Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist is now accepting patients in new promos

July 31, 2022July 31, 2022

Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist is now accepting individuals in new promos
by Jenzy

With its premiere proper about the corner, tvN’s Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist (previously Joseon Psychiatrist Yoo Se-poong) has released a new teaser and behind-the-scenes stills of our 3 most important leads in action. Not only are these promos definitely adorable, they give us a glimpse of the warmth and hilarity the drama promises as our 3 medical doctors function to treat the mental and physical wellness of their individuals.
The teaser very first introduces us to our titular lead Yoo Se-poong — played by Kim Min-jae (Dal-li and Gamjatang) — a brilliant acupuncture doctor. When he formerly rode higher serving the royal family members and producing the court ladies swoon, an unexpected accident leads to his dramatic fall from grace. He’s then sent to the Gye-su clinic for 11 days to treat individuals there. This premise sets up his pivot into psychiatry, as he becomes an individual who delivers warm prescriptions to the hurting and satisfying smacks to the poor.

Following Se-poong, we have our top lady Seo Eun-woo — played by Kim Hyang-gi (Moment at Eighteen) — a widowed noblewoman who’s bound by societal expectations of piety immediately after losing her husband. As she actually falls for Se-poong (he catches her at the edge of the cliff), she becomes determined to discover acupuncture herself and join him in assisting individuals uncover the root trigger of their troubles.
Lastly we have the final member of our motley crew, veteran doctor and head of the clinic Kye Ji-han — played by Kim Sang-kyung (Racket Boys). When he is wild, eccentric, and totally capable of flying jump kicks, his quirky exterior hides a deeply passionate side, which we specially see in his behind-the-scenes stills with his daughter, Ip-pun (played by Kim Soo-ahn).
When the teaser itself is quite scant on any scenes relating to treating mental wellness — focusing additional on acupuncture — it does a quite superior job at establishing that our characters deeply care about the requires of their individuals. I’m interested to see how this drama is going to integrate its psychiatric premise (it is in the name immediately after all), but for now, I’m just sold on the warm identified-family members chemistry displayed by our trio.
Co-directed by PD Park Won-gook (Particular Labor Inspector Jo) and PD Kang Hee-joo, Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist will premiere on August 1, airing in the Monday-Tuesday slot on tvN.

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