Jinxed at First: Episodes 13-14


Jinxed at Initially: Episodes 13-14

A day of reckoning arrives on various accounts, forcing awkward conversations, desperate actions, and reluctant confessions. It also begs the query: is the future set in stone, or can it be changed?


Now that they’re collectively once again in extra than 1 sense of the word, Seul-bi and Su-kwang get pleasure from spending time collectively, a lot to Min-joon’s aggravation. And honestly, to an extent, I cannot blame him. He could have been acting like a spoiled brat for a lot of the previous many weeks, but he’s also getting intentionally kept in the dark about hugely crucial particulars for no excellent explanation.

Even Mi-su gets to the point of prodding Chairman Sun more than when he plans to inform Min-joon that Seul-bi is his daughter. But even though Mi-su ultimately tells Seul-bi (who’s disgusted by the news), poor Min-joon has to come across out by accident. For the reason that Chairman Sun is not prepared to inform his personal son, but he is prepared to begin filing paperwork to get Seul-bi added to the loved ones registry.

Min-joon occurs to stroll in on Chairman Sun’s secretary arguing that registering Seul-bi as his daughter will bring up all sorts of inconvenient queries about the way she was raised. As 1 may anticipate, Min-joon is crushed and mortified, but all issues deemed, he handles it relatively effectively. Right after storming out of his father’s workplace, he requires some time to reflect and then talks it out with Seul-bi.

Each choose that what they believed have been romantic feelings (his extra than hers, of course, even though she admits to asking yourself if she had a crush on him) ought to have been familial instincts. That provides them adequate peace to accept every other as siblings and move on – but not so far as their father is concerned. For the time getting, they want practically nothing to do with him.

In truth, there’s a refreshing theme this week of Chairman Sun getting to face his accusers – namely Seul-bi and Ok-jin – and take their vitriol rather of forgiveness. As Ok-jin points out, he could be acting contrite, but it is truly only for the reason that he’s afraid for Min-joon’s future. Let’s not overlook that not as well lengthy ago, this identical man was shouting that Mi-su and Seul-bi have been talismans, not men and women.

And Chairman Sun is not the only 1 getting stood up to. Dong-sik could be a terrible particular person, but he’s also been verbally and physically abused by his father, and as his livelihood crumbles about him, he determines not to take it any longer. Thankfully for him, he planted a recording device on his father the day Seul-bi produced her terrible prophecy about the descendant who would take on the loved ones curse.

This curse is now explained to be the buildup of all the misfortune the female shamans have helped their captors stay away from. It never ever goes away, but accumulates to be passed down via the bloodline. And it is conveniently fated to skip more than Chairman Sun and land on Min-joon rather. Why? For the reason that the prophecy stated so.

Armed with a simple understanding of Seul-bi’s prediction, Dong-sik decides it is time for that prophecy to be fulfilled. When everybody else is occupied, he calls Min-joon up and tells him Grandpa has some thing crucial to inform him. Min-joon suspects practically nothing, and heads suitable more than to the mental hospital. Each Mi-su and Seul-bi look to sense what’s taking place, but they’re powerless to cease it…

But even Min-joon is as well late, for the reason that Chairman Sun beats him to it. Kneeling beside his father, Chairman Sun requires his hand and willingly invites the curse upon himself. By the time Min-joon arrives, his grandfather has passed away, and his father is on the way back property in a conscious-but-entirely-unresponsive state.

All Chairman Sun can do now is sit, stare into the distance, and sometimes make unintelligible sounds. But he clearly planned for this, for the reason that he’s currently laid the groundwork for Min-joon to take his location as chairman.

Seul-bi’s response to the entire circumstance is complex. She’s nevertheless coming to terms with her parentage, and on prime of all that, Chairman Sun’s actions challenge her understanding of her personal energy. If he was in a position to modify Min-joon’s future, does that imply she can also stop issues she’s currently noticed?

It is an crucial query, for the reason that she’s noticed a future that terrifies her. Because she cannot appear into her personal future, she’d asked Su-kwang to let her see his, for the reason that theoretically, she’d be in it. Alternatively of a happily-ever-following, having said that, she saw her secret getting exposed to the media and Su-kwang taking a bullet for her.

She does not inform him what she saw, even though her reaction tends to make it clear that it wasn’t excellent. Regardless of her mother’s warnings that some futures cannot be avoided no matter how tough you attempt, she decides to do what ever she can to cease it from taking place.

Initially, she recommendations off the police about the murder try on Su-kwang two years ago, operating behind the scenes to get all parties includes – specially Il-joong, but minus the fisherman, at Su-kwang’s request. But she hasn’t counted on Dong-sik.

He’s slippery, cunning, and vengeful, and he knows she’s accountable for a lot of his and his father’s current downfall. And he has a hidden card: the former nurse who applied to be in charge of Seul-bi’s care, who was dismissed and imprisoned in the mental hospital following Seul-bi’s initially encounter with Su-kwang.

With the nurse’s enable, Dong-sik leaks the story of the female shamans to the press. The story breaks at the moment Geumhwa Group’s shareholders are voting Min-joon into his father’s former position (also the moment the market place shopkeepers are throwing Seul-bi a surprise birthday celebration), sending everybody into chaos.

Min-joon holds an emergency press conference to address the challenge, and Seul-bi and her mom show up of their personal volition. All 3 confess to the story’s validity… sort of. They paint it as a voluntary partnership of sorts, wherein the girls stayed in the hotel willingly, weren’t imprisoned or mistreated, and have had completely wholesome relationships with the outdoors planet.

To back up their claims, the shopkeepers flood into the area, brandishing photographic proof of Seul-bi getting a functional member of their neighborhood. By the time it is more than, the reporters are delighted to gloss more than the illegitimate daughter angle and concentrate on Seul-bi’s beauty and entrepreneurial spirit.

Dong-sik is angrier than ever that his plans have been foiled, and although Seul-bi is relieved, she’s also fearful it will not be adequate. Primarily for the reason that the particular person who fired the shot at Su-kwang in her vision was none other than Dong-sik.

I was all set to say how pleasantly shocked I was at the accountability that seemed to be taking place, but then the press conference occurred, and it felt like it all just got waved aside. Possibly subsequent week will surprise me once again, but as of now, I’d choose it if Chairman Sun taking Min-joon’s curse was how it all ended, with the female shamans revealing themselves to the planet getting the final nail in Geumhwa Group’s coffin.

That way, Chairman Sun has to spend for his wrongs, and the girls can inform their story on their personal terms, without having getting to soften it or make excuses for any of the men and women who contributed to their captivity.

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