, and it all goes downhill from there. His pride gets torn to shreds by the condescending, backhanded compliments from his nasty supervisor, as properly the snide remarks poorly disguised as teasing from his supposed close friends, and he lastly decides sufficient is sufficient. He desires out — if he cannot get transferred to a different division, he’s resigning.

Ma-eum overhears this, and she entreats him to keep, not realizing she’s slipped back into her habit of cheering other people on till Joon-young’s lips curl up in a self-deprecating smile. He lastly reveals the cold, ugly truth: the Webtoon Service Group is due to be disbanded inside a year if they cannot pull up their functionality.

Joon-young advises her to discover a different path, rather than waste a valuable year clinging to false hope. His words are blunt, but they’re not with out purpose.

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 1-2

And so, our premiere week ends with Ma-eum’s complete globe shaken up. She’s floundered for so lengthy ahead of lastly discovering a passion she desires to pursue, only to have her bubble burst way also quickly.

I like how realistic the drama is regardless of its comedic overtones the webtoon team’s functionality is declining not since the plot demands it, but since they’ve grown complacent and stagnant. Ji-hyung acknowledged this himself — they permitted themselves to be lulled into a false sense of safety, which meant they couldn’t notice the nascent difficulties regarding Writer Baek and the damaging feedback till it all blew up in their faces.

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 1-2

That is why Ma-eum is such an asset to the group, because she is not afraid to challenge the status quo. Kim Se-jung does a superb job at portraying her gung-ho determination and optimistic cheerfulness with out going overboard into cheesy territory, and I was currently rooting for Ma-eum barely 5 minutes into the premiere.

For all her unabashed effervescence, she’s sensible and empathetic, and I especially liked her quieter moments in the wake of her failed interview. Ma-eum is not immune to disappointment and self-doubt, which tends to make her resilience even far more admirable.

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 1-2

Fortunately, she’s got a excellent mentor in Ji-hyung, played by the ever-charismatic Choi Daniel — excuse me, this is unfair, you cannot have me enraptured each time you are on screen! The chemistry amongst Ji-hyung and Ma-eum is so captivating, because her hopeful idealism appears to be reigniting a simmered-down passion inside him, and his uncommon compliments are specifically the external validation she does not even understand she desires.

I really like that Ji-hyung is level-headed, but has a cheeky side his friendship with entirely-not-a-boomer Man-cheol is adorable, and their banter is a joy to watch. Plus, the operating joke of Ji-hyung normally forgetting exactly where he parked his car or truck is hilarious, heh.

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 1-2

And final but surely not least, Nam Yoon-soo!!!! I have such a substantial soft spot for him, obtaining watched him from his early net drama roles to exactly where he is now. He’s grown so a lot more than the years, and I couldn’t be far more proud!

Joon-young might be stiff and reticent, but he approaches his operate with an earnest diligence that has me sympathetic for his plight. Becoming belittled and disregarded like that does considerable harm to one’s psyche, and it is clear all Joon-young desires is to do properly and match in — he just does not know how to.

It is no wonder that the imposter syndrome is chipping away at his spirit. Even although Joon-young knows he’s capable of so a lot far more, everybody and every little thing about him appears to be telling him otherwise.

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 1-2

Nonetheless, if there’s a single individual I have faith in to restore his self-assurance, it is Ma-eum. She has a way of uplifting men and women and spurring them to discover strength inside themselves her words of encouragement are not mere rhetoric, since they actually come from her heart.

Ma-eum’s sincerity is what grounds this show, elevating it from a straightforward comedy to a slice-of-life that is equal components heartwarming and empowering. I’m surely onboard for the ride — is it subsequent week but?

Today’s Webtoon Episodes 1-2

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