Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me: Episodes 7-10 (Final)


Dear X Who Does not Appreciate Me: Episodes 7-ten (Final)

As our bite-sized drama wraps up, it concludes in a common fairy tale style — with our heroine finding out a precious lesson. But will this constructive message be sufficient to undo our top lady’s questionable actions that have not only impacted the guys she’s dated, but her loved ones, also?


Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me: Episodes 7-10

Goldilocks and the 3 Bears is a nursery tale that is normally perceived as a cautionary story warning youngsters that it is unsafe to wander off on their personal, otherwise bears — or other varieties of predators — could harm them. Except, the moral of the story does not pretty fare so nicely when you comprehend that Goldilocks is a self-absorbed residence-invader with no respect for other people’s (re: bears) belongings.

So, what does this old nursery rhyme have in widespread with Dear X Who Does not Appreciate Me? Effectively, Hee-soo is type of like Goldilocks, in that our dramavella desires us to think she’s a sympathetic victim on the path to self-enlightenment. And even though that is an precise depiction of her characterization, her road to becoming a improved particular person is also littered with the guys she’s place beneath her literal spell.

Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me: Episodes 7-10 Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me: Episodes 7-10

Immediately after final week’s episodes, I wanted to hold off on my judgments of Hee-soo’s behavior till I saw how the story addressed her actions and the journal’s magic. Possibly there was a a lot more palatable take on the predicament. Like, what if the guys who dated her genuinely did like her, but her self-esteem was so low that the magical journal was a delusion she made to rationalize why they would like her? And what if the guys all dumped her immediately after a month since she self-sabotaged the relationships with her low self-esteem?

Sadly, that wasn’t the case, as we learn in the opening moments of this week’s episodes, when we return to Joon-young’s conversation with Se-jin. She asks him about his dating practical experience with Hee-soo, and he describes feeling as although he was possessed. He even says he’s disgusted by his actions now that his head is clear — but apparently not so repulsed that he continued to use her immediately after the spell had worn off.

Two wrongs do not make a suitable, but this dramavella appears keen on glossing more than our heroine’s behavior, utilizing the practical plot device of magic (**spirit fingers**) to distance her from direct culpability. Her backstory also tends to make her a lot more sympathetic than her magically enjoy-struck exes, who have been portrayed as 1-dimensional jerks. So, it appears like this story is just going to ignore the men’s lack of consent since they’re significantly less pitiable than Hee-soo.

Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me: Episodes 7-10

Back in the present, Hee-soo and Shi-ho have found that the journal is missing, and Hee-soo openly mourns its disappearance. She admits that she enjoyed her dating escapades, which is disgusting to hear considering that we just discovered out — make that confirmed — that the journal requires away her victims’ potential to consent for the duration of a month.

Her confession tends to make Shi-ho suspicious that she’s hiding the journal, and as he searches her space for it, they tumble onto the bed with each other — a moment that is charged with sexual tension. Hee-soo remains flustered and unable to face Shi-ho the subsequent day, but her restricted brain function does not protect against her from following Shi-ho’s suggestions that she ought to pursue song composition.

She applies to be the songwriter for a campus band, and lead singer KIM DO-BIN (Bang Jae-min) likes her lyrics so significantly that he asks her to come to be the songwriter for their band. Hee-soo agrees, but beneath the situation that he teaches her how to compose her personal music.

Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me: Episodes 7-10

Immediately after a montage of Do-bin and Hee-see collaborating and seeking cozy with each other, it comes as no surprise that Do-bin makes use of a rather serendipitous fireworks show to confess his feelings for her. But, of course, Shi-ho overhears Do-bin’s confession and drags Hee-soo away — not since he’s jealous. Okay, I’m certain his jealousy is aspect of it, but when they’re alone, Shi-ho accuses her of utilizing the notebook once again.

I cannot say that I blame him for considering this, provided how unremorseful she was about her prior behavior, but his words hurt Hee-soo. He does not think in her sincerity, and if his condemnation had been an arrow, it would have struck the bullseye of her greatest insecurity — that she’s unlovable. It is a belief that is so ingrained in Hee-soo’s getting that even she concerns the sincerity of Do-bin’s enjoy confession.

Hee-soo tries to drink away her sorrows, but she drunkenly twists her ankle and has a good cry-fest on the sidewalk, which is exactly where Do-bin finds her. He provides her a ride residence on the back of his bicycle, a romantic move that also takes place to be her greatest fantasy. Hee-soo has only shared her fantasy with Se-jin, and it is at that moment that Hee-soo realizes Se-jin stole her journal.

Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me: Episodes 7-10 Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me: Episodes 7-10

Hee-soo confronts Se-jin, who’s pale and actually sick from attempting to create in the journal — a truth Hee-soo is either also self-absorbed to notice or is also incensed to care about. Rather of asking her pal what’s incorrect, Hee-soo instantly starts accusing Se-jin of stealing the journal. I imply, Hee-soo is not incorrect, but — dang girl — possibly show a small concern for your pal?

The two argue, and Se-jin lastly unleashes all the feelings she’s kept bottled up for the sake of their friendship, and in the method she tells Hee-soo that Shi-ho likes her. Shi-ho’s affection for Hee-soo is palpable, which tends to make Hee-soo’s continual pity-parties really annoying and unbearable to watch, and possessing Hee-soo encourage a connection amongst Se-jin and Shi-ho is like rubbing salt on Se-jin’s wounds.

Se-jin admits that she has the journal, but she refuses to hand it more than. She says the journal ought to have come to her as an alternative of Hee-soo, who currently has Shi-ho to enjoy her. She’s tired of Hee-soo acting like the victim and getting the heroine of the story, and when Hee-soo concerns Se-jin’s alter in character — is it a alter in character or her just dropping truth bombs? — Se-jin claims it was Hee-soo who created her this way.

Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me: Episodes 7-10

Immediately after getting forced out of Se-jin’s apartment, Hee-soo acts beneath the assumption that Se-jin has been writing in the journal. She seeks out Do-bin — and to show that she has undergone some character development — Hee-soo tells Do-bin every little thing. Even the magic journal stuff, which he requires surprisingly nicely provided that it would sound completely bogus to any sane particular person. Even a lot more astonishing than his acceptance of Hee-soo’s story is the truth that he is not crushing beneath the influence of journal ju-ju.

That is suitable, Do-bin has liked Hee-soo for significantly longer than a month. In truth, he fell for her all the way back to when Gang-wook confessed to Hee-soo. Wait… if Se-jin hasn’t been writing erotic friendfiction about Hee-soo and Do-bin, then what has she been undertaking with the journal?

Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me: Episodes 7-10

…She’s been attempting to get rid of Hee-soo’s name from the journal and destroy it! But no quantity of burning or tearing has worked, and the a lot more she attacked the journal, the stronger her discomfort and hallucinations became. Shi-ho, who also believed the worst of Se-jin, requires the journal and returns it to Hee-soo.

Immediately after speaking with Se-jin and Do-bin, who also pointed out that she does have folks about her who care about her, Hee-soo experiences a private renaissance. She’s determined to get rid of the journal for fantastic and no cost Se-jin of her painful curse, but in order to do that, she and Shi-ho assume that she will have to create on the final web page of the journal. Shi-ho panics, concerned about the consequences and how it will impact her future enjoy prospects.

Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me: Episodes 7-10

Prior to she writes on the final web page, although, Hee-soo has the thought to return the journal to the spot exactly where it all started: her father’s home. Immediately after placing the journal back on her father’s bookcase, he comes residence, and they start arguing since he assumes she dropped out of college. Their fight is interrupted by the sudden sound of his bookcase breaking, and as Hee-soo’s dad starts choosing up his fallen books, he comes across the magical journal. And then he finds a further 1 — wait, what? There’s a lot more than 1?

It turns out Hee-soo’s magical journal was aspect of a set that belonged to her mother. Whilst Hee-soo reads more than the words her mother wrote even though she was pregnant with Hee-soo, we see that her mother — and father — loved her quite significantly, even ahead of Hee-soo was born. Amongst her mom’s lots of written wishes for her daughter was a need for Hee-soo to enjoy herself — whoop! There it is, people, the moment we’ve been constructing up to, and it is right here that all of the pieces begin falling into spot.

Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me: Episodes 7-10 Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me: Episodes 7-10

Immediately after Hee-soo was born, her mother’s illness got worse, and — thanks to a couple of misheard conversations and her father’s busy operate schedule — Hee-soo assumed her father blamed her for her mother’s death. If she’d in no way been born, then possibly her parents would have lived happily ever immediately after. The reality, nonetheless, is that Hee-soo was the purpose her father was capable to hold living immediately after her mother’s death, and he is apologetic for not getting clearer about how significantly he loves her.

I query the fragility of their connection, although. Yes, he was presumably absent a lot, but it was Hee-soo’s grandmother who blamed Hee-soo — on a number of occasions, I could add — for her father’s unhappiness. So why are Hee-soo’s insecurities tied up with her father and not her grandmother, who truly spoke the words that created Hee-soo really feel undesirable?

Immediately after reading her mother’s journals — and possessing a extended overdue heart-to-heart with her father — Hee-soo realizes that the only particular person who has not loved her is herself. After she acknowledges this, she opens the magical journal and starts writing on the final web page.

Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me: Episodes 7-10

The subsequent day, Se-jin is nicely once again, and when Shi-ho meets Hee-soo, he’s dying to know what she wrote on the final web page of the journal. All Hee-soo desires to speak about, although, is her mother, and so Shi-ho has to forcefully cease her gushing in order to confess his feelings for her. He does not care who she wrote about in the journal since he’s loved her considering that the initial moment he saw her. He promises that he will continue to enjoy her — even immediately after he enlists in the military.

Yeah, that is suitable, Shi-ho has decided that he and Hee-soo want some time apart — you know, so she can develop to miss and appreciate him — which leads to the most pointless time skip in the history of K-dramas. We jump ahead in time to watch Hee-soo execute the final set of lyrics she wrote in the magical journal. Predictably, she wrote a enjoy song to herself, and in the middle of singing and strumming her guitar, Shi-ho shows up with flowers.

Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me: Episodes 7-10 Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me: Episodes 7-10

As far as bite-sized dramas go, this 1 began off sturdy, providing us some quirky humor and the guarantee of a a lot more realistic appear at relationships. The story even culminated with the message that we will have to enjoy ourselves in order to locate correct happiness in a romantic connection, a moral that strongly aligns with my private dating philosophies. I also enjoy, enjoy, enjoy the beautiful use of wide angle shots in lots of of the scenes, but there had been just as lots of awkwardly filmed close-ups of Hee-soo’s face.

Sadly, my disappointment with this drama does not finish with the cameraman’s fetish for Hee-soo’s eyeballs. Immediately after Episode two, there was a noticeable shift in tone that matched the seriousness of Hee-soo’s emotional journey as she spiraled out of manage and started unapologetically utilizing the journal to cast a spell more than the guys she wanted to date, forcing them to fall in enjoy with her for a month.

For clear motives, there’s a lot of ethical problems to unpack right here, but the time constraints of this quick format drama didn’t give it the proper consideration it deserved. Rather, it glossed more than the consequences of utilizing the magical journal in order to concentrate on Hee-soo’s journey as she discovered to enjoy herself. The irony, although, is that the closer she came to loving herself, the a lot more I disliked her. Very good point the identical cannot be stated of Shi-ho.

Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me: Episodes 7-10

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